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Found 2 results

  1. so Zerahypt is an free space exploration game set in a universe based around the lore that a single guy has created if it sounds confusing you can watch the video here to get an idea of the game https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiPns70CV0U And here is an update video that shows gameplay and features in the game and here is the forum where the download link is located http://zerahypt.net/ it is certainly an interesting yet odd game It is still in development so there might not be alot of content currently
  2. hey i stumbled on a little know up coming game known as no mans sky today while i was at work (probably should have been working). I spent a while looking at it and figured out how it works see its a flight si.... a space explore.... a .. bounty huntin... its a universe you can play around in and do whatever you want. (kinda sounding like x rebirth or starbound or somthing like that right) well to me what makes it unique and well right down revolutionary is the universe is generated in a mathematical code allowing a gigantic universe. (if you visited every planet for only 1 sec it would take 5 billion years to see them all) but more importantly to me is that each planet (now its not out yet im just taking there word for it) will be different from the other in terms of animals, climate, landscape, native's, ect. not just the same animal you've seen 20 times with a different color actually different everything. with that thought i realize they actually might make it work (we will see how well it works when it comes out right now is just taking there word for it and speculation). this is really cool because they found a way to generate things that look like there hand done while never making them for 5 billion years worth of content just think how using the same method would improve any open world game. Or improve background detail. or make a game different each and every play through by making new creatures and towns and worlds to focus the game on. imagine a game like skyrim and when you made a new game everything changed the towns the creatures the factions everything. now this is just my speculation i want to see what you guys think does this game (and its possibility's) make you excited or do you think it wont live up to the hype its building itself up on.