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Found 5 results

  1. Ok, so I was apart of the Founders club when I bought a continues donation thing for a few months. Then I had to cut the donations due to losing my job and moving to a new state. But for some reason, I only just noticed this now for some reason, I made two more money donations without knowing it. It was supposed to stop on the 8th of Aug, and for some reason didn't show up on my bank statement, but then it showed up on the 9th again. I only just noticed it now for some reason. I'm trying to figure out how I can get that money back, because I've not been in the founders club for the past two months and yet have been paying that same amount of money. This legitimate is making me mad, because my bank failed to notify me of this and now I have to work to get this money back. And sense I was somehow paying the amount, I should have at least still been in the founders club right? So why was I able to cancel the payment and yet not have my bank or PayPal get that memo but the forums were right on top of it? I need that money back just so I can get by sense I don't have a good enough job to support something like this. I figured I would contest it in Paypal maybe, as that seems like a good place to figure it out, but I don't know for sure. So I'm asking any body, admins to just average guys like me, if they have any answers to what is going on?
  2. Good day all. I was just about to purchase the Founder's club when i noticed one thing. One of the things you must chose is ''Which server perks'' where only Battlefield 4 is available. I play a lot of the games AJSA is supporting but i do not play bf4. It might be that i am missing something, but i am just wondering if more server perks will be added to this for people that don't play bf4. Like Planetside 2, ESO, SWTOR, GW2, Destiny or any other AJSA supported game. If you take your time and read and answer this thread i thank you And i apologize beforehand if it is something on my end that is wrong or if i have misunderstood something
  3. Just before I ask I am really sorry if this is in the wrong section and I will delete it if it is. I was just wondering when it came to the donation packs you can buy, will all of that dissapear if you dont renew it monthly? It's just that I can pay 50 eu or bucks or whatever it is, but not nessecarily every month. If so I guess that pack isnt for me xD
  4. YOU KNOW IT! I'd like to personally recognize Spade, who just became the next Angry Army Founder's Club Member! Spade, Opting in for the highest level of support towards our community is something that I'm eternally grateful for! It shows how seriously you take our community, me and my commanders shall do our best to honor your gift! With your monthly subscription we know that we will have a certain amount of funds in the Guilds Treasury which will allow us to pay for costs associated with servers, website features, and maintenance. And that's not counting all the other awesome things id like to do like tournaments, events, raffles, and giveaways. At your commitment level we have a better idea of what kind of Game Servers we can also purchase for you and for the Angry Army in games like Battlefield 4, Star Citizen, Minecraft and whatever else The AJSA requests. We all felt how slow things can become with a massive surge of traffic like we experienced Just a few hours ago for our launch day! Its my hope that with supporters like you we don't have to go through that many more times after we can upgrade our servers to the next level! I'd like to thank you again for your generous contribution and continued support as an AJSA Club Member! -Sincerely, Angry Joe
  5. HELL YEAH! I'd like to personally recognize Joric who is the First Member Ever to support the Angry Army with the Founder's Club Membership! Joric, Your monthly donation means a lot. I truly cannot put into words how awesome I think it is that you would go above and beyond the call of duty to support our community here at The AJSA. Your highest level of support shows how committed you are to this community and you bet your ass I will work just as hard to make it as best as it can be for you! With your monthly subcription we know that we will have x amount of funds in the Guilds Treasury which will allow us to pay for costs associated with better servers, new website features, website maintenance when things inevitably break and more. And that's not counting all the awesome tournaments, events, raffles, and giveaways we can now do ever better with your support. At your commitment level we have some idea of what kind of Game Servers we can also purchase for you and for the Angry Army in games like Battlefield 4, Star Citizen, Minecraft and whatever else The AJSA requests. Thank you so much once again for showing this level of support to our community. You are the best! -Sincerely, Angry Joe