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Found 5 results

  1. Just wanted to let people know it's finally launching! And it'll have some big changes aswell, if you already had an old beta account, you can start playing early access on the 15th, if not you can play completely for free one the 29th, or buy a starter pack for early acces (costs 30$). You don't have to use steam though, you can play through the client just like always (you just can't get steam cards, achievments, etc etc ... if this is something you're interested in) I can tell you as someone who has followed them for over a year now, this is a really cool game, some of the nicest devs aswell that I ever interacted with and the launch updates add alot of really cool stuff to the game. (and yes, even items breaking is gone now, they absolutely listen to their fanbase on suggestions how to improve the game) You can read up on alot of the changes already on their blogs on the news section here: http://forums.firefallthegame.com/community/ Trust me when I say, it's worth taking a look at this one, even for people who left a while ago.
  2. Now the reviews themselves are too big to be written down here and contain too much hypertext, picture content etc so I will just link them to where I've posted them. Once again, they are really big so I suggest you grab a drink or two before you get down to reading them. Unturned Review: http://www.pixelgab.com/2014/08/plagiarism-or-genius-the-tale-of-unturned/ Firefall Review: http://www.pixelgab.com/2014/08/an-apocalypse-gone-wrong-a-firefall-review/
  3. I'd like to recomend Firefall for an official presence of the angry army, which i think is perfect, given our goal is to make games better, and the game is still in beta, so its a perfect opportunity. PROS: -Free to Play -Army Support (guild/clan/wutevs) -Very well designed and fun game -great company that listens to feedback - New PVP system Introduced. I haven't gotten into it yet, but people are saying its similar to Planetside. - Fully voice acted missions and quests - New raid party system implemented (Platoons) As well as some new and upcoming raid content (I haven't looked into those yet and have not heard anyone talking about it so I don't know how it is, but If its anything like the campaign missions and dungeons, it should be something to look forward to. -Vehicles (They were there before, but now they are more easily accessible upon reaching level 25 and also more widespread) CONS: -Buggy due to being in beta. Many bugs were fixed since this was posted, but the latest patch introduced more content (and more bugs) Hopefully these will be fixed by the 29th, which is the game's release date. -Missing a lot of content due to being in beta. Mostly Fixed -Small map size (confirmed to be changed) All Fixed -Lack of Content (confirmed to be changed) All Fixed -Less than Stellar Customization (However, still decent customization. Unconfirmed rumors of additional customization to be introduced later on.) -Microtransactions exist, however, only for cosmetic, or convenience items. -New progression system replaces the old one, which was much more unique and interesting before. Since it is a less well known game, i've included a link to the game's website for people to learn more about the game http://www.firefallthegame.com
  4. Firefall and Warframe are the two games in the past... 5-8 years I have sunk money into because I believe they are doing very interesting and unique things (primarily Firefall, the fact that it's an open world shooter that doesn't seem to have practically any lag for me and I love the general direction it is heading). However, I haven't played either of them for quite a long time just because solo it gets quite boring and it seems that most games, including Firefall, always tend to start shifting their focus more and more on group play. I would love to begin playing again if I can find some people to play with. Just be aware that if you are a regular player I haven't played it in roughly a year so a lot of things may be new to me. I think I have most frames unlocked, my favorite being the Raptor (though it was not very useful in group play). It would be amazing if it gained the official support of the AJSA but at this point it seems more like a pipe dream. I feel like we may be spreading ourselves thin with all these games we are beginning to "officially" support regardless of how excited I am about Warframe very recently being approved.
  5. Good day fellow AJSA members. I want to talk about a game i have played in soon over a year. Namely the game Firefall, i have been playing it since closed beta (it is now in open beta) and have been paying close attention to it. When i first started playing it it was bugged as hell and barely any content at all. But i immediately saw a huge potential in this game. Though the game is still in development hell and content still take a long time to come out, it has changed a lot since the early beta days. It is fast paced,open world, smooth as hell, dynamic events, it's set in a beautiful tera formed world, it got one of the most sexy UI's i have a ever seen in a mmo and naturally encourages team work. So you might be thinking: what is this game all about and what do i do in it? Basically this is what has happened lore wise in the game (bare bone version of the lore btw, there are a lot more than what i am telling here). Humanity has found a new resource called crystite, which they use to power a enormous space ship. This space ships original purpose was to explore distant worlds. But when they try making a jump into hyperspace an mysterious things happens. The entire ship powers down instead and is sent crashing down towards earth. But the failed jump summons a mysterious storm out of the warp, which continues to envelop the entire earth. Soon the entire earth is covered with this strange warp storm, all except the crash site of the space ship. For some reason the so called SIN generators keeps the storm at bay. so the crew and surviving members of the crash site (which formerly was the Brazilian city of Copacabana ) starts setting up sin generators. But they are soon attacked by creatures emerging from the storm. It's is still unsure if these are all alien invaders or terra formed creatures. So now all that remains of humanity is pressed into a small corner and struggles to survive by mining all the resources they can. I hope people is happy with my short lore version As a player it is pretty simple what you need to do. Pick a battleframe (class), start getting resources to you can get tech upgrades and push back the storm and its alien invaders. You can get resources in many various ways like pvp, completing dynamic quests/events, defending human settlements, beating back alien invasions and of course thumping. Thumping is one of the best options to get resources. it is essential a large mining drill you call down and starts extracting the resources from the ground, but this provokes the terra formed wild life. Just imagine a larger version of the thumper from Dune, but instead of sandworms you get dinosaurs, aliens from starship troopers and large rolling shrimp monsters. The thumpers differs in size and quality and teamwork is also essential when taking on larger thumpers. When the largest ones is deployed shit tends to get a bit crazy I think that about covers most of it The game is currently in open beta, so anyone who wants can join in. Thank you once again for taking time to read my thread Here is the link to the cinematic for those who wish to see it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhiJtotZNWk