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Found 1 result

  1. I think what makes AJ so fun is that he doesn't try to be. He just says and does things that turn fun, because he is himself. Here are some of AJ's funniest moments in my opinion: 1. Angry Joe Plays Alien: Isolation OJ is playing Alien: Isolation and AJ is unusually critical about his playstyle. The whole clip is funny because OJ is doing everything wrong according to AJ, but this part made me fall off my chair in laughter (click above): OJ turns on the radio (which can attract the alien), and AJ says: "Yeah, go ahead! Turn on the god-damned radio! ... BLAST IT! Have a good time!" 2. Terminator: Genisys Angry Review The whole review is great, but the funniest part is when they rate the different Terminator movies. Joe asks Big D (Del) what he'd rate Terminator 3 and Big D says "7 of of 10" - Joe goes into falsetto: "REALLY? THAT HIGH? Fucking hell, man..." 3. AJ can't kill Olgoth in Shadow of Mordor This whole series is up on AngryJoe Livestreams on Youtube, but this last video in the playthrough is from AngryJoeShow on Youtube. Listen to what Joe screams when Olgoth calls him stupid: "SHUT UP! SHUT YOUR MOUTH!" Do you guys remember any extra funny AJ moments? Please share