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Found 13 results

  1. dogs

    Healthy Pets, Healthy Lives. They say that pets have more love than humans, and they are human's best friends. Pet lovers have the same amount of love for pets as they do. They belong to us, and their nourishment is our responsibility. Our sentiments for pets have built up to the extent that we are forced to take this initiative to create awareness about pet nutrition and set up a partnership in the pet welfare world to increase the awareness of what these pets exactly wants. Pets bring about tons of benefits with them. Above all, we already know that pets have a strong bond with humans, and additionally, there are lots of advantages of owning a pet. They are a good chance for us to exercise, and for outdoor activities, we go out and enhance our social lives. Regular exercising, walking, and playing with your pets can decrease your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and they can also help to get away from loneliness and anxiety. Pets are the best companions. They hold extraordinary ways to unite the families and bring them close to each other. Therefore, we are here with Petsyne to help you strengthen this bond with your pets. https://petsynse.com/
  2. Everyone listen up! I'm looking for keen and skilled Insurgency players that are willing to join up and play for the AJSA in any upcoming Insurgency ESL tournaments. If you want to sign up just post your name below and I'll contact you at a later time. If you are chosen to be part of the AJSA team you'll be required to follow these steps in order to take part in events/tournaments: Go to http://play.eslgaming.com/home and sign up. Download ESL wire = CLICK HERE Sign up to the AJSA ESL team here: http://play.eslgaming.com/team/8893599/ I will personally get in touch with everyone who is chosen to join the team and I'll talk you through the steps on how to sign up. Once we have at least one team of 5 people, we'll be ready to sign up for any upcoming Insurgency tournaments. Warning: Some ESL tournaments are locked to European players so if you're American, there might be a chance that you might not be able to take part in every single tournament. If you have any questions, please contact me, AverageSpacePope.
  3. Hello everyone! My name's Daggerhand, or Dagger/Dag for short and I'm a gamer from Poland. I own PC (obviously) and PS3 and enjoy playing most kinds of games. I kinda suck at PvP competitions, but still have fun playing co-op games, both PvP and PvE, with bunch of people that are more about the fun than winning. What is there to say more? I've learned about AJS from a friend who once showed me one of his reviews and pretty much liked the show because of Joe's criticizing approach and creativity in his videos, so I've become a regular fan since then. Today I thought that there's no harm in joining the community, so here I am, writing my introdution and stuff. I hope to find some cool people to talk and play with and strenghten ranks of the Angry Army.
  4. Hello! On Sunday the 12th of January at 8pm GMT we are doing a AJSA community live stream on Twitch, A epic match... North America vs Europe! This is a community event anyone can join, so please post in the comments if you would like to join, but please make sure you are available at that date and time. Team lists will be posted when we have the team made up, if you cannot make it then just watch us on Twitch. Turn Up on Teamspeak at that date and time and we will put you into teams http://www.twitch.tv/twistednipples92
  5. The guild has now cleared almost all of SoO Flex, and we've started on normal (2 down alrdy). Considering we only just got the guild going (and many had only LFR or worse gear) I think this progress is awesome. We plan to start setting up a pvp team soon as well, although need a PVP leader! (any volunteers? ) We're on the Al'akir server (EU) Horde side. We have 50+ players and quite a few are still leveling up new characters. We welcome any and all AA fans to come join us. Whisper me (Sheriden) or anyone else online from the guild for an invite.
  6. Hi as a member from Europe (more specifically the UK) is there anything happening for us over the pond? All of the events and server listed seem to be based in north america, and that's fine considering the leader, the council and a vast majority of the members of the Angry Army are from the USA. But is their anyway for us Europeans to get involved? Thanks again
  7. After bringing up the idea with the original event creators Ozzy Osbourne and Luffwaffle (Link to the Original Thread http://angryjoeshow....vent-sign-up/ . ); us three have come to a decision to have two sections of the group:- The US "team" and the EU "team". Obviously we aren't discounting the other regions but as this was an idea they had sice the creation of the group, they have allowed me to spearhead the European side of the group and am setting up a more European friendly set of games to help us Europeans and others better be able to play within the AJSA. Games will be on a saturday and before the US games as they take place quite late in the evening so can be inconvienient with some. All are still welcome to both sessions so we can get these larger games going but for those who can only attend one then you're welcome to come! If you are a European and want to be added to the roster for ease of finding people who are alive when you are just message me and I'll add you to this list along with people form the other thread who have given their gamertags aswell. Current Roster:- OMEGAwarrior97 (Myself) Kristof1982 Indi8 DecidingDragoon The event:- Today's event is postponed until 1400 GMT due to unforseen circumstances. Saturday all afternoon finishing just in time to allow us all to eat and spend time with our "loved" ones (Making sure the Xbox doesn't freeze ) 1200 GMT - 2000 GMT 1300 GMT+1 - 2100 GMT+1 1400 GMT+2 - 2200 GMT+2 1500 GMT+3 - 2300 GMT+3
  8. Hai guys, first of all: despite my name, I'm male. I'm nova, 26 years old, from Germany and registered a week ago. I work as an IT systems administrator for a German University. Since AJSA seems to become a thing now, I just wanted to say "Hello!". I primarily play FPS games but backed Star Citizen as a Scout and upgraded to Digital Colonel with Super Hornet. So SC will be one of my main games in late 2014/2015. As soon as the issues are solved by DICE, I'll buy a copy of BF4 (PC), but until then, I'll stick to mostly single player games and Path of Exile. My PC career started at the age of 10 with a 486 DX-33 and the racing game "Bleifuss" (Screamer). Since then, I played a lot of different games and genres. I'm fan of Diablo, Command & Conquer, Simcity, Civilization, Half-Life, Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, Team Fortress 2, Battlefield, and many more. In the past, I was active in and leader of a few CS 1.6, DoD:S and TF2 clans, but nothing too serious. After completing my military service, I started an apprenticeship, became a "core" gamer and focused on my now fairly successful website (well, as good as a one-man-army can do). Now, 5 long years later, I want to join a community again! Oh and I play Magic The Gathering and different board games. Best regards, nova p.s.: I guess you can say that my written English is quite well, but I don't have much experience in using that verbally. Maybe that will change from now on!
  9. Hello AJ people, as you already know, im greeting you all from germany and also from turkey .
  10. Hello everyone! So, ive been wondering about this for a long time. I know that the community has recently launched, but will Angry Joe be able to support timezones outside the US? Because it is very hard for players from Europe or Asia to be engaged with the community when they are not able to join because of the time. For instance, Joe seems to be streaming from 8 pm to 12 am central. This in Europe is 3 am! That is very problematic if one has to go to school or go to work early in the mornings. I know that the community has just started, but it would be awesome to know that Joe is aware of this problem. Who else agrees with me?
  11. Hey, i just joined the AJSA after being subbed to his youtube for years I was wondering how many people here play Rift?
  12. Hi guys.I have an idea of making AngryArmy EU.A League of Legends team on EUW server.I'm GOLD player.Anyone who wants to participate can put your nicks in comments and I'll add u in-game. What am I thinkig to do is to make team,hang out,play some games,practice,and who knows...Maybe we could do something in LOL community.I started to play League of Legends 2 years ago(at the end of S1 to be precise) Little bit about me: Nickname - Purger86 Division - Gold V Role(s) - I play mainly support(Taric,Thresh,Lulu) and jungle(Nocturne,Maokai,Jarvan IV),but i can also play Midlane really good. I'm really experienced(~500 ranked games in S2 and 1100 in S3) http://www.lolking.net/summoner/euw/20806699#history This is my LOLKing profile.
  13. Reporting for duty as a member of Czech platoon of European division of Angry Army. I have been fan of AJS ever since I saw his first review maybe two or three years back, the review style was simply amazing. I joined in hopes of becoming a part of a like-minded community of gamers, and to add another small voice to represent our concerns to publishers and developers. And who knows, maybe even joining a team of players and blast some pixels apart. Now a bit about the gaming-me: I am a PC gamer from Czech Republic (small country of ten million in the middle of Europe). I do not own any gaming console except my Android phone. My preferred gaming genres are RPGs (and MMORPGs), but basically I love any game with great story, no matter the genre (unless I suck at it horribly). I like when the game offers player choices. If I am given such a choice, I prefer to be smart or stealthy about it. I am huge sci-fi fan, and I feel that the fantasy gaming genre is too full already, so I approach those games with some negative expectations. There are few exceptions, like Dragon Age series or a mix of fantasy and modern world. However, I love playing as spellslinger or its tech-based variations (Mind over Body, as the saying goes). Most of my game time is consumed by playing Star Wars: The Old Republic (Tomb of Freedon Nadd, Republic side) and always fluctuating choice of other games, presently Batman: Arkham <whatever>, Saints Row IV, Endless Space or Terraria. I look forward to serving with you, fellow Army members.