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Found 7 results

  1. Want to get MGS V on PC but don't want to wait on downloads? Buy the retail disc right? WRONG! MGS V's retail version comes with a disc that only has a single 8mb file.... An installer for Steam. Seriously.... Oh, Konami... Why you so KonamI? SOURCES: http://www.destructoid.com/the-only-file-on-the-pc-retail-version-of-the-phantom-pain-is-a-steam-installer-308547.phtml https://twitter.com/graphure/status/637981198229368836
  2. I did it! After sooo many deaths I finally did it! I am not very far in the game but the Capra Demon has definatly been the second most difficult so far, after the Gargoyles.
  3. Hey guys, just a quick question here; I use the f1 key to bring up the console commands, but when I go and type in the code/copy it into the command line, it starts to load the server and then says that there is a connection error (failed) every time. I was wondering if anyone else was having these issues or if there was another way to connect to the server? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers.
  4. With youtubes new Copy right Changes, being ever more stupid and automated, the content in witch is "Youtube Appropriate" has had its effect on Reviewing Quality...... This is what we will all be met with in the near future if Google succseds. We will be left with this....._-_
  5. It is indeed a sad day for gaming. Take off your hats, please. Take a breather before reading this stuff. http://business.time.com/2014/01/17/nintendo-chief-we-failed/
  6. Hello to All, I just finished watching Joe testing out the game Fighter Within for the Xbox 1 with the ever so promising Kinect 2, and man is it me or is the new kinect going to be a total fail like the previous version. Now I know Joe has only tested this one game, however just by looking at the footage I can already see to my eyes anyway that there has not been a lick of improvement. I mean when you look at the movement that Joe was doing compared to the on-screen it's night and day. I'm not going to hate on Xbox, I have a PS4 but I'm glad that I went for the PS4. Now this doesn't mean that I'm all for Sony, no. I have an xbox 360, PS3, and late consoles and also a PC user... I'm really thinking about getting an Xbone later on but after seeing this I wonder if you can get the Xbone without the Kinect. So really I would just like to have some feedback.. Those of you that have the Xbone, is the Kinect really worth having at all.?? I would get an xbox only if you can buy it without the kinect, because there are some games I would like to try and have that are exclusive to Xbox. Anyhow would to hear from some of you guys Chris
  7. Why is it that so many video game movies are really crap or completely butcher the franchise/game they're based on? Mainly looking at the Resident Evil movies here, but also I'm not letting the Street Fighter movie out of the equation.