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Found 15 results

  1. This is a painting I did of the moment in Fallout 4 when you emerge from the Vault. I am a new recruit, and if you like my work, please leave a like and maybe follow me. Both here and follow my twitch channel link below. Please tell me you thoughts of my work, I would love to have some feedback from fellow wastlanders!https://www.twitch.tv/masterjack555 Follow me on Twitch. Also! Please subscribe to my youtube channel with more fans and support I can release far more content! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOdyobHk2vK3uJ0S6YxnKFg?reload=9&view_as=subscriber. If you are ever unsure if you have the right channel, always remember! Look for the Chicken!
  2. angry joe red lightning fan art

    From the album art work

    this was created on photoshop using keyboard and mouse. while it did take a while to try and iron out the creases and i'm still doing so, it actually turned out better than i expected
  3. So I burn wood to escape reality and I would really like to do one for AJSA... I can trace a design and all that onto the wood and rock it from their...so what I am asking for from the community is some ideas and things to trace... Please reply to this post with something that you think should be burned and I will get to work on it (when time permits and all)...
  4. XCOM Showcase

    From the album O-152 Arts

    Coming Soon.

    © O-152 Studios, Firaxis, 2K,

  5. "On the glorious day of April 1st, of the year 2015, we were blessed to give the leadership of this sacred group, to our true savior & harbinger known as Other Joe. God's speed upon you, great one, and that... other guy who's name I've forgotten. Oh well." - A successfully converted Other Joe Believer
  6. Hello ! I felt like making something Star trek related, so here it is ! EDIT: image re-uploaded
  7. Bang A Rang Sonic

    From the album HyperionNinja's Art Gallery

    "Sonic's the name, Speed's my game!"

    © Sonic the Hedgehog is owned by SEGA

  8. ive been getting great feedback from the community on my work so far so i thought id upload this picture im working on of the joker he still needs some touch ups but i can regard him as a game character anyway hope you like this one
  9. Hey everyone heres a Ryu Picture ive done recently i was going to upload a thread of pictures but it was maxing out the KB capacity so ill have to do a separate post or each picture but anyway! I hope you enjoy this it took me a while from sketch to ink then into Photoshop im quite happy with it
  10. Fan art by Tonya

    From the album Book related

    Fan art of the protagonist...not going to add much description for major spoilers.... Tonya a fine artist, looking for support if you want to support her. https://www.facebook.com/artbytonya

    © https://www.facebook.com/artbytonya

  11. I Just recently made a Angry Joe Meme for the competition a few days ago. Sadly I missed it, but i would still love to post it so other AJSA troops can see it. If there isn't one already, I think there should be a place in the website where people can post their art from games and Angry Joe for fun instead of putting it somewhere else in the internet where it wouldn't be as appreciated. If there is already a place to do this, please tell me. This is what i came up with anyway. Feel free to post any other fan art here! I am also looking for anyone willing to help a noob in FPS games like CS:GO, Battlefield 4, etc. Thanks!
  12. Hey everyone heres another one of my fan art pictures this time the legendary Doomguy i think ill still work on this one a little but i hope you all like it
  13. Here's an original Aqua Teens Pic I did a while back. Hope you enjoy!
  14. My Girlfriend asked me to draw this pic, it's just plain Pencil and paper.