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Found 8 results

  1. comic style angry joe fan art

    From the album art work

    I was doing some experimenting around on photoshop, which turned into a project, which turned into the image you're looking at now. how does it look?
  2. So i decided to edit together some of the MGS5 trailers into my own fan trailer. I'm a beginner when it comes to video editing but i think its still pretty fun to make stuff like this. Tell me what you guys think! Link:
  3. We all know that Rareware was amazing (I made another topic about it), we all know that Microsoft bought and destroyed Rareware, and we all know that there isn't much hope for Rareware. Chances are, Rare won't be able to make Banjo-Threeie or Donkey Kong 64 2 or Perfect Dark 2. My question is: why don't Rarefans start making Banjo-Threeie, Donkey Kong 64 2, Conker's Other Bad Day, and/or Perfect Dark 2 as fan games? It wouldn't be the same as Rare developing those games, but it would be better than nothing, Right? There are lots of Fan Games I've seen such as FPS Terminator and Super Mario Unity. If I knew more about game programming I'd start making fan-sequals to Rareware IPs. Maybe I'm asking to much, but it isn't a bad idea. Agree?
  4. Fan art by Tonya

    From the album Book related

    Fan art of the protagonist...not going to add much description for major spoilers.... Tonya a fine artist, looking for support if you want to support her. https://www.facebook.com/artbytonya

    © https://www.facebook.com/artbytonya

  5. Thanks to 1mirg for helping me to figure out how to get screen shots. Hello Angry Army. I figured I could start a simple thread of we share each other's created characters for South Park: The Stick of Truth. Just add them on here and if you have any notes or anything go ahead. This is my first character based directly off me. Patrick Dunn the Necromancer. and my second character Nyx Omil the Shinobi.
  6. So guys after finishing the Stick of Truth I am actually excited for more. So now I am curious what you guys would like to see as DLC. I have no idea what they are going to do with DLC so for now just express what you love to see. Whether it be costumes, buddies, summons, or new quests. Personally I would love to see a Santa Claus summon, mowing down my enemies with those Christmas missiles from Red Sleigh Down. I also wouldn't mind seeing Tweek as a buddy. The guy was a member of the Bus Stop crew for almost a whole season so I wouldn't mind seeing him as a DLC buddy option. I would also like to know what happened to any fights with the Vampire kids. Oh well I will stop here before I go on and on. Please share what you would like to see as DLC for South Park: The Stick of Truth.
  7. I Just recently made a Angry Joe Meme for the competition a few days ago. Sadly I missed it, but i would still love to post it so other AJSA troops can see it. If there isn't one already, I think there should be a place in the website where people can post their art from games and Angry Joe for fun instead of putting it somewhere else in the internet where it wouldn't be as appreciated. If there is already a place to do this, please tell me. This is what i came up with anyway. Feel free to post any other fan art here! I am also looking for anyone willing to help a noob in FPS games like CS:GO, Battlefield 4, etc. Thanks!
  8. Hey everyone, Name is Chris, Scorpion_CR1 is my PSN_ID, twitter handle, and I pretty much use it almost for any website. I'm just a casual gamer. Tried PC gaming and I really suck at keyboard and mouse. Learning how to hack and mod my Ouya, I've made it sing. That little box is awesome, controller is crap though. I specialize in deals, pricematching, sales, so if you need advice on how to buy things, I'd be happy to drop the knowledge. Car parts, Video Games, Electronics, and Mattreses/Furniture are my specialty on getting good deals on and how to shop for them. But I'm always open for someone to teach me on how to get deals on other items and stuff as well, and how to shop for them. None of the other website forums have really made me want to stick with them, gaming or otherwise. So I'm excited that AngryJoe went all out for his community. I'm happy to meet you all, maybe you'll see my posts in other threads, comment on them, we'll get to have a conversation.