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Found 1 result

  1. *SPOILERS INSIDE* DISCLAIMER: Hey guys, as you know I've streamed like 20+ hours of destiny and have completed pretty much all of the content in the game. I've given it more than a fair chance to impress me or show me everything it had to offer. I'm going to jump right in and tell you that after many hours of playing I've given this game an official 6/10, and I'll tell you in detail why. I'll start with the good, which is outweighed tremendously by the bad. Please do not assume I am being super negative or bashing on the game. A 6/10 is "slightly above average", average being a 5 - Simply put, you read and can decide if you want to buy the game or keep it or whatever. PROS: - The game looks pretty. A lot of scenes are pretty decently detailed but aside from that not so breathtaking. - The game allows you to play with friends. - Destiny has some borderlands features, which makes it somewhat entertaining. - The voice acting is okay. - The customization is okay. - The gameplay is not terrible. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONS: (Be ready, lol) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COMBAT The game's combat is very boring and consists of doing the same thing over and over again.. using the same weapons on end for quite some time as you level up through the game. It is really just a 'run and shoot' game with some talent trees added in that do not really give you any bonuses to using weapons or any breathtaking special abilities. I feel like constantly I'm doing the same thing.. shoot..... kill enemies.. shoot.. kill enemies.. casting my one ability after shooting and killing enemies.. and every gun is the exact fucking same it feels, aside from upgrades. Ammo for heavy weapons is also amazingly scarce. Also, spamming melee. Okay. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MAIN STORY? Not even. Narrated gauntlet gameplay, maybe. The main story is absolutely trash with absolutely zero innovation or really any thought put into it. You spend the entire game trying to find out what 'The darkness' is, something that seemed to have an extremely important role in the trailer and throughout the developer interviews and press. There is literally no interaction with 'the darkness' throughout the majority of the game. You start off thrown into the world without any rhyme or reason and you're fighting against scavengers, mercenaries, and other bandit factions. They do not really associate themselves with the darkness and kill each other during fights.. which means they are not allied. The campaign boss fights (If you can call them that) are literally reskinned versions of common enemies that you fight during the game. They do not have any special mechanics (They shoot at you repeatedly and do nothing else) with little to no reward for killing them. They do not offer any sort of challenge (You kill them almost instantly with your special) and they generally do not give you any threat, even on hard. You also will never, EVER feel important or 'key' to the universe like other Bungie games involving MC. Aww yeah, Halo. As well, you do not get any sort of lore or detailing as to what the fuck you are doing or why any of this is happening. You do not get any further background information on what ANYTHING you're fighting is or what the darkness is. At the end of the game you're still just as fucking clueless as you were at the beginning. What the fuck. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BORDERLANDS LOOT SYSTEM? NOT EVEN 1% The loot system is absolutely terrible. It's clear that they were trying to be like borderlands but failed miserably in some of the primary aspects of what needs to happen for players to feel like they're getting things and progressing their characters. Getting weapons from enemies is completely random and a lot of the time that you do they're extremely low quality or repeats of weapons that you've already gotten. I assume there is less than 10 of each weapon type in the game (As you get the same ones from level 1 but level 17+ versions later on) and that they did not put any randomness into the design. As well, grinding for anything from missions takes LITERALLY FOR FUCKING EVER and your chance of getting that *last* piece of gear you need to be in a full set or all in blues will take you DAYS of grinding. Good luck. Bosses do not drop loot when they die. The vast majority of the time when they die they drop a consumable or some money... but absolutely no loot for the majority of instances. Bosses, in my mind, are suppose to reward you for spending 15-20 minutes shooting them, which leads into my next complaint about the game. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BOSS FIGHTS? WTF? The boss fights are ALL similar. There is literally zero creativity when it comes to bosses. I gave this an extreme amount of testing, so do not assume that I am making things up. Every boss fight can be broken down into the same three strategies: Shoot, duck, kill adds. Rinse and repeat for 10-20 minutes because bosses have an INSANE amount of health for what you have to do. Bosses will sit and absorb THOUSANDS of rounds even though they're not doing anything special or entertaining in the slightest. Most of the bosses, as stated, retain the same models as their lesser counterparts but with reskins. They do not have ANY special features or mechanics to be different.. they just do more damage and have 238942189148132x more HP than the smaller versions. There is not a SINGLE fight with ANY sort of interesting mechanic or feature. Everything is the same over and over and over and over throughout leveling and in the raids. It is NOT enjoyable after the 10th time trying to get a piece of loot from them. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PLAYER SYNERGY SUCKS There is absolutely no player synergy or point really to playing with other players. Now, don't get me wrong, playing with friends can be entertaining... but for the most part this serves no purpose other than to be revived. There are no mechanics in the game that are made better by having other people in the game. There are no situations where a player can do something cool like put a boss in stasis so other players do more damage. There are no mechanics for abilities to chain off of each other or elements to allow cool shit to happen.. like soaking a boss then electrifying them as another player. There are no interactions aside from partying up to use voice and communicating with other people in your game who may be stupid as hell is almost impossible. The HP modifier, actually, for being with other people is absolutely pants on head DUMB. It doubles the HP of the boss for each player in the game and does not take into account their gear score, level, or anything else. Take in mind you can do raids 2 levels below what they need to be.. meaning that if a level 12 comes into a level 14 strike they still double the bosses HP but cannot put out the damage. You pretty much ALWAYS feel like you're just with some random people in a single player game that really has no point to even be multiplayer. It feels like crap and you are always hoping and wanting something cool to be possible.. (Like two people vehicles even?.. nope) and generally will end up just deciding to play by yourself for ease of content. There is NO bonus to XP or loot for playing with other people from what I've noticed. I still get just as many drops plowing through shit on my own and the XP I get for killing things is EXACTLY THE SAME even with the x6 HP. What the fuck, Bungie? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The game repeats itself.. a lot. Even at endgame. By this I mean that the story will constantly, CONSTANTLY re-use levels that you've been at before and never really give you anything unique (With the exception of the final mission, the Black Garden) and subject you to the same basis of "defend dinklebot while he scans" or "kill a gauntlet of enemies over and over" on every twist and turn. At the end there will always be a bossfight or group of enemies and then the mission will suddenly end. Even the FINAL BOSS OF THE GAME is a rinse and repeat fight.. to bea t the Darkness you simply kill THREE FUCKING RESKINNED MINOTAURS and your dinklebot w ill say "Yay the darkness is dead!" ending it entirely. Throughout the entire game you will CONSTANTLY get letdowns like this and fe el like it never quite reaches a climax or a point where you feel involved. The enemies will constantly be the same for the factions. You will always be fighting the same guys and ALWAYS doing the same missions. But wait, it doesn't in there! Remember how Bungie said the real game starts at level 20 and that you need to hold off until that point? IT'S COMPLETELY BULLLLLLSHIIIIIIIIT Getting to level 20 unlocks NOTHING except heroic and advanced versions of the game from level 1-19! Think you'll be fighting new bosses? NO. Think you'll be doing new missions? NO. You will be forced to go and grind these terrible bosses and levels that you have already done for an INSANE amount of time to level up or get pieces of gear. They're simply scaled to be level 20, 22, or higher based on your 'light' score which is entirely just based off of gear you get through a painstakingly crappy process. Also, the faction mechanics just SUCK ASS. I wont go into detail. It was and still is PAINFULLY OBVIOUS that they dumped most of their budget into marketing and DID NOT put any thought into the game's endgame or making it unique. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AUTOAIM/PVP This is probably my biggest fucking issue with the entire game.. something that has ruined it, personally, for me on so many levels. The game is EXTREMELY forceful on the autoaim/aimassist and it's actually TOO generous to be in the game. I don't know why they chose to add this after not having it in a majority of the Halo games (For competitive reasons) but it makes even the crappiest players into 90% accurate killing machines. This makes it so that any idiot using a sniper rifle can consistently shoot you from a distance.. people lock onto you and gun you down without any issue, and there's almost NO SKILL CEILING. Ontop of that, there's NO WAY TO TURN IT OFF. NONE. YOU CANNOT TURN IT OFF FOR YOURSELF. This is an issue, because the way this autoaim works is that it pulls your crosshair in the direction that the enemy is moving while reducing your sensitivity down to about 5% of what it actually is. Not only that, but it decides who you're going to aim at in a general location and pulls your aim towards the TORSO of players in PVP, preventing skilled headshots. For someone that plays at sensitivity 10 and is use to making split section shots and reaction kills.. it absolutely ruins it for me. My sensitivity dropping to 1% EVERY GODDAMN TIME I AIM AT AN ENEMY makes it impossible for me to line up headshots in PVP a lot of the time (With people jumping) and makes me feel like the game is trying to play itself. When I say that this is INSANELY HIGH, I'm not exaggerating. Go into the Crucible and try to pvp, you'll see that everyone aims PRETTY FUCKING PRO and that your own aim is pretty much a lockon for players. This is PATHETIC. I understand that you need to appeal to people on consoles being crap with aim but allowing it to 1. be in the PVP Section and 2. not being able to be turned off is a HUUUUUUUGE FUCKUP. I am not going to play PVP *AT ALL* until I can at least turn this off so I can outskill people who are relying on the free fucking kills. It's crap. Absolute crap. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUMMARY Bungie lied out their asses constantly during press events and gave us a game that is less than 10% of what they promised it would be. The money did not go into creative process, it do not go into designing unique mechanics.. it did not go into making the game special in any way, shape, or form. The game did not get better at level 20 like they promised it would. It did not give you a special experience with a 'captivating' storyline and 'enthralling' voice acting. There was absolutely zero immersion most of the time. I did not buy too much into the hype, but JESUS CHRIST they dropped the ball on this game. It is EXTREMELY average (And that's generous) and feels like I have to zone out to simply play it and all it is doing is taking up my time. I don't know if marketing is to blame for what happened or if Activision is at fault for the game being rushed? Who knows.. I just know that it's not what we expected.. and it definitely does not deliver on a lot of points. I'm sorry I had to go into this and make a post/rant.. I did this a lot on my stream, you're welcome to go back and watch (www.twitch.tv/angryjoeshow the archived videos) - but it's clear this game is not worth more than a 6/10 Sorry guys, I wish it would've lived up to the hype even 10%. 6/10