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Found 6 results

  1. Hello long time no see, during the last month i've been working on this project on the sideline, since i've always like reviews and i wanted to make an attempt at it. Apologies for the shitty voice, accent and grammar, English isnt my primary language. Would love to hear any form of Critique on this, be it positive or negative
  2. So i have never been any good at reviewing games and neither was my spelling or english for that matter. But because of the 2nd year anniversary im gonna give my best try Sorry if my english is terrible. Im reviewing Far Cry Far Cry today is a fairly old game, created by Crytek studios and published by Ubisoft back in 2004. Far Cry proved to be an amazing game. It still is quite good. STORY: The story focuses around Jack Carver being hired by a journalist named Valerie, She hires him to travel to some islands somewhere in the pacific.She tells Jack that it's to take photos of the ww2 ruins left by the japaneese.That soon changes when Jack is attacked and hunted by mercenaries, Valerie is nowhere to be found and Jack is left on his own until he meets Doyle through a conviently placed phone. Doyle then helps Jack througout the game to uncover what the hell is actually going on on these islands. The story is not the best, in it's most basic form, its an explanation on why you have to go from A to B. GAMEPLAY: The game is a FPS with stealth mechanics, it focuses around big open areas and gives you (more or less) freedom to proceed however you like. The gameplay changes throughout the game, as the first levels you either can sneak or shoot your way through, and later on it focuses more on shooting. It jumps back between these 2 gameplay styles and gives varaity and replayability to the levels. To help players that want to sneak through the levels there is a "rock button" which throws a rock creating a distraction, as enemies will search the area the rock landed. It allows you to lean with Q and E, which proves effective in the game. I have heard alot of people being frustrated by being spotted by enemies 10 miles from you. This is most likely because they aren't hiding themselves. As they way to hide is move through bushes, not the grass. As i rarely got spotted in my playthroughs, i don't see the problem. The game also features a set of binaculars that allows you to "tag" enemies so they appear on your compas (It's not as bad, as the wallhack in Far Cry 3). This increases your survival a lot as it will state the direction the enemy is looking at, the ranges of alertness(the little triangle represents an enemy, will change color) and the distance(somewhat responsive). Another feature of the game is the ability to see how much sound you produce, this can be either from walking/running shooting a gun or throwing explosives/rocks. you can also see the sound of the enemies if they are shooting. Another feature is the detection meter, which will increase if enemies see you, the enemies will react differently depending on how high the detection meter managed to reach. The highest being Alerted (obviously) With the change in gameplay so does the variation of weapons and enemies, each weapon has a certain "gimmick", the same goes from the enemies as they will react differently to your actions. Because of the changes, the game never becomes dull and repeditive to play through. There is a load of different vehicles that you're allowed to use, these are mostly used by mercenaries or are just parked. When entering a vehicle you can either look from a 3rd person perspective or from the usual 1st person perspective, when driving certain vehicles with a mounted gun, you are able to shoot while driving. AI: The game is quite difficult as the enemies is aggressive and will work together and will respond to the current situation happening, for example searching out the area where a shot was heard, teaming up to deal with you, or calling in for backup. (however the AI is not perfect, but still good) The later enemies will react differently than the mercenaries and requires you to adapt to the new threat. Sometimes they simply just stand still, looking at the direction you're shooting from. (this mostly happens if you're using the sniper rifle) GRAPHICS: Based upon todays standards, the graphics are still really good and can impress with the constant change in theme and vararity thoughout the levels. Since it's fairly old you're most likely able to run the game. One of the best things in this game is the atmosphere, it's superb. The levels feels alive, it is the small things, sound of winds and wildlife. The trees and water moving. Even the mercenaries going around talking to each other, doing regular stuff. Animations in the game are great, both in cutscenes and during the gamplay, for example when mercenaries talk to each other or when they are moving around. SOUND AND MUSIC: Voice acting is not top notch, but it's not terrible either, some people have said they found Jacks voice annoying, but i didn't really get that problem.The game is filled with oneliners and sometimes silly commentary from the enemies. it can be quite hilarious hearing a "hardened mercenary" yell "I got a bullet with your name on it". There is no "real" musical soundtracks, despite the main theme (which is fucking awesome). It is instead small sections of athmosperic sounds that set the theme correctly. They are devided into the different levels of alertness the enemies has towards Jack. (Sneaking, near suspense, combat, alert). as an example: https://youtu.be/R4DAsOjJBVI?t=1h9m26s The fact that there aren't music constantly makes it feel more "alive". it sounds odd, but it serves the game better (IMO)There is an overall focus on sound effects instead of a constant soundtrack, and the sound effects are excellent MULTIPLAYER: Multiplayer is long dead so i don't know about that, if you were to buy the game it would be for the singleplayer. A downside to the game is that is has some bugs that makes the "stealth" part of the game unplayable or quite difficult WHAT I THINK: I have always loved Far Cry 1, there was just something about it that always made me come back to play more. No matter how much bad things i find about the game the good things overwhelm them. Pros: Grapichs Music/soundtrackThat Red hawaian shirt (just look at it)Gameplay (fair/great difficulty (IMO)) Cons: A few gamebreaking bugsNot the strongest story some people might dislike the difficulty it has a checkpoint system (you can save through the console though) If i had to give it a ranking, im not sure if im doing the whole ranking correctly i would give this an 8/10, but that's most likely because my nostaligia would be kicking and screaming if i gave the game a bad rating. if anyone picks it up, i challenge them to complete the game on realistic difficulty. Without cheats So that's my try on a review, not sure if i did it right, but i tried.
  3. Hello everybody who are spending great adventures on the lands of Kyrat. If anyone wants to co-op sometime, send me a request. My PSN is MoonlightDevil24. See you guys in game.
  4. Hey so now that there's a new Far Cry game coming out I wanted to know what everyone wants to see in the game granted it won't be there but I thought might as well make this topic to shoot the shit about the next Far Cry game. Now me I want to see a Far Cry 4 Blood Dragon 2 because well I had more fun in Blood Dragon than I did in Far Cry 3 because of all its sillyness but thats just me thoughts comments go below love to hear from you.
  5. Info: http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/05/15/far-cry-4-announced-for-2014 Yep. Ubisoft just announced it and it's coming this year. Thoughts? Personally, it should at least end with the third game. I could be wrong though.
  6. Hey guys was just wondering if there is anyone out there who play Far Cry 3 online? As there is still some things like the 4 player coop missions which would be cool to finnish Also does anyone know if is is possible to make groups / Far Cry 3 teams cause it would be cool if AJSA had one, Leave thought Thanks