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Found 20 results

  1. I already did a 2 games in 1 review which was Nioh 2 & Doom Eternal because those 2 games took many hours from me. Now it's these 2 game's turn. Only this time not only did I play these games for many hours, these 2 are also one of my top games of 2020 by far. First up, Captain Tsubasa I am a fan of the anime. I watched the old school animes back when I was in school, and to see that there was another new anime & this game makes me happy. Of course I was skeptical when I saw the trailer because I was afraid that the game would be an ok anime game that's only good for 1 playthrough. Oh boy how glad I was that I was wrong. Because this game, OH BOY this game is FUCKING AWESOME! It's less of a Fifa/ Pro Evolution Soccer style soccer simulator game that plays similarly to one another, and more of what you expect from a game based on a hype as fuck soccer anime with fancy soccer moves: a soccer game where rules doesn't matter, and the goal of the game, no pun intended, is to make goals in the flashiest way possible. And what you get is a game where every single match you can do is anime as FUCK. Just look at this shit Now at first glance the controls of this game may look very similar to Fifa. Square to shoot, circle to long pass, x to short pass and R1 to sprint. But that's where the similarity ends. The name of this game is actually the super dribbles, which is done by pressing R2 to immediately get past an enemy player. You can't do R2 dribbles against defenders that are on their way to do their tackling moves, so with those guys you just need to hold down R1 or avoid them completely, or else you'll get tackled & lose your ball. If you do 2 successful dribbles in a row, you will receive a speed & stamina boost, and ideally this is where you do your ball shot. But no, it's not your typical boring ball shot. In this game you have to hold down the square button to fill up a bar for shooting special shots. The goalkeeper unlike the ones in your typical soccer game are not those exploitable goalkeepers that are easily exploited. These goalkeepers are brick walls with their own healthbars, and each teams have their own keepers which ranges from weak ass a straw to a spiked iron wall that needs multiple shots to break through their defenses. Most of the keepers have generic ball saving moves, but certain keepers, especially those that are from the manga/anime with their own special moves have special moves when blocking shots, which are freaking cool as hell. Each shots you do deplete their healthbar, and you pretty much have to keep on kicking that ball until the keeper had enough. The shots that the main characters from the animes tends to break their healthbar the easiest. And the super special moves are especially damaging, and cool as fuck. This game has a meter that fills up with every successful dribble & defense tackles, and when you fill them up, you can activate a V skill, aka super mode that regenerates your player's stamina fast, and you'll be able to do these super special moves much2 easier. Alternatively you can use up that entire bar to prevent a ball from breaking through your keeper, but these should be used when your keeper barely have health left because it's a really good offense tool. Master these mechanic & you'll score goals like candy, and it will feel REALLY damn good. What's great about this game aside from the anime as hell gameplay is the really damn good story mode. You have 2 parts: first part which follows Tsubasa when he's doing a tournament in middle school. This is a really nice refresher for the anime watchers because it pretty much has every epic moment from the anime put into this one story mode. That part where Tsubasa had to play against a team which has the Tachibana twins with their acrobatic soccer? That part where Tsubasa has to play against the duo Jito & Sano with his patented Drive Shot? That part where he had to play against his eternal rival Hyuga? It's all in this mode. And you take parts in those matches with every moments faithfully recreated in the game. Now that's what I call epic fanservice! And for you that wonders if there are events that happen during primary school, don't worry, the game got it covered too. When you play through this mode, you will get new cutscenes that tells you the story of the characters when they're in primary school. Including the swag as hell keeper Wakabayashi which, I'm not kidding you, is so OP that he actually challenged multiple sportspeople to throw their various balls at his goal post. Including tennis, football, and FUCKING BASEBALL. And he won. Because fuck logic. Then there's the second part which is the international tournament arc. This is where you can create your own character, start from 3 schools which belongs to 3 of Tsubasa's biggest rivals, do a tournament where you eventually play against Tsubasa's team, and then afterwards go to USA to do a Junior Youth World Tournament with all the other players from Japan to face off against the world. And this is peak anime goodness. It's an alternate version of the same plot from the anime, but with a create a character included. And this is so damn hype as it's the journey that Tsubasa & his team had to make from becoming fodders in their first casual match against the other teams to destroying their asses when the tournament actually start. And man, you will want them to succeed & destroy those smug ass bitches who are full of their own crap before your match with them starts. The goal in this mode is to max out your characters by performing really well in each matches, and maxing out your friendship meters with various players so that you can get their abilities & use it in matches. I love how you can learn from your enemy team and then use their own abilities against them. And I especially love how there's 3 routes that can happen where you can either fight against Germany, Brazil, or USA in the tournament finals. After each playthrough, your custom character will become an official member of your "create your team" roster which you can then use offline or online against strangers & friends in both ranked or casual matches, where even more hype as fuck anime matches will happen. Unfortunately at the moment online is...... a fucking mess right now. There are so many glitches that happen online that me & my friend were so damn confused by what we just saw. https://www.twitch.tv/agent17805/clip/VictoriousInexpensiveKoupreyDxAbomb?filter=clips&range=30d&sort=time Though sometimes entertaining shit can happen. They will have a patch in the middle of October to fix this though. I am glad to say that I am really damn happy that this game is not only really faithful to the anime, but it's also a really damn hype as hell soccer game with anime insanity that represents the anime really damn well. I give this game my rating of "so awesome that it makes Fifa & Pro Evolution Soccer look lame", with a badass seal of approval. Now onto the next game: Hades This is the next game from Supergiant games, the same dev that did Bastion, Transistor & Pyre. They did straightforward action rpg with Bastion, action strategy with Transistor, fantasy basketball with Pyre, and now they've gone full circle with action rpg again with Hades, only roguelite this time. The story is..... well I'll just say the simple version. You play as Hades' son Zagreus. His dad treats him like a brat & he hates him, so he decided to leave the underworld to get out to the surface above. And the game begins with you attempting to escape it while having an old man narrator talking all the time to describe his situation, a usual Supergiant game staple at this point, getting help from various Gods of Olympus, fighting various enemies & tough as nails bosses in the meantime. Whether you succeed or not is up to your skill alone, so good luck & have fun dying over and over again until you finally conquered it all! Actually there's more to the story than that, but it's a spoiler that I will not say anything about because it's well worth it when you finally figured the story for yourself. And this is actually a game where it's much better that you don't know the myth behind the characters, because if you google right now about who Zagreus is, you'll spoil the surprise. It's like in Spiderman PS4 where there's a character that helps Peter in the beginning of the game & if you're a comic book reader, you'll know what's coming. So I recommend playing the game until you beat the game once, then you can research the myths. The gameplay of this game is pretty much like Bastion: isometric action rpg with dodges, various abilities that you can unlock which helps you out on your journey & a lot of challenging enemies, and of course the usual "modifier that makes the game more difficult but you get more rewards". Except instead of getting a bunch of weapons which makes you a walking armory, you pick 1 out of 6 weapons everytime you start from the beginning. Initially at the start you'll be using your default sword. But the longer you play, more weapons will be unlocked which ranges from a bow, shield, fist gauntlet, spear, and a FREAKING MACHINE GUN WITH A MORTAR ATTACHMENT. Though you get that last one WAAAAAYY into the game after you inevitably die over and over and over again. Speaking of dying over and over again, don't worry about it. The game works like this: you have 4 main floors starting from Tartarus from the bottom, and then you progress to the top with increasing difficulty. During your runs in these areas you have to clear rooms, and you can see what kind of items you're going to get if you decided to enter the next room. You can either get items that will raise your max HP by 25 like this Centaur Heart Darkness crystal that lets you level up in your main house mirror Keys that lets you unlock new weapons or ability upgrades in your main house mirror Gemstones which will upgrade your underworld house & upgrade dungeons so it'll give you more benefits for each run or various Olympius Gods which will give you different benefits depending on which God you got. So if you got Zeus, you'll get benefits related to lightning strikes. Poseidon, water attacks. Athena, protection. Part of the fun is to see what crazy stuff you can get, and by the time you reach the later floors, you will have so many benefits that you will be OP as hell & the enemies will bow down before you. Not during the first playthroughs though because you'll be underprepared, but you'll power up eventually, and when you do, especially against that fucking bosses in the third area of the game after you're having such hard times against them, HOHOHO you will feel glorious! Even though you will die so many times in this game, death in this game is actually a good thing. Since you're the son of Hades, you can't die permanently. Each time you die, you'll return to your house in the Underworld which is....... surprisingly cozy, and in here you will meet Hades & so many characters which are taken from Greek mythology that are not the Olympian Gods. Oh don't worry you'll see familiar people like Zeus, Poseidon, Athena & Ares, but you meet them during your adventure getting out of hell. Inside the house, you'll meet characters like Achilles, Megaera, Hypnos, Nyx, Orpheus, and a little medusa head named Dusa. Don't know who these people are aside from Achilles or Dusa? Don't worry, the game will let you know them. And it'll give you the incentive to search for these guys online and see how faithful to the myths they are. And from what I read, their backstory are pretty much accurate, which I like. Even Hades had a much more accurate backstory to his actual myth than what Disney & God of War actually put up. You will want to give every single character Nectars on your first few hours of the game This game is part roguelite & part dating simulator. When you give 1 of these to each npcs including the Gods of Olympus during your run, you'll gain an item from each of them, each with their own benefits. I heavily recommend giving the nectars to Hypons, Dusa & Skelly first. The items you get from these guys are very useful because Hypnos gave you an item which gives you starter currency for buying items during your runs, Dusa's give you an item that lets you get healing items when breaking vases, and Skelly gives you basically an extra life. This game has 4 main floors with their own areas, and you can switch the items you can use from these guys once you've beaten a boss in an area, so it's good to switch to different items once you beaten an area & have Skelly's item at the last 2 floors. You're gonna need that thing. Outside of getting items, the best part of the game are the interactions between you & the npcs. When you give the npcs you want enough nectars, they'll open up to you about their backstories, and in some cases, you'll be doing sidequests for them that will give you a cool reward in the end. Such a shame though that you can't give 1 npc multiple nectars in one go, and with some npcs, you can't even meet them that often because the dungeon is randomized, so you'll want to keep that nectar for that special someone that you're aiming for. I give most of my nectars to Meg because she's cute, and even though she's one of the first boss I fought, she's just doing her job so there are no hard feelings, and I can meet her again in the house anyway. I like how these guys treat killing each other like a day in the office. XD Each time you die, you get to upgrade your stats even more which will help you out immensely on your journey. The darkness gems you collected can be used when you return to your house and use them in your room. This is what it will look like after you fully unlocked every ability with the keys, which will take a lot of playthroughs. The ones that you MUST upgrade though are Death Defiance: gives you extra lives Shadow Presence: gives you extra damage when you backstab enemies Chthonic Vitality: heals up to 3 health after you complete a room and Greater Reflex: give you 1 extra dodge These abilities are the livesavers that you will need to progress many journeys. You can get Thick Skin much2 later which increases your max HP, but you'll get Centaur Hearts during your playthrough so you don't have to worry much about that. The best part about the game though is when you think the game is over, it is not over. There's actually MORE that you have to do in order to reach the true end of the game. After you complete the game once, there will be difficulty modifiers which will make your future runs much harder & more varied, and the game recommends you to increasingly raise it to give more upgrade materials after you kill bosses. You will beat the game many2 times after this, but in the end, it is so damn worth it. I spent 27 hours so far with the game where I finally reached the ending, and even then, THERE'S STILL more stuff to do. I have a feeling that there's gonna be a future update or DLC that will add more to the game, and I can't wait for that to happen. Oh yeah, and the music in this game is fantastic. It ranges from mellow To AWW YEAAAHH THIS KICKS ASS The one downside I have with this game right now is that each of the bosses in the 4 floors are the same for now. It's not like Enter the Gungeon where the bosses are switched. Well, only the boss for the first floor will be different because it's one of 3 sisters of fates including Meg your potential girlfriend, but the other ones are the same. You can make them have different variations if you adjust the difficulty modifier though so that's something, and it's pretty cool to see the changes. All in all, this is a great roguelite & Supergiant did it again. I give this game my rating of "you die, you learn, you conquer your way out of the Underworld again and again and again, and you'll feel great about it". With a badass seal of approval. Get these 2 games. They're freaking awesome!
  2. Gamescom trailers and gameplay, Epic had to reinvent Paragon twice to save it, Kojima thanks Konami, Noclip interviews the developers of Thumper, how Mario Odyssey was shaped by Mario Sunshine, no single player DLC for Mass Effect Andromeda, the spirit of flash gaming, Age of Empires 4 announced, Writing on Games looks at how the mechanics tell a deeper story in Hellblade while HeavyEyed and Eurogamer look at mental health portrayal in games, digital version of popular board game Scythe coming to Steam, Shenmue 3 releases a trailer, how the cancelled Playstation version of Madden 96' changed Football games, theme park building game based on Jurassic World annouced, the AI of Bioshock Infinite's Elizabeth, Kickstarter opens doors to Japanese creators, Mount and Blade 2 multiplayer, FFXV coming to PC with mod support, and more. Gaming News (Announcements, previews, release dates, interviews and writing on upcoming games, DLC, game updates, company and developer news, country news, mods) Watch EA’s Gamescom 2017 press briefing here Xbox at Gamescom: Watch it live here Blizzard at Gamescom: Watch the livestream here Gamescom 2017 showfloor tour Yakuza 6 lets you cradle babies and take selfies Nightmarchers is a supernatural RPG-shooter set in post-apocalypse Oahu Total War: Warhammer 2 - Skaven Reveal Trailer 26 minutes of Skaven Campaign Gameplay - Total War: Warhammer 2 Skaven Gameplay Total War: Warhammer 2 race guide - who's in, who might be coming Pinball FX 3 Is All About Cross-Platform Competition Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Gamescom 2017 Captain Mode Mount & Blade 2 release date won't be revealed at Gamescom and this is why THQ Nordic announces Black Mirror—a Gothic horror reboot about 'madness and psychological distress' Stealing The Chosen Assassin's Weapons In XCOM 2 War Of The Chosen Gameplay XCOM 2 War of the Chosen is getting a challenge mode with global leaderboards Meet The Evil Within 2’s tortured/torturous artist Monster Hunter: World trailers show off a gorgeous environment and new creatures Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition Announced For PC, Releases In Early 2018 Final Fantasy XV will get mod support, says director Darkwood, the top-down horror game, rolls out with a creepy new gameplay trailer Absolver will add more modes and moves after launch Absolver hands-on: a fun and complex fighting system in a sad, sad world Why Square Enix Collective is resurrecting Fear Effect Far Cry 5 extended gameplay video shows fishing, shooting and ramming Assassin's Creed Origins' game director breaks down combat changes Assassin’s Creed Origins: Gamescom 2017 Cinematic Trailer | Ubisoft [US] Assassin’s Creed Origins: Gamescom 2017 Game of Power Trailer | Ubisoft [US] Assassin's Creed: Origins hands-on — bigger, livelier, and taking notes from The Witcher 3 NBA 2K ratings: How they are determined and why players care so much about them Victorian-era city-building arrives in Anno 1800, announced via Twitter photo Exogenesis "More Characters" Trailer @ AnimeFest 2017 The Crew 2: Gamescom 2017 Fast Fav Multi-Vehicle Gameplay | Trailer | Ubisoft [US] The Amazing Eternals is a new FPS by the Warframe studio The Good Life debut trailer features cats, a killer, and strange English villagers New Star Wars Battlefront 2 Trailer Shows Off Dazzling Space Battles Star Wars Battlefront 2 video shows off 24-player Starfighter Assault battle Kingdom Come Deliverance Gameplay Demo - IGN Live: Gamescom 2017 Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle - Rabbid Peach Character Spotlight Trailer Call of Duty: WWII's social hub, Headquarters, revealed in new trailer 15 Minutes of Call of Duty: WW2's War Mode (Operation Breakout) on PS4 Pro COMING SOON: PHANTOM DOCTRINE Space opera strategy game Ancient Frontier out 21 Sept Raiden V: Director’s Cut launches October 5 in the west Ni No Kuni 2 has a 48-year-old character to help older players connect with the story Ni no Kuni 2 is aimed at Western fans, and it’s better for it Ni No Kuni 2 dev teases the original game on PC BattleTech - Gamescom 2017 Age of Empires IV announced Age of Empires Definitive Edition set for October, AoE 2 and 3 remasters are coming too You can weaponise your own puke in Sea of Thieves PC and Xbox One cross-play confirmed for Sea of Thieves Biomutant is an open-world RPG with mutant critters Five Things You Need To Know About This Wonderfully Weird Game How 'We Happy Few' plans to avoid the pitfalls of 'No Man's Sky' Project Cars 2's Gamescom trailer shows off the game's many, many cars Gwent's campaign is 15 hours long, and features as much dialogue as Hearts of Stone It would be "extremely hard" for Gwent to get "anywhere near" Hearthstone's playercount Ace Combat 7’s Gamescom 2017 Trailer Shows Its Drama And Plenty of Dogfight Action Cuphead is going to be replayable with a new game+ mode Cuphead - New Co-Op Details - Gamescom 2017 The Next Naruto Game Lets Players Make Their Own Damn Ninja Dragon Ball FighterZ Makes Even Expected Characters Look Excellent Paradox's new space city builder Surviving Mars got a new trailer at Gamescom Life is Strange: Before the Storm launch trailer gets angry Writers on Life is Strange: Before the Storm are as young as 20 'Shenmue III' Explores the Uncanny Valley in First Teaser Trailer Attack on Titan 2 - Announcement Trailer Tabletop classic Ogre is coming to Steam this fall Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire teases barfing pirates and animancy cats Iron Harvest : Teaser Trailer 4K (PC,PS4 Pro, Xbox One) Cult favourite board game Scythe is coming to Steam Watch Talion ride dragons and battle Balrog in latest Shadow of War trailer We fought the Balrog in Shadow of War Fire Emblem Warriors launches October 20 in Europe, Gamescom 2017 trailer A new Ruiner trailer reveals a September release date Techland are publishing a co-op Hotline Miami where you fight the Four Horsemen 505 Games to Publish Underworld Ascendant Forest adventure Fe coming to PC and consoles in early 2018 Q&A: Bloodstained creator's keys to making a great 'Igavania' game Thomas Was Alone creator launches Subsurface Circular Action-survival game Praey for the Gods adds Breath of the Wild-style climbing Jurassic World Evolution Is A Theme Park Building Game Coming In 2018 Empyre: Lords of the Sea Gates opens up on 4 Oct Shenmue 3 secures publishing deal with Saints Row outfit Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash launches September 26 in North America Archaica: The Path Of Light shines lasers into September The debut trailer for Planet of the Apes: Lost Frontier shows primates under pressure Why do we care about Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier? Exclusive Reveal Of A New Mode In Pokémon Ultra Sun And Moon Pokémon Ultra Sun/Moon - New Details Revealed Bandai Namco's 'mysterious' #Projekt1514 is a new Sword Art Online game, coming to PC Watch peasants throw poop in a new Kingdom Come: Deliverance story trailer First-person roguelike City of Brass releases on Early Access next month Children of Morta is coming next year, so here's a new gameplay trailer Fishing never looked more badass than in this video game trailer See Wild West Online's treasure hunting and beautiful yet lonely world in action Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite’s launch roster, gameplay modes detailed New Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite trailer shows Jedah and Ghost Rider in action Spintires: MudRunner is absolutely filthy and due out in October Killing Floor: Incursion - Gameplay Launch Trailer See a full level of sci-fi action game Echo being played Crackdown 3 delayed to 2018 SNK developing “many new fighting games,” unsure on DLC and updates for The King of Fighters XIV Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Blood Orchid delayed We speak to Ubisoft about the impact of Operation Health and Rainbow Six Siege's remarkable community Bioware Confirms That Single-Player Updates For Mass Effect: Andromeda Are Over The three pieces of DLC that would have saved Mass Effect: Andromeda The Sims 4 is getting customizable dogs and cats, at long last Kel'Thuzad is coming to Heroes of the Storm Junkertown is the newest Overwatch map Blizzard will now notify you if the player you reported in Overwatch was punished D.Va is getting a big nerf on the next Overwatch PTR, but also a new ability Jeff Kaplan offers "a direct apology to the entire country of Australia" for a sign in Overwatch Junkertown - New Overwatch Map Gameplay PUBG kills can now be instantly recorded with Nvidia ShadowPlay New 'Horizon: Zero Dawn' Mode Makes Combat Easy, So You Can Enjoy The Story ReCore: Definitive Edition and free expansion due out next week Battlefield 1 getting new 5v5 competitive mode, Incursions Cities: Skylines expansion will add electric cars and eco-friendly buildings Cities: Skylines Adds Music Festivals Halo Wars 2: Awakening the Nightmare release date set for September Hideo Kojima Thanks Konami Level-5 wants another Dark Cloud as much as you do 'LittleBigPlanet' Studio Head Discusses What's to Come For 'Dreams' "Don't treat your players like they're stupid" Valve will 'continue granting free keys to help partners' but with some provisos Valve engineer comments on restrictions to high-volume Steam key requests Microsoft Announces 'Project Scorpio' Edition Xbox One X How Those Most Affected Feel About Twitch's Lax Moderation TotalBiscuit on Dealing with the Hate On our TotalBiscuit Article ‘I want nothing to do with these people’: PewDiePie condemns neo-Nazis in new video Nothing to do with them, except when he shares their podcasts, or tweets them, or lies about his media coverage with them, or lies in his actual statement as he made jokes during and then complained about people not understanding them after. Esports News The Weekend In Esports: Overwatch Contenders Starts For Real England Wins FIFA Interactive World Cup For First Time In 12 Years Super Smash Bros. Combo Contest Was Full Of Incredible Trick Plays Players Have Learned To Fear Raichu At This Year's Pokémon Championships Japan Wins One of the Closest Pokémon Championships In History Overwatch's Best Korean Team Loses To Underdogs' Daring Doomfist Gambit Overwatch Pros Melt Before The Zarya-Doomfist Double-Ult Pro Overwatch Had A Weekend Of Upsets Overwatch Pro Leaves Wedding Reception, Wins Big Match, Goes Back To Reception League Pro Steals Show With Massive Triple Kill NFL Signs On To Co-Organize, Overhaul Madden 18 Championships Gwent Gets An $850,000 Tournament Series The F1 2017 Game Is Getting Its Own eSports World Championship INTERVIEW: Steve Ford, Twitch VP of Sales – “Every Aspect of Esports is Subject to Finesse, Adjustment, or Change” Nine Tips For Women (And Anyone Else) Attending Their First Fighting Game Tournament After Cancer Diagnosis, Dota 2 Commentator Returns To The Game Between Chemo Sessions Crowdfunding News (not sharing everything I find, just ones that look interesting, have known talent behind them, and a chance to succeed) Kickstarter expanding to welcome Japanese creators this September Content I found interesting this week (interviews, think pieces, history, music, culture, design, art, documentaries, criticism, etc) How 'Super Mario Odyssey' Was Shaped by One of Mario's Biggest Flops The asterisk on Madden’s annual release legacy Do games have enough respect for your spare time? Why the spirit of Flash gaming must never die Bloodborne, Transhumanism and Cosmic Cyberpunk Horizon Zero Dawn, Joss Whedon and the Problem with "Strong Female Characters" Epic had to kill Paragon twice to save it PRACTICAL GUIDE ON FIRST PERSON LEVEL DESIGN The trouble with Zerglings: How Blizzard updated a classic (while keeping it the same) War In EVE Online Is The Best, And Also The Worst Mad Max and the open world game as character study Father creates games for visually impaired after daughter loses sight Grimoire: Heralds of the Winged Exemplar How Sonic Mania's devs made the old new (and good) again The People Who Never Gave up on Sonic: A Deep Dive Into the Most Curious (and Passionate) Fandom on the Internet What happens when you turn a game into a concert? A Chinese Video Game Rakes In Cash — and Draws Young Rule Breakers Mastering feature creep while changing the world State of the Art: The Long Dark’s aurora How death influences Alexis Kennedy's writing on Dragon Age 4 and other games Video game music systems at GDC 2017: tools and tips for composers Zlatan Ibrahimović: "I want to make a difference in the video game world" Madden 18's New Story Mode Is Actually Pretty Touching The 'Madden NFL 18' Story Mode Is Better Than It Has Any Right To Be Tune in to 'Waypoint Presents' Tonight on Disney XD The case against cover systems in modern shooters 20XX Is A Procedural Mega Man X And It Feels Perfect Designing Thumper - Noclip Sessions The Lamb of Columbia | The AI of BioShock Infinite's Elizabeth Game AI - Funtelligence - Extra Credits Game Boy Accessories - Angry Video Game Nerd The Konami Code | Gaming Historian Late Night Ponderings: Burning Down Your Comfort Zone With Pyre Hellblade's Mechanics Tell a Deeper Story Than You Might Think Mental Health in Video Games // HeavyEyed How Hellblade nails mental health - Low Batteries The Fantastic Action of Hollow Knight The Rise and Fall of Medal of Honor Jalopy: Car as Companion Resident Evil's Japanese Exclusive Roots: Sweet Home (NES) - Region Locked Feat. 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  3. any AJSA members buy into Epic's Moba paragon just lookin for ppl to play with when the pubbies are just too terrible. IGN is PwnnYClubbeD
  4. I got into the alpha! So far the game is fun. building forts is fun, gun play is nothing special and it can get a little grindy at times. the real reason I made this thread is that I can invite 2 people, so who wants in? PM me your e-mail if so. first come first serve, unless you have lower rep I thinks thats fare So far they haven't released system requirements I have a gtx960 8gb ram I3 2.6 GHz and I get around 30-40 fps on max so use that to judge weather or not you can run it
  5. So, I just had an awesome session of Civ:BE. So epic, in fact, I felt like sharing. If anyone else has any stories to add, fire away. So, small map for 4 players. Lower difficulty, but that doesnt affect the story. So there's 2 continents elongated across the center. I play the Kavithan, and pretty early i run into the ARC directly NE, not too far. I'm situated on the thickest part of the continent. I'm none aggressive to start, but naturally i eventually have to engage the aliens, and the early part of this session is me trying to expand and fight aliens. I meet the Slavis Fed to the east, on an isthmus. I know they are the more aggessive faction, plus i want to expand, so I set up on their first city with marines, rangers/gunners, and an artillery. I manage to push thru his combat rovers, missle rovers, and soldiers and eventually I raze one city and puppet the rest. The Franco, who are across the sea to the east, do not like this, nor do the ARC. I pander to their sentiments and eventually amp trade up signif. with ARC. I spend a whole lot of time lvling cities, tech and affinities, choosing supremacy. Health becomes a major factor, so I don't focus too military outside of the aliens. however, at one point, no matter what I tried to do, the ARC declare war, because "its just business." And I had a good thing going with them too. Soon the Franco declare war as well. By now the ARC border is right on mine, so down from the north come the Arc supremacy units. I, however, had CNDRs, Disciples, overseers, and educators. I rush to defend my northern city, but they eventually overrun me and puppet it. I fight long, sending and making units from my slavic cities in the west, which I had long annexed. i focus on disciples, cndrs, and overseers, esp those, for trying to take my city back. I finally reclaim it, only to lose it the next turn again. After a few more, I reclaim it again. The entire time im trying to negotiate, but no luck. So, with some effort, i build up and roll north, crushing a startup city to the NE, and hitting his northern city, then turning east towards the capital. I also begin to push from the SE. By now, she's no longer producing units, so rolling over the cities gets way easy. By now, I've got prophets, executors, apostles, and heralds, with some arbiters as well, plus a ton of prime cndrs. I take her capital, and then her last cities. She "writes it off in debit." Soon after, Franco calls for peace, but I want Harmony blood, and she hated me more than ARC did. I cross the see in epic pacfic theater fashion, with a D-Day vibe in between. my shepard and arbiters soften a small northern city, and my troops land and begin an epic charge towards her capital, despite the cobras, marauders and locusts. Her cities are massively built up and tightly spaced, so i start taking fire from multiple cities. The academies and gardens outside the capital provide an epic, surreal feeling as my cndrs and apostles charge the center of harmony aggression. I take the capital, securing my place in the future and winning a domination victory. Epic. I want a movie. So, what's yours?
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6_OCXlQprs Been watching Joe since the very beginning. Saw this and knew I had to create an account here to share this with Joe and all of you fine people. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. In other news... Looking forward to finally being a part of the community here. The 2 games I'll mainly be focusing on are Star Citizen and Kingdom Under Fire 2. Once my new gaming rig I'm building is up and running, I'll see about getting into some action with the army in other games until those offiicially launch. Favorite genre is 4x Favorite Game is Star Control 2 aka Ur-Quan Masters Most played 40K faction is Blood Angels Want to know anything else, feel free to ask. "Surprise and Terror!"
  7. so like me you guys are experiencing problems with psn and same goes for xbox live and who's responsible for that? Lizard squad so i looked went to their twitter account to rant and found this gem courtesy of everyone's favorite Joe When i saw this is instantly just said: Lizard squad needs some water for that burning diss eh? On the plus side there is another group named thefinest and they are fighting against lizard squad (and have succeeded before) to prevent the attacks and are trying to get the servers up again Lets hope for the best this because this Christmas is getting wackier by the minute,
  8. I was just thinking of this after experiencing Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright. The Phoenix Wright series is filled to the brim with epic cases that makes you eager to finish and catch the culprit. For those that has played the games, what are your top 3 favourite cases and why? This is mine in no particular order. 1) The last case in Trials and Tribulations. The only case which involves a ghost, plus exorcising that ghost into oblivion at the end. And when this song is played, Awesomeness ensues. Double finger pointing in the end: holy shit. 2) Last Witch Trial from Professor Layton Vs Phoenix Wright. This trial is fucking insane in all the right ways. 10 witnesses, a bombastic plot twist Professor Layton style that's actually the most plausible out of all his games, the last inquisitor's appearance, and an epic conclusion that's so worth the effort and gives everyone involved in the case a truly happy ending. Plus finger pointing = saving 2 girls from falling to their doom. Epic. 3) The last trial in Dual Destinies. Dayum this trial is epic. Doing the trial in a destroyed courtroom, you learn about the mystery of the cause of Blackquil's imprisonment, the first time the mood matrix increases in number, BREAKING BLACK PSYCHE LOCKS, saving the accused by using the great Revisualization that turns a seemingly hopeless case on it's head, and it features one of the best villain in the entire Ace Attorney series. Oh, and triple finger pointing to finish off the culprit. Fucking badass. Side note: hm, I thought this is a general topic since there's iPhone games of the series.
  9. Well this is a thing, pretty awesome power metal song about Dota 2! Linkadoodle Really like PelleK's stuff, you guys should check out his channel for some amazing and often funny music.
  10. Hey guys, check out this epic video from DotaCinema advertising Dota 2 and The International. Pretty awesome stuff!
  11. Hi everyone i would love to see what kind of awesome screenshots the army has saved of either some awesome/funny moments while playing. or epic/silly hat combinations you would like to share with the rest of the army. ill start the ball with my Serious and not so serious engineer ;D
  12. I have been playing this one game since yesterday called "One Finger Death Punch". I saw this on Makiplier's channel. It looks so cool, so I bought it on Steam. Now that I have played it myself, OMFG, this game is so awesome. Basically all you do is click left or right when an enemy comes into the attack zone, and proceed to kick their asses. There's so many missions that this game has and they all feels like one of those stick figure fights on flash, like this one. But so much cooler. I highly2 recommend it. For only $2.50 right now until 1 July, you got to buy this game man. It's too good. Oh yeah, if you are tired of the music in the background, just turn off the in game music and put on custom musics. This game surprisingly fits with up beat kickass songs. Like this one: Or this
  13. Just as the title said, this is the corner where we all put out great fight scenes from various movies. Epicness will ensue. I'll start with this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOJdARdPO2I http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKPQMU9lU3Q Chuck Norris looks under his bed for Mad Dog. This will be appropriate for an Arkham series boss fight. I want to see Bruce Wayne handle this guy without his gadgets or armor.
  14. So, big news has come out about Fortnite with more details about what the game will be like and what type of game it is. I have not been able to find out if it will be coming to console but who really cares about that, rather play it on PC. What do you as the AJSA think about the game? Is it guild worthy? Here is a little online article to bring some of you up to speed: http://www.gameinformer.com/b/features/archive/2014/04/09/what-is-fortnite.aspx If you want to read more just check out this months Game Informer, it has a huge article on the game.
  15. Ristria

    From the album My WoW days

    Alliance Mage Ristria, three time Realm First Champion of Jewel Crafting and cooking. Played since just before Burning Crusade. Former Leading officer of the Ironforge Mitlia (Guild of over 500 members). Founder of the Violet Tragan Guild.
  16. My youtube acc: www.youtube.com/user/edgarharford/
  17. Dayz standalone has been released !
  18. Ayo, what up my fools!? Bout to get hot up in this army, cause' I'm about to BLEEOOOWWW! ---------------------------- But in all sense, hi, names Brandonket, Brandon for short, named kethwef on Steam, and a newcomer in the PC gaming world. I've joined this army because I believe in the quality, beauty, and fun factor of games on all platforms for generations. I wanted to have fun with games, not just sign in and play with some random fool who doesn't talk while he whoops my buttocks, hell naw! I want to play with people who are connected and compassionate; true players who have fun while kicking ass! I don't shy away, and I don't keep quiet while in the heat of battle, but I will fight for the army till my last breath not as a soldier...but as a gamer. While I am not able to play so many games on PC as I wanted to due to the obvious factor of having the required funds T-T But whatever, I still have ONE...Shogun 2. And man was I good at it. In strategy war games, I believe in one thing: Hit them first before they hit you first. Strike first to win! You don't think that makes sense? PROVE ME WRONG.
  19. Yo Angry Army! I guess I'm not the only one who sees this rap battles? So i thought which is your favorite, and who won it? My first place goes to Beethoven vs Justin Biber, Beethoven won when he committed his verbal murder in a major 3. degree!
  20. HELLOTHERE hello there, i am kingherobrine1, a innocent little gamer (when i say little I MEAN LITTLE) turned gun weilding badass thanks to three games Half life 2, battlefield 1942, and halo. Anyway time to reveal some personal info: i was born on the 17th of march and im a kid, you figure out the age. and i am happy to serve the angry army and yes im getting battlefield 4 on holiday/christmas, but right now i have BF3 anyway can't wait to meet you guys! -Kingherobrine1