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Found 43 results

  1. I`m looking to try a new game on my PC.
  2. Recommend me some! I started playing D&D Neverwinter but its kinda boring.
  3. free

    It has been a long time coming, finally we want to start supplying the members of this community more tools and to encourage them to build. For the first time we’re supplying you, the members, packages to make your own banners. These banner templates are design in the same style as the official banners you see go up on the front page. These community banner templates have been made in mind of all three major AJSA platform; PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One (with Nintendo POSSIBLY coming down the line). Currently these templates are accessible by PSD files. PSD files are saved files opened in Photoshop, letting members see the layers of a project before it was made into a single image. This lets anyone be able to go in, swap out a game logo or wallpaper, and easily get a new image ready for their event. This will require you to have Photoshop, in the future we like to expand out that option and make it accessible across all kinds of software. By letting you the members have these templates and make your own banners with them, it encourages the command to help work with you and post them on the front page. This means more eyes looking to you, and hopefully encourages other members to take a step. Update 1: We're now supplying Basic Event Post Templates for you the community to use help format and give information about your events. Time to date this OG post: Going into our fourth year as a community we want to bring the focus back to you, and give you the community much more power than any of us have had in the past. All Event Post Templates Basic Event Post Template (Google doc): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JbXDQkJ8ja6hxBV5WY9nuyxDC6NgDJSKt_xf4ocVKMY/edit?usp=sharing Movie Nights Post Template (Google doc): https://docs.google.com/document/d/19KfanjLTxWruy8akO6cBSmEvsB03tX9ipEhqimHLb7w/edit?usp=sharing All Community Division Banner Templates PC Community Banner Template (PSD file): https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6cgG47dyvSbM3ZKMl9iZFJTYUU/view?usp=sharing PlayStation 4 Banner Template (PSD file): https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6cgG47dyvSbT3BLUGcxMUxrbFE/view?usp=sharing Xbox One Banner Template (PSD file): https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6cgG47dyvSbam5RaUgwZDg3Z00/view?usp=sharing Movie Nights Banner Template (PSD file): https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6cgG47dyvSbRVlrRW5rZ3k2Ylk/view?usp=sharing Requirements and Banner Rules Adobe Photoshop (any version), GIMP or Inkscape. Do not alter the banners original size Do not alter or remove the AJSA watermark logo Do not alter or remove the 3sharp colors or any of the words in the templates. Do not use fan art as part of your wallpaper, stick to the official games screenshots, wallpapers, concept art, etc. You are allow to alter the Game Logo and Wallpaper, to swap them around between other games logos/wallpapers. If you have suggestion of different file types, changes, etc. Reply below, such suggestion could help out more than you think.
  4. So with it being a free weekend (Weds through Sunday) for ESO, I'm planning on downloading it and trying it for the first time. Total noob here. That said I'd like to ask my fellow AJSA brothers and sisters for some advice about the game. What races would one suggest? What classes would you suggest for someone new? What's the community like? Do we have a guild at all? I'm fairly new to ESO but Id be happy to play with some new people and try something different. Chances are that after the free weekend I'll likely purchase the game and continue my character, although I'm not sure I want to pay extra just for an imperial character. Anyways please feel free to let me know what you like and don't like and maybe I'll see you in the game! By all means feel free to add me as a friend on Xbox as well. The more the merrier and hey if you haven't already join our club on Xbox! 😁🎉 Cheers!
  5. https://bl2142.co/ From there you can download this free community project that was made so BF2142 and BF2 is free and is content-loaded. Its currently in a beta phase but its being played by over 7,000 players a day! To play, create an account first then download the rest! If you want to play with me, my username will be xQwiKx. See you on the old and futuristic battlefield!
  6. Our lord and savior Harada has revealed at E3 the release window for Tekken 7(early 2017). But not only that he revealed that for a limited time Xbox Owners can get Tekken Tag 2 backwards compatible free with Xbox Live Gold. It's great to hold you over til T7. Sadly I already bought the game beforehand but if you wanna try out a Tekken game if you're not a fan then this is your shot. And who knows, if the game gets popular enough maybe we could have events for it(since we haven't had fighting game events in a hot minute) Now if only Sony would get Tekken 2 backwards compat on PS4 with online.
  7. I'm feeling a bit crazy this year so starting about in random months or rather beginning in some point in February I'm going to post some phrase or random word and whoever responds first after I post it, you give me your steam address and I'm going to purchase you a random game off of your wishlist. Might be the pricey one (which sometimes may include multiple games), might be cheap. I'll be flipping a coin on it. And of course for the sake of being sure when people know when I'm just talking in response to someone or posting for that lucky first poster. I'm going to place First: ahead of the random word or phrase so whoever first comment after that gets a slice of game. Cheap: $25 and below ( Either one lesser game off the list or multiples equaling up to $25 ) Pricey: $26 and up ( Either one major game off the list or multiple lower priced games equaling the high amount) Also just to note so this wont be an issue later. If a post to a conversation happens to pop up. Someone responding to a previous post before my First: Then that's naturally not going to count. First post towards me in "quote" response to my post for the opportunity to get a free game once I give the word or phrase. >:3 And its random so whatever game you get spends on the flip of the coin and my directional choice. Yes, I know I keep adding but thankfully at least its not another rule point. Lol. I'm going to attempt to do one every month randomly, more so if I have a good streak. Not knowing when I'm going to post it makes it more enjoyable, especially for me. If it works out this year, I'll keep it going into 2016. Who knows, maybe more people will join in the fun and buy for others. As an additional I will want to know whether or not you mind if the game is possibly one you have on your list that hasn't been released yet. So if you happen to win, let me know if you would only prefer something you could play immediately and I will ignore the pre-purchase games on your wishlist. Also, (glad I caught this early) just so other individuals can have a better chance considering for the time being I'm only doing a single winner a month. If you have already won for the year of 2015 it wont count if you try and participate again. My goal for Free Game Year in the end is to have this as something I do every year and to get to a point where I can have at least 4 possible winners in a single month, about 1 winner for each week. 2015 Winners January - LEGOLAS_KATARN Coin Toss: High / $26+ Games Won: Homeworld Remastered Collection Life is Strange Episodes (1-5) Tengami February - 2AND900 Coin Toss: Low / $25 Max Games Won: Sid Meier's Civilization III: Complete Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion March - Ghaleon Coin Toss: Low / $25 Max Games Won: Scoregasm Mighty Dungeons Starbound April - Beastmaster A.C. Coin Toss: High / $26+ Games Won: Saints Row: Gat out of Hell Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas May - Kaz32 Coin Toss: High / $26+ Games Won: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt ( Found out he already had this on Gog and he traded it to me since it was on my list ) Axiom Verge NOT A HERO June - Chumbry42 Coin Toss: Low / $25 Max Games Won: Darkest Dungeon July - Xevious21 Coin Toss: Low / $25 Max Games Won: Ark: Survival Evolved August - MadDemon64 Coin Toss: High / $26+ Games won: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt September - FaizKhan007 Coin Toss: High / $26+ Games Won: PAYDAY: The Heist Soundtrack This War of Mine Cities: Skylines Deluxe Edition PAYDAY 2: Gage Chivalry Pack PAYDAY 2: Yakuza Character Pack October - ichig1vsnarut0 Coin Toss: Low / $25 Max Games Won: The Walking Dead: Season 2 Demonbane775 ( Accidental winner ) Coin Toss: Low / $25 Max Games Won: Resident Evil / biohazard HD REMASTER Resident Evil Revelations 2 November - Mr_E_Meatshield Coin Toss: Low / $25 Max Games Won: Grandia II Miko Gakkou: Second Year December - Seyren Coin Toss: High / $25 Max Games Won: Star Wars: Republic Commando Final Fantasy XIII Future Game Year Plans: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/28402-future-game-year-plans/ Move on to the link above if you have any ideas that you think could make this any better. Free Game Year 2015 End Year Prizes worth $500: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/31899-free-game-year-2015-end-year-challenge-500-worth-of-games-gpu-or-console/ Drop by the link above if you want to participate. Up to 12 non-winners for 2015 can be included. Those who have won within each month for this year are automatically included. Details in thread.
  8. So, it was brought to my attention that Elder Scrolls Online is doing a free-to-play weekend, starting on Thursday December 10th until Monday December 14th. This is great for anyone who is interested in trying out the game, but not sure if they will like it. It will be available to start downloading at 3 AM on Thursday (It is a pretty big install at around 70GB with all the patches, so I would recommend trying to download it at that time) Plus, if you purchase before the weekend is over at 3AM the 14th, you can get the game for 60% off. They also have the Crowns on sale again for anyone who already has the game, but wants to get the expansions at a deal. The 5500 Crown pack will be 40% off, and that is enough to get both of the expansions that are out. Here's a link to the site with all of the details : http://www.elderscrollsonline.com/en-us/news/post/2015/12/07/eso-free-play-weekend So, If you've kinda wanted to try ESO but didn't want to drop full price on it in case you don't like it... You don't have an excuse now cause it's free for 4 whole days. What have you got to lose really? GO FOR IT!!! Plus, you can come hang out with us at the ESO event Friday night @ 8pm EST if you do *wink wink, nudge nudge*
  9. I never knew this fan-made game existed, but it exactly what it sez on the tin. You guide your chapter to glory or ruin. http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Chapter_Master_%28game%29 SCREENSHOTS PICTS: http://i.imgur.com/0FufKr9.png http://i.imgur.com/D45aBwi.png Also, for the lulz: Ladies and gentlemen. I give you the most heavily defended planet in the universe:
  10. http://www.pcgamer.com/witcher-3-mod-adds-free-camera-and-unlocks-console/ I think the game might get even better soon. The modding community is doing a awesome job. Thoughts? The mod is now available via nexus mods. Link here : http://www.nexusmods.com/witcher3/mods/28/?
  11. First two people who reply get a free key
  12. So i was searching around on the internet for a while and thought about Bungies older games Marathon and wondered wheter or not you could get them in some sort of way. I found out that they were available as opensource on the website http://source.bungie.org/ You can get Marathon, Marathon 2:Durandal and Marathon infinity. so, is it something you want to check out or pass ?
  13. Thats the spirit CD PROJEKT RED!!! http://thewitcher.com/news/view/867 16 free DLCs for evryone..... show to EA or other MONEYSUCKING companies wiith battlepacks and other sh*t how it is done. I saw that 2 dlcs will come every week. in total we have 8 weeks of free dlcs....that meens that after those 8 weeks we have to buy some other dlcs or what? Anyway, i am gonig to buy that game at release date. In my pointof view i think that was a very good move from CD PROJEKT RED cause these days everyone is so frustrated with those 1hr but 10$ or 10euro dlcs and also they give gamers more motivation to spend more hours on this game! P.S: i forgot to say that in those dlcs we have growth over time beards XD GOTY
  14. In later news I change my mind about doing requests and this is now closed. Sorry
  15. Hey guys and gals! James here aka Wade D McGinnis. Wanted to post this quick for any on the fence, like me about buying Star Citizen. Well looks like Polygon has a universal key allowing those who have not bought into the game a chance to play this week only. Link to article so you can verify my statement - http://www.polygon.com/2015/3/14/8214445/star-citizen-free-weekend-pax-east Make an account, put in the code SXSWFREEFLY2K15 and download the 20 gb cilent! In this demo you get to fly the Anvil Hornet F7C trainer ship in the arena commander space combat module and also walk around the hangar module in first person.
  16. Im a huge fan of the older CnC games. Im sure some of you are too. You may not be aware of this beautifully done reboot of a less than popular FPS set in the CnC universe. Even if you know nothing about CnC you will appreciate the fresh gameplay this FPS offers. So, if you wanna break from typical slaughter shooters maybe for something strategic and team based go here: http://renegade-x.com/download.php Its free. What have you got to lose? Its a bit old school but in a good way.
  17. Red Orchestra 2 will be free to grab on Steam on 23.4 (today at 17.00 gmt or so). If you get it free you can keep it. Same deal as with the L4D2 in Christmas. Rising Storm not included. Edit: On 23rd not 24th. Man I have to start checking my spelling.
  18. If you have a playstation plus membership Borderlands 2 is up on the store now for free. Don't miss out on this! I'll be looking to play when it finishes downloading
  19. News from PCGAMER: " Yes, it's FREE...By navigating to (http://store.steampo....com/app/35450/ ) and downloading the game tomorrow after the promotion starts and before it ends (the promotion will last 24 hours), the game will be free to keep forever ! " Now everybody let's join this fight !!! URA !!! Original article link : http://www.pcgamer.c...-game-for-free/
  20. Should WarFrame be added to supported games for the AJSA?
  21. Hello AJSA! This is my re-submission for Fallen Earth, as in my previous one I failed to list the Pros and Cons of this game. Fallen Earth is a free to play, post-apocalyptic MMO on Steam, here is the description: It’s 2156, and the world has been destroyed by both nuclear and bio-chemical means. Your story takes place in one of the few habitable places left in the world, the Grand Canyon. As a clone with an uncertain past, your job is survival in a world now built on destruction, betrayal and fragile factional alliances. Explore, harvest and stake your claim to over 1,000 square kilometers of harsh and mysterious terrain. The classless advancement and non-linear gameplay allows you to play the character you want. Join a random dynamic events to capture resources and invade towns, capture and hold a Progress Town, fight through instances, take part in the rich faction backstory, or make a living by selling what you scavenge and craft on the auction house. Fallen Earth gives you the freedom to do exactly as you want. The world may be a shadow of its former self, but there’s no limit to what’s possible for you to accomplish. Pros and Cons: Pros: Free to play. You do not need to spent any amount of real-life money to progress and compete at high level in this game.A huge open world (1000 square kilometers) with virtually no loading timesBoth Third and First person combat, using a vast array of modern and often "makeshift" weapons.Unique vehicle/mounts, including (but not limited to) ATVs, Motorbikes and Cars.Extensive faction-based gameplay, which puts you in sutations to make enemies with other players who have chosen an different faction (this is done later on in the game)An interesting array of weapons, ranging from meele weapons (knives, swords, hammers etc) to highly powerful ranged weapons (pistols/handguns, rifles, shotguns etc)A huge crafting system that lets you gather and create all sorts of useful items for you and people around you including (but not limited to) armor, weapons, ammunition, food, mounts (and vehicles).Cons: The game's visuals are rather dated, as the game was created back in September 2009The control scheme can take some getting used to, as you have to switch between your mouse controlling your aiming reticule for combat and your mouse interacting with the game's UI/HUDThere are some limits to the free to play model:You're limited to 10 Red Rhips (The game's currency) which is 100,000 White Chips in total in-game currency. (The currency is done in Chips, ranging from White (lowest), Blue, Red and Yellow (highest)Your crafting times are slower compared to a Premium (subscribing) memberYou also level slightly slower than a Premium playerYou cannot access the Global chat channel as a free playerYou have only one character slot as a free playerYou can only queue 1 item up to craft at onceIf I missed anything on the free to play model, here's a link of the comparisons to other payment options : http://www.gamersfirst.com/sites/www.gamersfirst.com.fallenearth/files/F2PMatrix.pngThe world being so huge there is a lot of ground to cover, which might deter some people who don't like moving from town to town for 10-20 minutes each time.The questing/mission system is very much like other MMOS (Kill X number of this, gather X number of this, Escort this guy to that place) which some people might not enjoy.Almost forgot about the free to play...your cosmetic wardrobe (which lets you equip cosmetic gear) is fully locked until you purchase items to unlocks all the slots in there. These are somewhat expensive as you can pay real money for them BUT they are tradeable in-game, so many people put them on the Auction House so you could buy them purely using in-game currency.Those are just Pros and Cons that I've picked up while playing. I'd love the AJSA to be a part of this game because of it's unique sense of Community. I've not encountered such a serious but greeting community in an MMO before. The game encourages you to team up in Clans and make enemies with other players and Clans. I've also seen some real serious Roleplaying in the form of Clan-based wars and skirmishes. Well I think that's about it, let me know what you think below and if anyone has any questions I'll be happy to answer them! Peace!
  22. GOG.com knows how to swim on a wave and after the disaster that is the iOS version they give away the first part for free while the second costs next to nothing (45 hours left) http://www.gog.com/?pp=cf06ed6df6eb6ebc840cdb81ed164cfdb56a6aa9
  23. Anybody up for starting up a section of the angry army to play world of tanks on xbox 360 free and pleasantly addictive. Message me at evilmonkeybite on xbox if you want to play, please have a mic, thank you. I have been playing it and it is a great fun game. If there is a lot of interest I will look into starting a clan to play during the evenings. JD
  24. Anyone who wants a free Titanfall Beta key for Xbox 1 should let me know here. first post gets it.
  25. http://store.steampowered.com/app/238960/?snr=1_7_7_151_150_1 Cool free to play game on steam. if you liked Diablo 2 you will like this. This game is what Diablo 3 should have been. IE: Diablo 2 with new textures. This game emulates almost every single aspect in detail from D2, like I dunno how Blizzard hasn't suited them yet. The menus are similar, the inventory is identical, the map system is identical, the loot colors are identical, the random map generation everytime you log out and back in is identical. Do you see what I'm saying? Check it out if you liked Diablo 2 and I know for a fact you will like it.