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Found 5 results

  1. ...but I'm one of the people who got the bad ending for The Witcher 3. And I'm one of the people who probably needs a therapist after receiving said ending. I still love TW3 and I'm going to replay it, but I decided to, while I was still feeling that way, to record how I was feeling about the ending. I wanted it to be a place where people who got the same ending could relate to what I was saying, but it's not like I'm big enough for that anyway lol. Still, I wanted to share it somewhere and I figured this would be a nice place since Angry Joe is a huge fan of the series like me, and so are some of you. Anyways, I've probably talked enough. I hope you enjoy! Video is 4 minutes long. Link: https://youtu.be/vdmga5hqp4M EDIT: (Can someone explain why my BBCode isn't working right now?)
  2. Self explanatory, but please NO SPOILERS!! Any spoiler comment will be removed
  3. Yesterday, I finished the whole Mass Effect trilogy for the first time. Played it from the first mission of the first game, to the last of the last with the same Shepard. Let me first say: this game trilogy is absolutely fantastic. There are few games with this amount of content, replay value and good game mechanics all in one. After the Elder Scrolls, the Mass Effect-franchise is now my favourite. Now, I wanna say something about the ending. Prior to playing the three games, I've heard a lot of controversy about the ending. I know there was a lot of criticism about it, but I didn't know the finer details about it, because I didn't want to spoil the game for myself. Gameplay-wise, the last mission was absolutely epic. It really felt like it was the end of the ever-lasting battle that started in the first Mass Effect-game. So that was very satisfying. I was almost literally tied to my computer screen by the time I reached the final choice. When I got there, I was given 2 options. This surprised me a little bit, because I thought there would be three (I'll come back to this later). I chose the option that destroys the reapers, rather than controlling them. The ending cutscenes were rather satisfying, and after watching them, I really felt like I'd completed something significant. Then I was done, and I reflected back to 93 hours of gameplay. Then I searched online a bit as to what choices led to what results and what possibilities there were. There was only one thing that struck me: in order to get a high "Effective Military Ranking", you need to finish as much missions as possible to gain war assets, but ALSO, you HAVE to play online to get the "galaxy ready". This was rather disappointing. I played this game only in single player, because the multiplayer didn't appeal to me. Now the internet tells me that I needed to play online in order to get better ending results and the possibility of the earlier-mentioned third option. BUT: that is the only point of critique I have about the ending. Everything I was perfectly fine with. The ending felt like a satisfying end to the epic storyline and I really felt like I had accomplished something. Was all this controversy about the ending necessary? No, I think not. The journey to the ending was amazing and that's what it's all about. Now, the series' best-known trope is the "bad ending", while the series itself is filled with amazing stories and gameplay. It doesn't deserve that negative note. The ending wasn't bad enough to justify that.
  4. It's been a while since I played and now i'm assuming some more people have gone around finishing it we can probably really discuss what people think about this game so i pose a few question. one of the first things is how did people feel about the ending in terms of were you satisfied and lasting impressions and secondly peoples thoughts and ideas on the possible and likely sequel? I really want to hear other peoples thoughts because im kind of jaded how i feel about the ending of this game, so to answer my own question i mean, i liked the ending but it did leave with so many questions because of how it ended but after asking some people it left me with the idea that it will have a sequel because it this one set up story of joels adventure with ellie and it concluded with joel at the end becoming in some peoples eyes that bad guy so i mean naughty dog can do a lot with that and i think the sequel will focus more on ellie with joel being the side character this time around. so yeah thought? UPDATE: i realised that we haven't really spoken about the new DLC which is a prelude that features Ellie and Riley, which i think is a really cool so i was wondering what people think it will be about and also the idea that because Ellie at this point has never held a gun, will there be any combat in it, will that affect the game overall and if it will be any good. for me this looks like a good step for DLC, I mean it wasn't ish's story like I was hoping but this is still pretty good, from my understanding where playing Ellie again so im kind of excited to be in her shoes again, umm considering where it is in the timeline im guessing its completely story based and scripted to just kind of fill you in on the details so i don't think there will be hardly any real combat if any. I hope it links in really well and makes me just ball my eyes out again. what do you guys think?
  5. I'm just curious of which ending you chose. Are you satisfied with it?