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Found 8 results

  1. Angry Army - Xbox One Division Gamertag List Welcome to the new and improved AJSA Xbox One Gamertag list! Here in this thread, if you are OK with sharing your Gamertag and being added by other members of the community, reply to this post with the following information: Gamertag Games You Like To Play Time Zone If you just have an Xbox 360 (but are looking to get an Xbox One) or play on Xbox One via Windows 10, don't hesitate to add your Gamertag to this list. Please out of courtesy when adding someone from the list simply send the recipient a message introducing yourself and saying you're from the AJSA so folks know who you are. Thank you! This will be an easy and effective way for you to meet new friends in the Xbox community. Adding your Gamertag to this list is a good first step to get yourself involved in the community. We offer Weekly Events across a variety of video games and other activities that will keep you engaged and gaming with your fellow comrades in the Angry Army. We additionally have an AJSA Xbox One Club that serves as a key activity hub for Xbox One Division members. Any questions? Please contact me on the forums at @RuneX. All Gamertags will be updated to the original post to this thread to generate one, easy to view list. AJSA Xbox One Gamertag List AJSAValkyric StraightUpMelon Outrightnest Foxhart Deezyfesheezy MasterfulJoe101 DEUS V0LT TImurPanzer Astro0915 Cordwangle AJSAWookieJedi Awakeningrager1 YORKSHIRE1993 Chaz Pounder Frostedcheeto21 hikenude11 DMRG D3M0NL0RD Skippy McDuck CautiousPyro MrTeaNCrumpets acairta FluffABun AScapeRunePlaya Shad0w St1ckman ND pio 24 Free Loader86 CapnCSparrow AxisEntombed06 GunDaM AnGeL 13 dmann5001 AJSADylmah93 Finniar1367 Motambo8 SICKSHOCK6 Shows87 xSlippinJoeyx tmccrory O0PP34 AlphaDelta1994 PedroInMexico
  2. I have a very quick question. If I were to close my Microsoft account for Xbox One, would my gamertag also be deleted? Would it become available for others to use? I accidentally made a second account with the Gamertag name I wanted, (Its a long story) and I am hoping I can close that second account and use the name for my primary one.
  3. Recently changed my xbox live gamertag: Forum Handle midnight marauder Old Gamertag jayacmilan420 New/Current Gamertag TWP Pharcyde
  4. First off I would like to say thank you for letting me be a part of your massive online community, even though I guess no one really approved it or not. I have been following Angry Joe's Youtube channel for several months, most of the time playing it in the background as I work on the computer and I am happy to say that I love his honest and analytical approach perfectly blended with a satirical undertone. I am not a fan of twitch shooters anymore nor have I had very much experience with any kind of online multiplayer games other than Call of Duty or Battlefield. Those two series have plummeted to a very dark place since I began playing many years ago. I have been a complete Final Fantasy fanboy for the better part of 18 years ever since I first put in Final Fantasy 7 in 1997. I have played every title that has been released since and makes my new found transition to Xbox all the more strange for most to understand. I actually have had both consoles from each generation but ultimately I decided on the Xbox One. I have a limited number of titles at my fingertips at the moment but plan on expanding my library in the coming months. I have enjoyed the gun-porn of Borderlands along with they nostalgia of Dragonball Xenoverse. Of course I have completed Final Fantasy Type-0 and am in the process of finishing Batman Arkham Knight. I am a completionist in the full sense of the meaning and will not play some games due to the "impossible challenges" that some pose. Impossible is a stretch for sure but I hate the idea of grinding continuously for achievements that make me dislike the title such as "Seriously" from Gears of War. I actually am disappointed because the title I was most excited about playing has one of the such achievements called "Emperor." This approach may be disgraceful in some players eyes but I am always going to be consciousness of which titles I begin because I intend to finish them in their entirety before retiring them to the Cabinet of Classics. Feel free to add me on Xbox Live or here in the forums and I do look forward to exploring what the Angry Joe Army is all about and what it offers to gamers that follow a different path.
  5. Does anyone know how you can change the email-adress that is associated with your gamertag for when you first created your account for xbox live?. here's what I mean more clearly: I created my first xbox live account for the xbox 360 back in 2008 with my family's shared outlook/hotmail e-mail address for when I lived there. Now I want to change the e-mail adress that I created for my gamertag back in 2008 to (my own) recently created hotmail/outlook account and log in with that account to the xbox.com website/ one-drive/ my xbox one with the gamertag that I have now(awakeningrager1), displayed on the website/xbox one with my real name without losing all earned achievements/friends/gamer score that I have earned from my 360/ xbox one. Any ideas would be helpful. Hint: I have a gmail account that I created and in my family's shared outlook/hotmail account, I set my gmail account as the primary account/alias from our family's hotmail account and that is the account displayed on my xbox one in the signing/security/passkey section below the about me section. My gold subscription ends february 18th, will that be gone for example if I remove my gmail account that exists on my xbox one, and if I remove that account and my subscription still remains, and I then use my newly created outlook/hotmail account on my xbox one what will happen to my gamerscore/achievements/friends then too?
  6. Since the new Dragon Age game has multiplayer, it'd be a way for the AJSA to find each other for games.
  7. If you wanna play some Call of Duty:Ghosts send me your gamertag and i'll add you. Thanks!
  8. Hey guys Im look for some advice and I am hope someone from the AJSA can help me, I would like to change my existing gamer tag for my xbox live account to another one. Is there any way to do this without creating a new account? Thanks