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Found 43 results

  1. Hello all, Name is Quinn i like to play games and live around the rockies in colorado. More of a PC guy, but I have a PS4 and Xbox one. Love RPG games, some FPS, Strategy games, Open world games, RTS etc. I can play anything as long as its fun and a decent story. I also play tabletop, dnd and other rpg, Magic the gathering. I prefer Commander but play standard alot on MTGA. Recently i been getting into WH40K Kill Team, Made a Harlequin army. I have my stats and abilities and waiting for my team to arrive. I have two Cats. Looking forward to meeting you all
  2. Hey guys Bytron08 here, ive been a follower of angryjoe show for quite some time, I LOVE his videos!!! Right now im playing valorant and hearthstone. I do play guitar and even tried out for idol in 2012 and made it through a couple auditions!!! I actually just wrote my first song a month ago!!! Here it is lemme know what yall think of it!!!
  3. i want joe and joe army to see this this is just like fallout 76 bans
  4. GuttagamerPro.jpg

  5. Hello! My name is InsaneFlutters and Ive been watching Angry Joe for a while now and decided to join his Army! (Little about myself) Im a YouTuber who does gaming Let's Play's and Music! Now, I wont say Im the best at making this music, but Im good at it. I am a Brony based channel, but i welcome everyone who wants to join. Back in the day I use to be a competitive shooter. I wrote articles for "Junior shooters magazine" and was also sponsored by them. I hope to meet nice people who have the same interests!
  6. Hello all! I'm very excited to finally join the AJS Army. Like many, I found TAJS while surfing YouTube. I found his review of HALO 5. The night before I had just beaten the game and I was LIVID. I was apauled what had become of the HALO Franchise. After watching AJ's video review I felt like I had found a new best friend. His thoughts and anger matched my own. He was a beacon of hope especially after most major gaming sites reviewed HALO 5 with flying colors. Thanks AJ for being that shinning light in a dark time of gaming for me and I am sure many others as well. I'm glad to be here and I look forward to getting to know this great community! *Salute*
  7. youtuber

    Hey everyone! I did have another account but I cant remember my login, ive followed angryjoe for years, but unfortunately due to financial circumstances, and the fact I hate pay pal due to issues ive never donated. But I have always watched his videos, sat through all ads so Joe earns his pennies! haha. But anyway, My Name is Andy, i have recently launched my own Youtube review channel and content channel. Doing lets plays, reviews, vlogs etc. Im looking to find new friends and find follower gamers to play with on loads of games i have now. I recently bought a gaming pc a quite good one and ive always wanted to do my own channel. Its thanks to watching angry joe and his friends that i decided to pursue a dream of mine and one day become an awesome youtuber like angryjoeshow. I am 33, i live in england. I work full time and i have 5 kids, so i try and fit it all in when i can. I am an avid gamer and i love all things gaming. I watch youtube alot, just started watching twich, ill I will stream on twitch once i figure out how too, and also once there are people that might be interested in doing so. Ill also be happy to stream for the AJSA if i ever achieve a high rank here or get heavily involed in the community here. ( I do plan too) Im not looking to fan pinch or anything like that, i want to support the channel and i want to maybe one day do some collabs with experienced youtubers and the AJSA army, so what better way to do that, than to make a start here Feel free to check out my channel if you want here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC25WT5EHkBisGX3rkpRlXg I am not fishing for subs or anything like that, theres not a lot of content at the moment, i am working on some stuff, but im hoping to do some funny mutliplayer videos once i have made some friends here What games do i play? : Quite a lot! haha At the moment im playing, Divison, GTA V, Diablo 3, supreme commander 2, dying light, path of exile shadow warrior and orcs must die unchained. I have over 100 game on my steam account so im sure ill have something i can play with everyone. My favourte games are RPG/MMO type of games too. I also play, Guild wars 2, blade and soul, devilian atm. Used to play WoW/Defience/rift. Games i want to get soon: Dark Souls 3/Overwatch/Quatum Break I also have an xbox one, and wii u. Gaming tags: Steam: Freereapergaming Uplay: Andyuk101 Origin: Freereaper82 Xbox one: Freereaper82 Wii U: Freereaper *Feel free to add me, ill accept and i hope i can play with as many of you awesome guys as i can !* But i look forward to seeing you in his twitches (when i can be online when he is lol) and on youtube here, and on steam and other social sites and gaming UI - i will also go on discord to chat with you all sometimes Peace all. See you in the games!
  8. Hello, I am new to the site. My name is Arkeeny Shadowdusk, you can call me Ark or Arkeeny. (Not my real name but I am not telling the entire internet my real name.) I recently started Streaming games and uploading gaming videos to my new gaming channel on youtube. I been an advent gamer since I was in my mother's womb. In fact she had to get a nintendo controller glued to her stomach because I was gaming even before I was born! Oh, Nintendo... I miss the old final fantasy, ultima, dragon warrior (dragon quest), skate or die, faxanadu, and many more games. And don't get me started on super nintendo and sega! *CoughphantasystarCough* I play games like MechWarrior Online, World of Tanks, Armored Warfare, Games on Battle.net, Steam, and offline games as well. But who doesn't? On a serious note, I am really a new streamer and youtube gamer. I been doing this for over two weeks now and no luck finding viewers let alone followers. My twitch account is fairly new however, so I didn't expect to get noticed right away. And I am trying to be as entertaining as possible despite the living conditions I have (I have to keep my voice down most of the time.) Also my room mate is one of those wannabe gangstas who play gangsta rap all day so loud even God has to wear earplugs. So sometimes I can't Stream when I want to, and if I do it has to be with my microphone turned off or on Push to Talk. I hope to make some friends and get some help and advice from other streamers and players like you guys. Catch me on my twitter account @@TrueBlueArkeeny and Twitch.tv/Arkeeny. I don't have much activity yet but I am hopeful. =D Help me Get Started!
  9. Greetings everyone, my name is Kenny and I'm new to the AJSA community. I've been gaming since I was seven and haven't stopped since. I play all types of games, but Halo is my favorite series of all time. The multiplayer and campaign is the best first-person shooter experience ever in my opinion. I also stream on Twitch whenever I can, which has been fun. I'm really excited to be a part of this community and look forward to being a part of it.
  10. http://virtuafighter.com/threads/sega-exits-console-video-game-market.19888/ How do I feel about this? As someone who grew up playing SEGA games when I was younger, it's heartbreaking but at the same time I had no idea that this would happen. Since 2001, SEGA became a software company providing games for many consoles through the 6th to 8th gen of consoles. Some were good while others were so-so. But after the failure of Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (despite the success of Alien: Isolation), it was inevitable that this decision had to be made. To be honest, SEGA got what's coming because they hardly promote their games other than Sonic games and you guys know that some of their Sonic games now aren't that good. They don't promote their other games and how can a game sell well if a company like SEGA doesn't promote it. That is dumb in my humble opinion. Really dumb. Now they're focusing their efforts on PC and mobile games. And speaking of Sonic, I hear from a source that Sonic will still come to consoles: http://www.4gamer.net/games/286/G028690/20150219001/ (in japanese, needs translation) But even I ain't sure. Only time will tell so hope to hear your thoughts.
  11. hey all! finally managed to get this thing set up, followed joe for a while and am looking forward to playing with you all! Anyone ever wants a match of XCOM, let me know and i'll be there!
  12. As the title says got some gamer stuff you want to show off? Perhaps got your hands on something neat? Well go ahead and show it off! To kick this off I'll show some of my gamer Stuff thou not all, And here is My Bandi D-art Megaman X figures, all way been a HUGE MMX fan and it's normally fairly hard to find any Stuff that just MMX normally being Megaman Classic. ((Black Zero Figure on Order >..>))
  13. Hey guys I'm a new to AJSA...Looks like a good community for gamers so I thought I would join...I own all next gen consoles and portables (no PC ...) and would love to play games together. I do play blade and mount though I also write for a gaming website Restart Replay if you want to check it out. PSN: Gotsupermilk XBL: Gotsupermilk Steam: Gotsupermilk
  14. Finally got off my ass.... well not really still on it, but I did move the mouse a little bit to get here! I usually lurk, don't even post much on youtube, but here I am. I hope to become a more active in coming months as I secure a better internet connection. Edit: Oh a bit about myself. Portuguese born, multilingual (not very good though) Am about to turn 30, live in New Jersey, and I like various comedy. I sometimes do impressions. In the remote chance one of you recognises my old youtube account. Sorry, haven't posted updates in ages.
  15. Hi everyone! I'm Lluís, from Barcelona (Spain) and i just joined today. I love gaming, though i don't own as many platforms as i'd like, but currently you will find me playing on PC, PS3 and DS3. I love videogames in general and i never hesitate to try anything new, so suggestions are always welcome! Right now I'm playing Catherine on the ps3, OSU! on pc, and Pokemon Y on the 3ds, but that's just what I'm playing now, as I start a new game as soon as I finish the one I was playing. Other interests i have are History (in fact, I am studying to become a History teacher!) and Anime/ Manga (for instance, now I'm watching Future diary, Black Lagoon and Watamote). So, just to break the ice a little bit, i will offer you a quick list of 10 games which mean a lot to me (or simply are damn good and i think anyone should play them, also, it's a very personal thing, so maybe I left things simply because i haven't played them yet) so if you wish to, you reply with your top10 list 1. Ever 17: The out of infinity 2. Catherine 3. The Metal Gear saga 5. S.T.A.L.K.E.R : Shadows of chernobyl 6. The Mass effect saga 7. The bioshock saga 8. Deus ex: Human revolution (I know i'ts nearly a crime, but I still have to play the original Deus ex) 9. Rise of Nations 10. World in Conflict *Sagas just take 1 place because if i didn't put them like this, Mass effect and Metal gear alone would take over the list XD Well so i just wanted to introduce myself and get to know anyone who shares interests with me or just anyone who wants to talk,Cya on the forums! ^^ P.D. Excuse me for the awkward english, i guess i still need some practise ><
  16. Hey hello people of AJSA, I have joined your site, you might have heard of a guy named named WizWar100 back in 2006. Well if not here's an introduction. I'm a video gamer and I'm also a reviewer that rose with the 'angry reviewers' back in 2006 such as Angry Nintendo Nerd(now AVGN), Armake21, and Playitbogart. I also "Inspired" other reviewers such as the SpoonyOne. 'Yes bow before me foolish mortals! Mhahahahaha' Ok so what video do I do you ask? Well I review the games and entertainment that I have an attachement or interest in such as retro old games that were good or bad, or new things that I feel I would like to talk and show people about, I will leave you with my channel trailer. Of course I have done other types of (well-known)videos such as this: http://youtu.be/7WbE2wgWoTQ I know Angry Joe watched this and enjoyed it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Inw6Jv4wCJw I hope you guys can be supportive and help a fellow gamer/reviewer out being that the ASJA is from what I've heard is a really good community, by watching my content especially on my site and join please if you can and help make LWC big. Thanks AJSA, Site: LazyWorkcreations.webs.com Group site: RiverCityGamers.wordpress.com Twitter: WizWar100 Facebook: LazyWorkCreations
  17. Hey guys, I am Vamp165. I am a huge gamer and follower of Joe for a long time. Just getting into the Angry Army though. I really want to get involved in a great gaming community and this seemed like the best choice. Joe is an awesome dude, and I know playing directly with him will be rare if it will ever happen, but not a huge deal that is understandable. Just want to have a group of great people to play and discuss games with. I just upgraded the crap out of my PC, and looking forward to playing multiplayer games with you guys. I am a huge League of Legends player. I play it all the time. Have a lot of other games as well. Anyways looking forward to playing with you guys. Drop me a message or a request if you guys want to play. Thanks
  18. Hey guys, I have a youtube channel but nobody ever seems to want to visit it, give me any support or even look at my videos..I only have 3 right now and I can easily make more but..I just don't have the motivation. 1 hour render, 2 hr + upload..for 10 views? That's just not worth it. So i was hoping if I could get some support from the army, I could do more, maybe get my own fan base, etc, and of course thank Joe for this site and the chance to advertise my channel. Eventually I would do my own reviews. I don't have any type of camera yet, but once I eventually get one I will probably do vlogs, reviews, gameplay with reactions, you know the deal. Anyway..here it is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHteJJM57mAlLQJ2kpP5Hww
  19. Just started a new series.... MC because it's so creative and orginal and it has never been done before, but with a twist we are creating our own relgion from sticks and stones. It's going to be good. http://bit.ly/I7uQCG
  20. Well, you know you have the heart of a gamer when you have a tourney scheduled to take place, or you're just fooling around with pals in a game, and your PC suddenly shuts down without notice. After an hour of cooling down it repeats its shenanigan, but this time blue screens each and every time on start up. Every. Time. So, knowing that you're intended to be the support character on your team and need to be there- what do you do? Well of course you get out that old computer you haven't used in years, gutted it for parts way back when, but now stick it back together! Currently in the process of redownloading that game onto said comp in hopes that it's enough to survive the tournament, I'll be sad if it isn't. So now I present you with this; what lengths have you gone to just to make sure that your ability to game remains the same when everything seems to fall apart?
  21. Hello Everyone, Glad to finally be a member of the Angry Army. I play a ton of PS3 games, got 64 total. my PSN username is Arubetu and im on The Last of Us usually every night between 12:00 to 05:00 am EST so come join me for some fun games or fight me and BEWARE lol. I am a crazy Shiv guy lol.
  22. Hello! My name is Asger i come from Egersund Norway. 15 years old. I play really any game. Ranging from FPS to RPG'S. I like both single and multiplayer driven games. The games i am currently playing alot is Call of Duty and Batman Arkham Orgins. Can't wait for steam christmas sale! My IGN: FPSNORWAYS
  23. I am OmegaSoldier382. You can just call me Omega for short. Think of it like this: Omega is the last letter of the Greek alphabet. Just like Omega is the last letter, I regard myself as last behind everyone else! I am better than no one, and I serve everyone! I'm a long time gamer and geek. I'm a fan of many different types of games and I am glad to be a part of this community. My favorite kinds of games are sandbox, rpgs, shooters, and hack n' slash! I love Devil May Cry, God of War, Kingdom Hearts (let's go KH3!), Assassin's Creed, and much more! I'm also a big musician. I love all different kinds of music. So, If you know about any artists that aren't very well known, or great songs by popular artists that nobody pays attention to(which are many ), then feel free to let me know and I'll see if I like them! That includes older songs too! I'm a big fan of anime also. I love Naruto, DBZ, Fairy Tail, and Death Note! I've recently gotten into One Piece, if you know any good episodes or story arcs, let me know! I'm very excited to see what this community achieves! If we stand together, we'll be destined for greatness! Long live the Angry Army!
  24. Hello there gamers of the angry joe community my name is Johan, but just call me johalk Looking forward to whats to come Im soon gonna go mainly PC gamer since im getting a new machine within a month or two, but until then im a Playstaion gamer Saw the video about the site on Angry joes channel and thought i might as well get recruited soon, so i did Cant wait too see whats too come (ps im still learning English grammar so any mistakes are on my part )
  25. Well hello all, my name is Aaron but for the sake of screen names, it's xSQUALLx. 25 years old from Melbourne, Australia. Have roughly 20 years gaming experience Work full time for an ISP, hate 10yr olds on COD and love Dr Pepper. Quite clearly a big fan of the Final Fantasy franchise, mostly 8, 7 and 9. Been a little turned off some of the past few, but 15 really looks like the light at the end of a almost 11 year tunnel for me haha Other games series I'm really fond of are the Kingdom Hearts games and the Legend of Zelda series. Ocarina of Time, still craps all over almost every game these days. I'm a Sony fan boy and proud of it, however I do have an xbox for certain exclusives. Also have a Wii, specifically for Zelda games. 3DS XL and PS Vita. Have been looking at investing into building a gaming PC. But I have to much other shit going on atm to get around to it. Really looking forward to getting my PS4 on November 29th (Australian release date). What I'm currently playing a lot of: Call of Duty Ghosts Assassins Creed 4 Grand Theft Auto V NBA 2K14 Battlefield 4 Will be looking at going hard at Killzone on PS4