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Found 1 result

  1. At last. This game is finally released in Japan, and I got to play the shit out of it. Is it good? FUCK YES IT'S GOOD! If you're familiar with animes, then you'll definitely know Fist of the Northstar. And you know what to expect: Kenshiro, Rei, Toki, Rin, Bat, Jagi, Souther, Shin, Raoh, Yuria, post apocalyptic wasteland inspired by Mad Max, a lot of blood and gore from people getting destroyed by Hokuto Shinken, ALL that stuff are here. And of course this: This game doesn't exactly follow the story of the anime though. I mean it does follow the anime, but only up to the battle with Shin. The game starts with that battle where Kenshiro carve that cross in Shin's body: Then after that, Kenshiro goes looking for Yuria. Only instead of wandering through a lot of places in the wasteland, he instead stumbled upon a city called Eden, which is like Mad Max Fury Road's Citadel, only MUCH more technologically advanced and a lot more comfortable to live in. This city has everything: markets, casino, restaurants, hotels, and even a giant night club. Man, Australia needs to learn how to sustain themselves like these guys. So long story short, at first Kenshiro couldn't get into the city because access is limited. He even got arrested after he saved a young boys life because, well, he did just murdered a bunch of assholes with his Hokuto Shinken, and the city guard views him as a killer. But he can go free if he participate in a gladiatorial deathmatch, which has that giant Devil Rebirth guy. Kenshiro being Kenshiro, of course he whooped the giant's ass, with the same technique he did in the anime no less. And after that, the usual Yakuza "oh my God there's so many sidequests that I can do! Let me do them while kicking criminal's asses left and right. Oh wait, there's a main quest? Meh, I'll do that later" gameplay ensues. Let me start with the sidequests first because being a Yakuza game, there's so many of them. Alongside the sub story quests, there's cabaret management, human baseball, bounty hunting, arena battles, driving in the open world wasteland to collect materials for upgrading your car, racing, helping Rin with her store management by buying items, a doctor minigame that's a rhythm game in disguise with a lot of surprisingly good remixes of orchestra songs, bar tending, which have you doing 3 things: stirring and shaking drinks, or crush a giant block of ice till it becomes a perfect circle for a cocktail. This is most likely going to be the one minigame that will make your hand sore because it requires quite a lot of hand dexterity. And of course what would a Sega game be without the obligatory arcade games? You can collect Outrun, Space Harrier, Super Hang On, the Ufo catcher machine, and even a breaking the fourth wall classic Fist of the Northstar Sega game for Sega Masters. Yes, this thing Still waiting for After Burner to be included in future games........ The only minigames missing in this game are the dating hostesses & karaoke games, but Kenshiro only have eyes for Yuria & I guess there's not much use of karaoke in the wasteland so I get why they're omitted. Here's a tip for the open world driving section: go to all the save points to unlock fast travel to those locations. It took me 4 hours until I realized that, and afterwards travelling in the wasteland to different quest places becomes MUCH more simpler. Oh, and during the game a sudden "rare treasure appeared" will flash on screen which either contains new car parts, or different soundtracks from Sega games that you can play while driving. There's a lot of them to collect, so have fun. The game also have a lot of... I guess you can call them abilities to collect. Basically you go to a merchant & he can craft you abilities that has various characters from the anime + this game as their image. Like a Rei ability that gives you a Nanto Seiken crowd clearing move, a Rin ability that lets you ressurect after losing all your life, Raoh's fire kamehameha, or "Tenshou Honretsu", and even Jagi who drains your life until it's in danger mode. That last one's pretty lore accurate since Jagi REALLY hates Kenshiro. How about the combat in this game? Basically the game is like if Yakuza's combat moves is more anime & uses a lot of moves ripped straight out of the many Hokuto No Ken games in the past rolled into one delicious buffet of blood and gore. And it's OH so damn fun as all hell to see the many Hokuto Shinken techniques you can unleash on all the poor bastards who don't know who they're fucking with. Here are just some of the kills you can do in the game: There's many more skills you can do after you upgrade Kenshiro, some you have to get through training with Toki, and they're all beautiful + fun to pull off. And you don't need a Heat bar at all to pull them off, all you need is to punch a guy until a circle button prompt shows up, in which case you thumb their bodies & finish them off. Depending on which combo you do, every finishing moves will be different. If you press the circle button when a prompt shows up immediately after you thumb an enemy, you can do a heavy damage move that most of the time instantly kill an enemy & make them drop orbs. Each enemy type except the bosses will drop different orbs which can be cattegorized like this: Regular sized, midgets + bigger but still regular sized enemies: a blue orb that increases your "rip your shirt & go ATTATATATATATATATA to enemies" skill Fat enemies: a HIDEBU/ひでぶ sound effect which matterialized & can be used to blundgeon people with, seriously REALLY big enemies: green orbs that recovers your health. You can instant kill most enemies in this game with the Hokuto Shinken skills and the circle prompt skills, but bosses can only be heavily damaged by them. Speaking of bosses, that's another highlight of this game. They're tough. And I mean REALLY tough to fight. The first few bossfights are a breeze, but once you fight Rei, every boss afterwards means serious business. If you're not careful, they will end your ass. They make the bosses in Yakuza look like complete chumps. In fact Komaki is somehow in this game, and he's one of the easiest boss in the game. And I don't even need to Tiger Drop him like before! Goes to show how much stronger Kenshiro is compared to Kiryu, even though you can reskin Kenshiro as Kiryu. Main Characterception? If there's a negative I can say about this game, it's that the initial few chapters are quite slow & restricted, but especially the part after fighting Shin. You have to do a simon says minigame of helping people, getting items from them & then give that items to people that wants it, so that they give you items that you will then need to trade to a trader which will give you a "premium dog food" to then give to someone to progress through the game. That..... was quite a weird section. Oh, and also that there's 2 characters in this game that are just there as cameos after the fight with Rei, which are Juda, that Nanto Seiken guy who looks like a girl with his lipstick, and Huey, also known as the guy that makes that weird sound. They showed up for 1 minute, and then you never hear from them again. Why?? Ah well, I guess we'll have to wait to fight them in Hokuto Ga Gotoku 2. So overall, I fucking love this game. It's Yakuza as Fist of the Northstar, and it's actually a perfectly awesome mix which works really2 well together. This game beats the everlasting crap out of Ken's Rage 1 & 2 by a country mile for how much more fun & awesome it is. I give this game the rating of "so awesome you will do ATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATA OWATTAAAAAAAAAAA, Omae Wa Mou.......... Shindeiru like it's Gangnam Style over and over again while listening to Ai wo torimodose" With a badass seal of approval. Definitely get this game if you have a Japanese PSN account, and if you're a fan of Fist of the Northstar. It's so damn worth it. I sincerely hope that this game will get localized very soon, but I'm afraid that knowing Sega, this game's english version will most likely be released in either 2019 or 2020. But if you're going to wait for them, I am happy to say that both Yakuza Kiwami 2 and this game are DEFINITELY worth that wait. And who knows, maybe when those games came out, the next Yakuza/ Hokuto Ga Gotoku sequel will be released. Look forward to that! Oh wait Well now, THAT'S early. Look forward to Hokuto Ga Gotoku's english version!