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Found 1 result

  1. The park The park is a pshycological horror released by Funcom, the developers behind The secret world. It's important to mention that they developed the secret world, as the park takes place in the mmorpg You can enter this game from 2 perspectives someone who plays/have played the secret world and knows alot/something about the lore or completely oblivious about anything that connect The park with the secret world (this is where im at) Story The story involves around Lorraine and her child Callum. The player takes control of Lorraine as Callum runs into the park in search of his teddy bear and you are set of in an attempt to find him. From there and onwards you slowly continue to gather information about the park and Lorraines backstory. this is done by interacting with the parks different rides and "activities". The main story follows Lorraines unstable condition as the game progresses she becomes less and less unsure of what is real and what is not. This is also displayed to the player through changes to the enviroment that slowly becomes more and more twisted. There are alot of interseting backstory in the game these are found from notes lying around. Which tells the backstory of the park, it also serves as a connection to the MMORPG. The games story is set up in 2 sections. The first being the gathering of information, which is where the players walks all around the park searching for information, thus gaining more knowlegde about Lorraine and the park. This is the weakest part of the game, as there is alot of moments where you just sit and do nothing while Lorraine gives us some backstory. The second section is the breakdown of Lorraine, this is right after we are finished collecting information and we enter the "Haunted hose" . We descend deeper and deeper into her conciousness to find out what the hell is actually going on. This is played very similar to the very popular game demo "PT", where you enter a door and walk trough a couple of rooms untill you exit the door, to find yourself in the excact same place as you started, but there are things altered. It feels like a watered down version of "PT" at this point. It is the most unverving part of the game. The problem for people that don't know the lore, is they can be left really confused, as there are some background story in the game that are left completely unexplained. Gameplay There is really none, it's a walking simulator, a bad one at that. The only interesting mechanic that the game has, is the ability to call out to callum thus highlighting any "items" that will explain the backstory of the park further. There is really nothing scary about the game, it's unerving at some points. The "scares" the game has consists of jumpscares, something morbid, and slight changes(in the PT section). The game allows you to look around the park in any order you want, although it still leads to the same ending, if you explore the park other than what the developers intended, you will recieve information that was backed up by something you havent discovered yet, leaving you a bit confused. The game will sometimes display something that is supposed to be scary and screw around with the screen. This is however useless if you don't look at the correct place, (similar to the F.E.A.R. games with scares that happends in 1 specific place) Graphics On the other hand the graphics are actually very good, there has really been done some care towards the look of the game. It sets the atmosphere really good. it looks better than the actual mmorpg Music and sound music are quite fitting for the game giving it a good atmosphere and drags the player more into the game. There werent any problems with the sound as things sound as they should. and they gave the park a more isolated "feel" to it. voice acting is fairly decent, the voice actor for Lorraine does a good job at displaying Lorraines different "states" as she encounters more and more disturbing things in the park. This will affect the "shout" ability chanching her voice and then makes her more relateable because she is affected by the actions in the game. However, it is fairly odd when she is talking about the past in a neutral manner, when a couple of seconds ago her voice were in a shocked state. The voice acting for Callum is good as his resonses will change depending on the "state" Lorraine currently in, if she is very scared, he will sound more "scary/unverving" Pros Good grapichs Good atmosphere Music/soundtrack Players of "the secret world" can get a squirrel suit(Known as Chad the Chipmunk/Chipmunk killer) Cons too short not really scary too expensive no real gameplay confusing story elements (ghost mostly) Personal opinion For 12,99 € it is not worth it, especially when it will most likely take you 1 or 2 hours to complete. There is just not enough content in the game. If you're not really invested in the mmorpg i would say that you should stay clear of this game. (quick note, although The Park might not have been the worst game, it's simply because i did not play that many games from 2015) And sorry if my english is terrible