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Found 7 results

  1. UPDATED: EVE Online has gone free 2 play if you are interested in trying it out since it dont cost you nothin now we do have an Unofficial AJSA corp we can fly under after flying with E-UNI for a bit of training. ive fired up eve if you wanna FR me ingame its: Zheebs Theiral Sal'tari Corp home region is: Ejahi IV Nurtura warehouse on your chat window add: -AJSA- Pub this is neutral public chat outside of corp feel free to invite friends as well biggest suggestion to give EVE the fairest of chances is after your tutorial 1: do this ASAP http://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Installing_the_EVE_University_Overview 2: after tutorial missions (do all those missions they give u loot) apply to EvE university (may take a few days to actually get in since they have a queue) experiement in all the things and participate in all the classes they run that you maybe interested http://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Applying_to_EVE_University 3: use the "-AJSA- Pub" chat to group up for fleets, mission runs, ratting etc 4: ALWAYS FILL UP YOUR SKILL QUEUE BEFORE YOU LOG OUT (keep it specialized) 5: when you think your ready to move on from E uni you can throw in an app with the corp "Angry-Army"
  2. I play Eve online. For those who don't know what Eve is I'll explain. Eve Online is the biggest Subscription MMO on earth, in Eve your the captain of a space ship. In Eve there are thousands of stars to explore, mine and wage war in. Just one huge sandbox with over 30000 players in one server. In Eve there are corporations most are run and controlled by players some are computer run, these corporations either work together or go to war. Capitalism is the main driver in Eve. The only down side to Eve is Subscription fees Eve online is a fun game I would highly suggest that you give it a try (it is subscription based but it does have a 30 day free trial). I have been wanting to began an AJSA Corporation in Eve. If you are interested in the game and would like to be in a corporation together contact me at adamposs01@gmail.com. After I start to getting replies I'll create the corporation.
  3. Hello everyone, My name is Mike and I just joined the AJSA because I'm looking for a great group to play with and was lead to all of you via YouTube. I play Star Trek Online (STO), Starmade, Space Engineers, Torchlight 2, Eve Online, and many other games. Send me a message if you need another able body to help you out with anything.
  4. havent seen people playing EVE in aj forums, anyone play this game?/still play this game?
  5. I think this game deserves some love from the AJSA. Just started playing today and I must say I am impressed. For a Free to Play FPS, it has a lot of progression, weapons, and abilities that you can achieve without paying a single dime. The only draw back is if you run into higher leveled players by yourself at a low level; you will not survive the encounter. It reminds me of a PlanetSide Two but only on PS3. You can start groups dubbed "Corporations" which I think should be done for the AJSA. Anyone onboard for this?
  6. I was just wondering if anyone is interested in trying out Eve online, or if there is anyone already playing it. I have been playing it on and off since 2011 and have recently gotten back into it and was wondering if anyone wants to join me. if you want to join up with me just send me a pm on here. here is the link for a free buddy invite.
  7. (Note: If this is done wrong in anyway, please tell me as soon as possible!) Hello my fellow AJSA members! Today I would like to propose a game that I, and hopefully yourself, would like to see as a supported game in our community. What I'm talking about is the game Dust 514. For those of you who clicked on this link and do not know what this game is or who need a description on accepting this page, I shall make an attempt to explain to the best of my abilities. Dust 514 is a MMOFPS set in the EVE Online universe. More so as both games play out at the same exact time as the other. This is used in effect when EVE members attack planets that Dust players are currently battling on with Orbital Strikes called on by players form Dust itself. Cooperations (Guilds) are key to this game, as the Corporations that fight and interact with each other in EVE also take part in the attack/defense of the planets that the players of Dust 514 battle on. The Corporations can outfit their "hired" (accepted) Mercenaries (players) with a community bank, which helps the players to gain the best armaments and armor to attack/defend a Cooperation's holdings, even claiming parts of real-time EVEonline universe areas. While people are already decided by their respective Corporations, the players that have an established repertoire with each other can form their own Squads, regardless of their Corporations, and fight for whatever goal they see fit. These players can communicate with text in the chat menu or through an in game team-speak to work together at their fullest. Like EVE, Isk is the form of money that is used to buy new arms and armor for yourself in game. This can be acquired with your own money, but is also accumulated through on and off-line play. In online mode, the money accumulates in real time over a period of an hour for each increase. This type of accumulation can be increase with the in-game purchase of modifications using the above said live-money. Further, many of the higher end forms of weapons and armor can only be acquired through live-money, just like in EVE with the same process for Ships and there respective upgrades. The game itself is a PS3/4 exclusive, but is free to download. Adding this game to the AJSA will more then likely require players to be online at a fairly frequent rate on both Dust 514 and EVE so as to handle and grow, properly, the Corporation we would need to create. In Short: PRO: 1: Is free to download 2: Connects seamlessly to EVE online players and game 3: Easy to use/understand/setup Multiplayer 4: Fast load time/No long queuing 5: Gain Isk (in-game money) and XP on and offline CON: 1: EVE based menu set up (Note: This may be a pro for some, but this can be a somewhat challenging learning curve for many players) 2: Is not playable on Xbox 360/One or PC ( PS3/4 Exclusive) 3: Live-Money use to acquire some more powerful upgrades 4: Lack of upgraded gear can ruin experience 5: Balancing and Upgrading are still present issuies