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Found 4 results

  1. Oddly enough this week we heard YouPorn, a site for mature content, had it's eSports team officially removed from the ESL. Keeping in mind that YouPorn tried everything to follow the rules laid down by the ESL. The ESL dropped the hammer in an email to the sponsored group saying new rules were in place to ensure the integrity of the sport. These rules, summed up, state that a team cannot be supported by a mature themed sponsor. This includes, no drugs, no alcohol, and no pornography. Here is where it gets weird. Bud Light recently announced Bud All Stars, a new ESL sanction team for eSports a day after YouPorn was removed. Double standards....? The Know goes over the whole thing in detail. Honestly hearing this, I feel like no one should support the ESL if at all possible. Will that happen, probably not, but it's better for those that love eSports be aware of this sort of thing.
  2. Everyone listen up! I'm looking for keen and skilled Insurgency players that are willing to join up and play for the AJSA in any upcoming Insurgency ESL tournaments. If you want to sign up just post your name below and I'll contact you at a later time. If you are chosen to be part of the AJSA team you'll be required to follow these steps in order to take part in events/tournaments: Go to http://play.eslgaming.com/home and sign up. Download ESL wire = CLICK HERE Sign up to the AJSA ESL team here: http://play.eslgaming.com/team/8893599/ I will personally get in touch with everyone who is chosen to join the team and I'll talk you through the steps on how to sign up. Once we have at least one team of 5 people, we'll be ready to sign up for any upcoming Insurgency tournaments. Warning: Some ESL tournaments are locked to European players so if you're American, there might be a chance that you might not be able to take part in every single tournament. If you have any questions, please contact me, AverageSpacePope.
  3. ESL brings the biggest DOTA2 event yet to Frankfurt. It will be held in a World Cup football stadium with up to 35,000 (!) capacity. Reddit post, official page, OnGamers post Even more hype from reddit: "I will do everything in my power to travel over 1000km to this event. I don't know why ppl are even debating over the capacity and the schedule. This is our time to shine, there is absolutely nothing more we could have asked for then a stadium venue in the center of Europe. All the talks about Esports being marginalised and how we should do this and that, raging at TIs being held in the US and the endless East vs West debates. This is our way of showing that EU deserves to be called the center of dota and that we can indeed rival real sports. If we are so passionate about the game and want dota to be bigger, enter the mainstream and be the game that changed everything about esports, this is the opportunity we all have to take. The prizepool, schedules and the organization will surely be taken care off, the rest is purely on us, lets make history!"
  4. Hey guys. I know a few of you have been thinking about or been actually playing ESL (Electronic Sports League) and i thought i would post some tips that ESL have provided on each of the maps Each post will contain a different map. Post 2: Langcang Dam Post 3: Siege of Shanghai Post 4: Paracel Storm Post 5: Dawnbreaker Post 6: Golmud Railway Post 7: Zavod 311 Post 8: Operation Locker