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Found 7 results

  1. Hello Everyone from Cmdr.Zack, I've been watching the AJS for a couple years over YouTube and decided to check it out for myself and enjoy talking about something i have a passion for, gaming. So what's up, anyone have a favorite game they can't put down, or that they keep coming back to even if it's been out for awhile? I keep checking in on MGSV:TPP, Witcher 3, and Halo 5. But something i just picked up was evolve after it was free with GwG on Xbox. Gotta say it's addicting. I'm looking forward to Destiny 2 also, hope the hype is real for it.
  2. First off I would like to say thank you for letting me be a part of your massive online community, even though I guess no one really approved it or not. I have been following Angry Joe's Youtube channel for several months, most of the time playing it in the background as I work on the computer and I am happy to say that I love his honest and analytical approach perfectly blended with a satirical undertone. I am not a fan of twitch shooters anymore nor have I had very much experience with any kind of online multiplayer games other than Call of Duty or Battlefield. Those two series have plummeted to a very dark place since I began playing many years ago. I have been a complete Final Fantasy fanboy for the better part of 18 years ever since I first put in Final Fantasy 7 in 1997. I have played every title that has been released since and makes my new found transition to Xbox all the more strange for most to understand. I actually have had both consoles from each generation but ultimately I decided on the Xbox One. I have a limited number of titles at my fingertips at the moment but plan on expanding my library in the coming months. I have enjoyed the gun-porn of Borderlands along with they nostalgia of Dragonball Xenoverse. Of course I have completed Final Fantasy Type-0 and am in the process of finishing Batman Arkham Knight. I am a completionist in the full sense of the meaning and will not play some games due to the "impossible challenges" that some pose. Impossible is a stretch for sure but I hate the idea of grinding continuously for achievements that make me dislike the title such as "Seriously" from Gears of War. I actually am disappointed because the title I was most excited about playing has one of the such achievements called "Emperor." This approach may be disgraceful in some players eyes but I am always going to be consciousness of which titles I begin because I intend to finish them in their entirety before retiring them to the Cabinet of Classics. Feel free to add me on Xbox Live or here in the forums and I do look forward to exploring what the Angry Joe Army is all about and what it offers to gamers that follow a different path.
  3. Hola everyone! I'm DDatomica94, who literally just started watching the AngryJoeShow today and thought this community looked awesome. I'm psyched to join a gaming community full of great gamers that make gaming with others so much fun. On top of the fun that games provide, I hope to also have a great time here! Happy gaming everyone, I'll see ya around!
  4. Hello I just joined the AJSA and I mainly like to play League. I am an EUW player. Are there any groups out there or a particluar forum I could be pointed towards.
  5. In an effort to increase guild participation I wanted to organize dungeon runs since I know that there is an interest to do them but at specific times of the week. As it is right now not enough people are available to do a dungeon at the drop of a hat. Dungeons only require 5 people so it is a great place to start before we grow into bigger and more complicated content. I think we should start by having dungeon runs on Friday nights (8:00 central?) and Saturday mornings (9:00 central?) times when we have the most amount of people. Please let me know what you guys think!
  6. Yellow community, My username is Paper Man and I'm new to this site. Before you bring it up, yes…The Disney short "Paper Man" was loosely based off my life. I use to be a paper airplane, living in a decent home. Until some big nose jerk tossed me out the window. *pretend to laugh here* To sum it up, I've been looking for a gaming community that will (believe it or not) play video games with me. DUN DUN DUUUUUUNNNNN!!!!!!! Most often I'll join a community but there seems to be no drive. My hopes for this site : 1. it's not just another disappointment 2. That I don't need a super PC to play with you guys and my Mac is enough. 3. That this whole thing does not turn into another XBOX live clan. ( I have an Xbox but I would like to see some nintendo stuff as well) Being a fellow Texan I believe in my fellow statesmen . Jose …. I mean Joe, just have fun with it.
  7. Hello, my name is Larry. I have been following Joe for a while now and I appreciate his reviews. I am not a wealthy man so I can't afford to buy a video game before making sure I am going to be playing it for a long while. So story driven games I usually have to pass up unfortunately, but the sandbox and multi-player games I try to get! You can find me on GTA V as of now or Minecraft. I don't play Minecraft much anymore but I will play with someone else just to make it more fun. Battlefield 4 will probably be my next purchase depending on if I have enough friends playing it. Unfortunately most of them are playing Ghosts. No problem with that, but I am not a big fan of the late COD games. And remember, games are always more fun with friends!