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Found 13 results

  1. Please read This before continuing. About 1 year and 7 months ago, I was part of a Starcraft 2 team called "Alloy Esports", which was at the time an "Aspiring Esports team aiming for the top" . I was part of the management, and my job was to organize team matches, make sure that everyone attended practice and organized the line-ups for SC2ITL (A starcraft 2 team league with cash prizes. A team of 4 will play a Bo7 games. The winner will advance and the loser gets eliminated. So it's a series of 1v1 matches where 1 player can kill the whole enemy team if he's good enough and I was there to make sure that wouldn't happen.). The level of play was quite low in Alloy and it more reminded me of a casual team, more then anything else. We had a few GM's (Highest league players, similar to challenger in LoL.), but most of them were masters players (The difference between GM and Master is far bigger then Challenger-Diamond 1.. It's more similar to Platinum 1~.) So the team had ways to go, it wasn't too bad managing it, but there were a lot of problems with Stephen Moore (The leader.) not paying the wages he promised. And to make things worse he had a silly story about his "dead grandfather who gave him a large company, but the management didn't want to let him get his hands on it". A silly story, but the players had nothing else to do anyway and we didn't have any proof that he DIDN'T have an income, while we had a list of things that he didn't do, which he should've done if he had any money (Is late with his promised wages, which at the time was at the level of "15$ to the best player in the team", and said how once he gets his hands on the money from the company it will be all up from there..). I ofc knew that he didn't have money and that it was a whole lot of BS (But later on he did change his excuses and explanations so he did smarten up with that shit at the very least.). And then came a time when it was obvious to me that he won't be able to afford anything that he had planned, and then I and 1 of my fellow managers got up into his face and asked the final question "Do you, or do you not have the money, cause if you don't then this is the time to jump the boat and turn this into a casual gaming team". He said "Everything's fine". Then we asked for his business plan on how he plans to make this into a profitable organization (At the very least if he had a good plan I would atleast run along with him a bit longer.". After a retarded "business plan", which was "Hire a top level player for free and get him to earn money, he'll win tournaments ....." . You might wonder what that "...." at the end was. It basically was Stephens "Idea" that all the winnings go to the player saying "it belongs to them". From which came a question "How do you plan on earning money then"? (For clarification. Most teams that support pro gamers take a large amount of money from the winnings, but for that they provide for the player, take care of the housing, food, travel costs and it's generally far safer to get a small sure-fire split from the winnings, earn salary, and not pay for any of the needs that teams usually provide for the players. Teams usually have sponsors to take care of the HUGE costs and even teams like Axiom who're doing really well, are in the red.) . That was basically a sign for me to jump ship. Which I'm now regretting cause if I had stayed it would've been annoying for me, but I could've prevented shit like this. After I left the team I found out that Stephen had been recruiting far higher level players and had promises of a fantasy world that he himself lives in. I was surprised that he managed to aquire them, but thankfully it was a short-lived "alloy experience" as most of the better players did leave soon after. Though this Austrian did go through some serious shit. Felt the need to talk about this topic as it's a very real thing and it's a thing to look out for.
  2. Today ACE has some bad news about the Olympics Committee and video games. Original Article: http://dailycaller.com/2017/09/04/video-games-too-violent-for-the-olympics-but-boxing-and-wrestling-are-not/ Wiki articles on esports: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_eSports_leagues_and_tournaments https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Classic_Tetris_World_Championship
  3. Oddly enough this week we heard YouPorn, a site for mature content, had it's eSports team officially removed from the ESL. Keeping in mind that YouPorn tried everything to follow the rules laid down by the ESL. The ESL dropped the hammer in an email to the sponsored group saying new rules were in place to ensure the integrity of the sport. These rules, summed up, state that a team cannot be supported by a mature themed sponsor. This includes, no drugs, no alcohol, and no pornography. Here is where it gets weird. Bud Light recently announced Bud All Stars, a new ESL sanction team for eSports a day after YouPorn was removed. Double standards....? The Know goes over the whole thing in detail. Honestly hearing this, I feel like no one should support the ESL if at all possible. Will that happen, probably not, but it's better for those that love eSports be aware of this sort of thing.
  4. This week in the news; company contacts Kotaku to try to get them to sell Star Trek Online and Neverwinter for the tidy sum of $120, congresswoman who sponsored a bill against swatting gets swatted, SXSW voting starts, The Witcher 3 invites you to dance, The Beyond Good & Evil creator tells Tim Schafer a story about one of his developer and talks about the sequel, the president of Bungie steps down, Counterstrike player uses fake hacks to get 1000s of cheaters banned, new FFXV gameplay, Kojima talks about what he learned on his world tour, Cliff Bleszinski talks about the cost of FPS campaigns and his new game, Halo 5 airs on ESPN for X Games and not all athletes are happy about it, The Witness sells well despite pirating, Greg Kasavin talks about his move from critic to developer, a look at making games more accessible for people who have problems with their vision, Keiji Inafune looks back on five years of Comcept, a look at Graffiti and architecture in games, and more. Wii U Sales Surpass 12m as Nintendo Profits Climb FPS campaigns often cost "75% of the budget" and his Halo 5 Airing on ESPN Helps "Legitimize" Competitive Gaming, 343 Boss Says ESPN airing the competition might help to legitimize it in the eyes of non gamers but not all athletes are happy about it. Because it's only worth congratulatory trinkets if your risk of injury is more blatantly obvious. $250,000 NBA 2K16 Competitive Tournament Announced 2K sports announces a tournament with a prize pool of $250,000 for the Xbox One and PS4. In Other Articles I Enjoyed This Week Fallout 4 funnels you into violence, The Witcher 3 invites you to dance Not only is the article a great look at The Witcher 3 and Fallout 4 but, a lot of the comments are also great. Polygon impresses me as being one of the only outlets where actual conversations and intelligent posts can happen in their comment section, obviously it isn't always true but far more often than other sites where I don't even understand why they continue to allow comments (Gamespot). Guest Column: Lifers, Vol 1. In the first of Giant Bomb's new Guest Column feature Greg Kasavin talks about his move from critic (formerly Gamespot) to developer (Bastion and Transistor). Keiji Inafune looks back on five years of Comcept Encumbrance: Gaming's Weight Problem - The Point Danny O'Dwyer talks about encumbrance in gaming on his series The Point. RECAPTURING THE ANONYMOUS RIVALRY OF ARCADES WITH ‘DARIUSBURST CS’ Good Job With The Graffiti, The Division How To Talk About Games (If You're Blind) Here Comes Another Horror Game Contender For the P.T. Throne The Kickstarter can be found here. A thread about this was created here Brutalist Architecture in Games
  5. I started a discussion on reddit, but I wanted to ask you guys as well. I know not all of us are in to Competitive games, but I am really battled to how to even type that definition in a Document. What do you think the exact way to spell this right is? I mean there are so many ways to and sure they are all OK, but can we get a singular exact word about it. The English Wikipedia switch from Electronic Sports to Esports. The German Wiki sticks to E-Sports. Google don't really care about capital letters that much and it seems to chose ESports as it's "the right way to spell that". What do you think the exact word to esports should be?
  6. Sony has announced the creation of their own Esports league, PlayStation Official League. Games announced so far to be included with this League. FIFA 15Call of Duty: GhostWar Thunder Along with eventual support of Battlefield: Hardline and many more. The PlayStation Official League will take place within Spain and expand to Italy and Portugal soon after. With the idea of the rest of Europe and North America to follow. The Daily Dot article: http://www.dailydot.com/esports/sony-playstation-official-league/ Destructoid article: http://www.destructoid.com/it-looks-like-sony-will-be-launching-an-official-esports-league-282594.phtml
  7. Okay, I'm currently finalizing my ... um it would be equivalent to a thesis I suppose but it's for graduation. Anyway, I would be pretty grateful to have some quotes from a video in Korean. I'm studying Starcraft, the history of Esports and strategy gaming and part of my analysis could be quite enriched by an understanding of what's being said in at least one early Starcraft tournament video. I know there used to be some people here from South Korea but they seem inactive so instead of messaging them I'm seeing if there's anyone else still around. Anyone willing to help or who knows a Korean speaker can feel free to add me on Steam or contact me on the forums, thanks for any help.
  8. ESL brings the biggest DOTA2 event yet to Frankfurt. It will be held in a World Cup football stadium with up to 35,000 (!) capacity. Reddit post, official page, OnGamers post Even more hype from reddit: "I will do everything in my power to travel over 1000km to this event. I don't know why ppl are even debating over the capacity and the schedule. This is our time to shine, there is absolutely nothing more we could have asked for then a stadium venue in the center of Europe. All the talks about Esports being marginalised and how we should do this and that, raging at TIs being held in the US and the endless East vs West debates. This is our way of showing that EU deserves to be called the center of dota and that we can indeed rival real sports. If we are so passionate about the game and want dota to be bigger, enter the mainstream and be the game that changed everything about esports, this is the opportunity we all have to take. The prizepool, schedules and the organization will surely be taken care off, the rest is purely on us, lets make history!"
  9. http://www.ongamers.com/articles/riot-season-4-lcs-contracts-stipulate-players-cannot-stream-dota-2-blizzard-games/1100-261/ Documents obtained by onGamers reveal that players competing in Season 4 of the LCS may not stream or advertise a slew of other games including Dota 2, StarCraft 2, Hearthstone, World of WarCraft, and World of Tanks. Update, 11:20AM PST: onGamers has confirmed with the team representatives that LCS players are disallowed from streaming the games listed below outright, not just when adjacent to a League of Legends stream. Under Section 3 Rule 4 of the new contract handling 'Non-League Events and Streaming', it states that "... the [LCS] Team shall ensure that, during the Term of this Agreement, its Team Members do not publicly stream gameplay of the titles set forth on Exhibit B". Exhibit B states "the specific restrictions on streaming are set forth in the Sponsorship and Streaming Restricted List, as updated by the League from time to time", which is the document listed below. Anyone see this is a massive dick move by Riot Games to both the players playing and fans? Update 12/7/13: Riot apparently has reversed this policy (Off topic, I tried adding this link like 4 times in full edit mode, greeted with the AJSA 404 page after hitting submit)
  10. Hi. Do you watch esports? what games do you watch especially? What events do you follow? I'm huge fan of Dreamhack events, and it's tournaments. The games i like to watch is CS:GO, Starcraft 3 and any dota gametype. The funny thing is that i don't play games like Starcraft or dota. The whole experience of watching some pro players in a tournament, is really something beyond gaming when it comes to gaming in a regular sense for me. The hype and the cheer of a crowd at a event, combined with the gaming experience, makes it even more entertaining to follow. What are your thoughts? do you rather play the games yourself, or do you also enjoy watching high level gaming as well?
  11. Hello. My name is Viktor, and I'd like to call myself a swedish veteran in League of Legends. (Been playing since 1 month after closed beta, although I started playing seriously just now, about 2 months ago.) I went over to check Joe's Youtube-channel the other day, and I got dead-set on going with his idea on the whole E-sports thing, which is what I'm going to talk about next. Now, let's get to the point. I'm interested in forming a competitive League of Legends team. An elite team, if you may, not unlike established teams such as Lemondogs or Vulcun. However, I do have ONE idea about the whole thing, which I will tell you all about later. So, I'm basically looking for 4 or 5 people who feel like they've got something to contribute with. Thing is, I'm fine with being the coach of the team, seeing as I'm a much better theorycrafter/go-to-guy. I would even say that I can tell you every single ability's base damage/level, just like that. I basically know everything there is to know about the game. Well, to get back to the one idea that I was speaking about earlier; I want us to be friends. I want us to improve together, like the soccer-teams some of us were in when we were kids. (I didn't improve my soccerplaying at all, but you get the point.) I want us to be friendly, yet fierce. Deadly, yet cuddly, like our own AngryJoe. I believe in this community. This is the only place where this "dream", if you may, of mine might come true. Here, in the AngryArmy-forums. Comment below, send me a pm, whatever, if I somehow caught your attention. We can make this work, somehow. Cheers.
  12. I'm looking for a suggestion on what kind of game I could play competitively. I like FPS games such as syndicate, killzone, counter strike, team fortress, and battlefield. MMO's world of warcraft, guild wars, dc online, and everquest. I like rts and moba's but not really good at it. I like shooters, i tend to get in the zone after a while playing them. I like mmo's but not much of a grinder on things. I guess some training will be required to get better. I was doing well at kz3 (killzone 3) when i sat on it for a few hours, and I like bf4. I want to get good at moba and rts games but i have trouble playing them sometimes, manly with flow. If a suggestion of a game isn't coming to mind, then suggest a game for me that you think is good for what i'm looking for.
  13. I know I am very excited to see how well all the teams will play with all the roster changes that have been happening and that will be happening in the future. Also what are your predictions on who is going to win? All I know is that if EU or NA wins those are going to be some epic matches.