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Found 6 results

  1. My Actual Engineer Loadout

    From the album TF2 Screenshots

    hats used: Pardner's Pompadour Antarctic Researcher Grizzled Growth
  2. Blazeridge Steppes - Alternative

    From the album Guild Wars 2

    Same zone. Same place. different level of zoom.

    © SgtMerrick

  3. From the album Guild Wars 2

    I'm rather fond of this sort of shot. Gives a nice perspective.

    © SgtMerrick

  4. Meida vs The Fang of Jormag

    From the album Guild Wars 2

    This was my first time fighting a dragon. I lagged. A lot.

    © SgtMerrick

  5. Engineer Meida Vardsdottir

    From the album Guild Wars 2

    Full Norn Cultural Armour with a Norn Cultural Rifle. I swapped the mask with a Pirate hat because I think the masks look stupid and Pirates are Awesome.

    © SgtMerrick

  6. I'm pretty sure it's just me being bad at the game, but I always get out-gunned by Engineers with Carbines or Sub-Machine Guns; no matter what class I play and I do manage to get quite a few kills on non-engineers but anyone with either of those weapons just kills me, it seems, in very few shots. Has anyone else found that they're a bit over powered?