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Found 7 results

  1. Hey all! I submitted an entry for the displate competition and worked pretty hard on it! Joe recently posted a video showcasing ALL the entries....except mine apparently :/ I'm not upset about not winning or anything I just made it hoping Joe would see it. Anyway I doubt he'll even see this post but regardless I figured I'd post it here for the community to check out. seriously though not gonna lie I'm a little salty I didn't get in the video haha .... :'( P.S. This is an extremely low quality and scaled down version, if you want the full image lemme know I can post it somewhere like deviant art so you can download it.
  2. Here is the links for the artwork that I did for some Organization XIII Members in the Kingdom Hearts Series. They are also on my deviantart profile meraniena.
  3. I thought It be cool to start a thread about fanart of the upcoming MMO Wildstar. Anywho of you who want to share their fanart of wildstar please don't hesitate to. Ill start by submitting my speedpaint of voxine here. Enjoy!
  4. Hello Ladies and Gents! I've decided to host my own personal contest for the "Cooliest Character!" So what is this contest all about? Well I want to know about YOUR personal characters. MMOs, RPGs, Sandbox, Table Top... whatever game you've created a unique character for, I want to see them or know about them! Post a screen shot of your character and tell me as much as you can about them. What makes this character awesome!? Be convincing! The winner's character will be hand drawn by yours truly and fully colored! The winner will also receive a high res file that they can have printed out for their personal collection. RULES: Only one entry per member!! **MUST be an original character. No pre-made characters like Lora Croft or Ezio Auditore. **Entries MUST be very detailed in description. I want to know what they look like, how they act in certain situations, special scars or distinguishing features or some sort of accomplishments in game that gives your character 'character'! Don't just post a Screen shot. The more detailed, the better! **Can be based on Table Top Games and Role Play games as well as RPG, MMORPGs Ect. (Yes, even Skyrim). No asking me to draw some made-up creature that you decided to come up with or some famous fantasy character like Drizzt Do'urden. **If you don't have a screenshot to include, please tell us everything about that character's appearance and what game they're based on! ** Keep your submission details within reasonable lengths. Don't post like a whole short story. A small Bio and a detailed description will suit enough! DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS IS JANUARY 5th, 2014!!!! For those of you who don't wish to Enter, help me pick the best character by liking the entry you like most!! Let the battle begin! **** just a side note, if you post a non-submission reply here and find it's been removed, don't dismay! I didn't remove it because I don't like you or your comment (I rather love your comments!) but rather, some posts are bring removed just to keep things tidy in here and so people don't have to go searching through the thread to read your submissions! Thank you for your understanding <3 ****
  5. I am aware many gamers such as myself are also accomplished artists so I thought id start a fanart thread for the recent cartoon network toon steven universe. my first contribution to this thread will be this speed paint here. link to speedpaint since embedding videos isn't a thing here yet. http://blip.tv/megadrivesonic/dkunz-speed-paint-amethyst-steven-universe-6704232 Here is my second Steven Universe speed painting, this time it is the instigator of the bunch Amethyst. I can understand why she is a fan favorite as she is quite funny due to her antics. As you would guess ill be doing Pearl next. link to finished artwork: http://megadrivesonic.deviantart.com...erse-419983365 Hope to see more art from this thread real soon, have fun fellow gamers/artists