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Found 3 results

  1. In order to get a better idea of what the Angry Army has to work with, I wanted to see everyone's RTP limits, character builds, faction choices, etc. Just list yours, with any specific info afterwards. BlackOpsElf Title: Cipher RTP Limit: 92,000 1 Character, 3 Open slots Ultramarine: Space Marine Combat Knife & Pistol, Champion's Shoulder Pad, Relic Armour Mark II, Master Crafted Power Sword Total: 25,000 RTP Will change subfaction as needed.
  2. Hi there! I've been playing quite some ghosts lately, and i would love to compare some notes on experiences with the different weapons. Here's what i feel are some of the best guns in the game: Shotguns Tac 12! To me no other 12 Gauge holds a Candle to this, thanks to the decreased spread when aiming down the sights, that thing kann kill on pretty impressive range, if equipped with a grip and a muzzle break. Not necessarily the best with slug ammo, but if you want to use that you might as well grab a sniper rifle. MPs K7 for a fast, stealthy set, i like it the most with grip and rapid fire, deals damage like hell on short to medium range, kills dogs just like normal enemies. Vector for a loud, spray and pray fast set. Worked for me with most mods but the silencer. Mtar-X, the definitiive starting weapon i think, save up some squad points and you can basically mod this thing to do anything you like just as well as an assault rifle, just more nimble. Assault Rifles Fad, what a lovely little bullet hose! Are you like me and can't really aim or have any tactical knowledge? Let your gun do the heavy lifting for you! Fire rate, mag size and recoil one can absolutely live with just made me love this thing, like the Mtar-X kind of a nice allrounder, modable for whatever you want it to do. Honey Badger, feels like an assault rifle and an MP at the same time, nice for stealth thanks to integrated silencer, and small enough to not make you feel like you're compensating. Nice package deal. Pistols P226. Ran out of ammo? Keep killing with a trusty sidearm. It just feels like the most balanced solution that won't leave you hanging no matter what trouble you went and got yourself into. Loved it with a silencer as well as a muzzle break. Magnum. Do you feel lucky, punk? A nice, quick one shot finisher in case your mag just ran out and your enemy is still standing. If you have a set with the additional weapon mods perk, give it a muzzle break and armor piercing ammo and see what happens. Those are the weapon types i have experience with, if any of you know sniper rifles, marksman rifles, LMG and all the other stuff, i would love to hear your opinions, so i don't have to fly blind when i try them out. Thanks! DangerLemon
  3. So i've been debating what weapons and warframes i should work on getting since i'm tired of not doing enough damage. What do you guys recommend?