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Found 16 results

  1. Been watching aj for a long time now, just getting around to this site, just wanted to introduce myself to the ajsa!!
  2. I'm back. Back in December 25, 2014, I just got 7-days suspended for discrimination against North Korean. That's bullshit! Listen, Redjakk got it all wrong. I have nothing to offensive against North Korea and I don't hate North Korea. I really trust North Korea just like Dennis Rodman the former NBA player who also trust North Korea. Unfortunately, I just quit in The Spoony Experiments forum due to receiving me an negative reputation and bad karma. So I closed my forum account at The Spoony Experiments forum back in December 31, 2014. Then I'm drop down the supporting to Spoony back to minor. So I'm ready to do work now.
  3. Hi. I've noticed that the forum is having some issues when I try to post or reply. When posting new Threads, it leads to a blank page with a message "Your request timed out, please retry your request." Also, when replying to a thread, the "Post" button to a "Saving..." notification and freezes there. I've been able to go back and try again, or reload the page and repost, and it seems to work the second try. I wasn't worried about it, since it could be an issue with my machine or a minor temporal issue, but another poster in General Discussion commented that he had replied to a thread and the post wasn't there, so maybe I'm not the only one with this problem. Anyway, just raising a flag for Admins to notice.
  4. Hello Officers, I was wondering if we had any recruiting going on in the War Thunder forums. I don't know if we are looking for more players to join, but if we are I'd be happy to open a new thread on the forums and satrt reruiting there by putting up the demographic of our squadron and who we are and what we do. If this is ok and cool with you guys let me know I'd love to help out the squadron. -IsL
  5. Just as the topic says, I believe there should be a good referral system because I know I myself have invited people from the league and steam community to join the AJSA and now they are active members, maybe there is a badge or reward if you get a certain number of referrals? What do you guys/girls think of this idea?
  6. I'd like to see some new sub-categories under the PC Gaming Central categories. For instance, I really don't think just MMOs should get categories under "Role-Playing Games". Games like Skyrim and Dragon Age could use a spot there. I'm sure we have plenty of people here in the community that would support those forums.
  7. So, one of the ways that I interact with posts quickly is the "Recent Topics" addon on the side of the Forum master page. Is it possible to have one just like that that instead shows Recent Posts, so I know what topics are currently being discussed at the moment? That would be pretty helpful. I don't understand the limitations of the forum structure, so I don't know if this is even feasible.
  8. The last person to post in this thread wins the internet. Who wants it?
  9. Hey everyone, I noticed that there isnt an App for my mobile device for the forums and I have to rely on the browser on my phone instead. I was wondering if there was an APP for our beloved forums in the works? There may be days at a time where I'm at work and I can only use my phone to read the forums. I know its in a mobile mode and all that but having an APP to sign into and stay logged into, would make being active on the forums that much easier. Thanks for listening everyone and let me know what you think. Owosso
  10. I would like to put a suggestion out for a sub-forum for member created GUIDES for LoL. And perhaps a second sub-forum for champion guides alone being that there are so many champions to choose from. LoL is one of the heavily liked and played games, members that haven't played it or any MOBA for that matter have sparked an interest and have either started playing or planning to start. I believe a seperate sub-forum would be a huge convenience for those that would like to view the guides instead of having to hunt them down in the many posts that currently exist. There is already one guide written, so if this notion is passed, please move that guide to it's respective sub-forum. Thank you. Rain
  11. Just thought I'd take a look at what's on sale in the AJSA Merchandise store and stumbled across Joe's sense of humour in an AJSA thong! Good one Joe. Thought I'd let you guys know
  12. Hello! I have a review that I would VERY much like to post in the Written Reviews section under Community Content, however am unable to do so. I understand this is a new website, and AJ and the moderators have a LOT of work to do around the clock. So this is all stated with the utmost respect and admiration, but it should be brought to someone's attention. Every time I write in my article, and hit preview, I am taken to a 404 not found page with logos and lettering all over the place. If I skip that step, and go straight to post, I get the same issue. I have been trying to make the post for days now. It's been about three. Any ideas? Thank you.
  13. I was just thinking that a subforum for Management games would be of use, mostly after seeing the Strategy Games subforum over at “Other PC Games” in the PC Gaming Central section of the Forum. Now, some may perceive that stagey and management games are the say, I however would like to argue that this is not the case; mainly due to the very different appeal and game focus these games generally possess. I won’t argue that strategy games can have management aspects no more than management games can be strategic, they have however their focus in one or the other. To say that, for example, Prison Architect or Gnomoria is a strategic game wouldn’t be a wrong, however it wouldn’t be as precise as calling it a management game would be more precise. Just as calling StarCraft II a management game wouldn’t be a lie, however it is not where the focus and appeal of the game is. The core of the problem here is that genres often have overlaps, but I believe that the different in focus between a strategy game like Planetary Annihilation and Dwarf Fortress or StarCraft II and RimWorld is sufficient enough to justify the distinction.
  14. I think we could use a place for guides and tutorials. I see many people say "I'm new to some game" and "I don't really know how to play, but I can try". With a dedicated sector, people can easily find guides to their games made by other members of the AJSA. Does anyone agree? For example. Bob wants to find a Terraria guide, because he doesn't really know the basics. He can check Terraria's official wiki, but it's hard to find the essentials. He comes here to the "Guides & Tutorials" area. Bob finds a nicely written basic guide to Terraria. He learns to play Terraria, and keeps coming back to find out more. Sound good?
  15. Normandy reporting for duty! Greetings friends! My name is Christian but I prefer calling me Norman and I come from Finland! I'm 18 years old and I live in a big city called Lahti. It's about 1,5 hours away from the capital Helsinki. Like any of you, I love gaming. What I love about gaming is playing in groups of friends and that's why i'm here. I'm a very friendly person and can be a little shy at the times but I like to talk in teamspeak no matter the topic. More things I like: FPS games, Action games, Good food, Good tv series (GoT), Anime ^w^, Friendly and lovely friends. Making videos, Airsoft, Swordplay, Rock/Alternative music. Lots of things. I'm really looking foward to talk to and make friends in here. If you'd like to welcome me, feel free to. That would make me very happy! ^^ Also feel free to add me to your friends list! Cya guys on the battlefield! Normandy out.