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Found 7 results

  1. So fallout 3 was the first game in he fallout series made by Bethesda and it turn out Dissapointing to worse due to the game engine and the unsipiring characters like the character's father that tries to show an generic tragic death during the middle of the game, so is their other criticisms to the game.
  2. I tried, okay. I tried to like Fallout. I seriously tried to like this damn franchise. I played Fallout 3, New Vegas, and hell, I bought Fallout 4 day one (It was either this or Battlefront, and that for sure as hell wasn't happening). I. F**king. Tried. But I can't do it. I just can't. I don't know with this franchise anymore. I just can't enjoy Fallout and I seriously don't know what it is. It has nothing to do with it being an RPG or its post-apocalyptic setting or anything. I seriously don't know what it is. I absolutely hated Fallout 3 and New Vegas when I first played them. Now my reasons for that was because of the shitty gunplay they had (which has not aged well might I add) and the downright ugliness of the games. Everything was an ugly greenish-brown in Fallout 3. Wasn't any better in New Vegas, which everything was orange, only uglier. I seriously thought that those were the main reasons for me not liking those games. But then Fallout 4 happens and yet with the much improved gunplay and art style, I still hated it. This just saddens me. I want to like this franchise, I really do, but it just can't happen. I didn't even make it past lvl. 20 yet. It came to point were I was forcing myself to continue because I payed $60 for this game. But I just can't keep trying anymore. For all you guys who are loving Fallout, great. I'm happy you are loving this series and the recent one that came out. But me? I just can't do it anymore. Have you guys ever felt the same way with any other popular game or franchise out there?
  3. So for my upcoming fallout 3 terminator lets play i made a AJSA intro tell me what you guys think My intro And a bonus AngryJoe intro (feel free to use it Joe!)
  4. As a huge fan of RPGs and specially open world games, what is your opinion on the Fallout series? I'm a huge fan of fantasy games, but a big fan of post-apocalyptic and sci-fi games too. Fallout series is special to me, specially Fallout 2. Now most new people would probably not play Fallout 2, but at the time it came out, it was such an awesome game. You could do so many things, the map was quiet big and the karma system was amazing. The new Fallout games; Fallout 3 and Fallout NV weren't bad, but I prefer Fallout NV over Fallout 3 as it felt more lore friendly. There were some music themes added from Fallout 2 and even some characters. I loved the Enclave design in Fallout NV more than in Fallout 3 for the same reason. Fallout NV had the original Enclave armor and it looked just more bad ass. What I probably loved about Fallout 2 the most was so many features and yet such an old game. The amount of perks, skills you could have was astonishing. Not to mention the game had quiet a rich story, good quests...they felt very authentic. One quest that kind of just always comes to mind is when in Klamath people talk of some spirit in the canyons emitting lights and scaring people and then when you go out to explore, you find a robot instead...which wasn't that friendly. Fallout 2 is still probably my favorite, but rest of them weren't bad at all. If you have never played Fallout 2 btw, you should. Specially if you like post-apocalyptic games, it has tons of features, it's a very rich game. I can't even believe it's so old, but so awesome. Don't forget to Google out for Fallout 2 Restoration Project if you decide to play the game for the first time or just simply re-play it. =) Also if you have some cool experiences in those games, please share them. =D
  5. I decided to make a Fallout 4 wishlist video since Fallout 3 and New Vegas are both 2 of my favourite games. None of my ideas and suggestions are too specific or far-out so I can imagine that Bethesda (or whoever actually ends up making the game) including many of these features. http://youtu.be/V5je-MER0kU I cant wait for an actual announcement of Fallout 4 but until then it will be fun to discuss what we want to see.
  6. I got a mod file from Nexus Mods and I don't know where to put the mod files into the Fallout 3 folder. Could somebody help me figure this out please?
  7. Hey peep's, how are you all doing? My name is AshikinBliss, Just thought I would introduce myself and stuff. I really look forward to making some friends and gaming hard with the AJSA Rock on guys.