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Found 2 results

  1. The making of Final Fantasy 12, critiques and comparisons of the 3D Mario games, Battlefront 2 hero leak and beta, Game Score Fanfare on the story in the score of Journey, hbomberguy looks at cases of Youtube plagiarism and at how his own Bloodoborne video was ripped off, Icewind Dale 2 source code missing, best runs from SGDQ, why everyone still loves Sega, Total War Saga, Warframe gets an open world area, why a gamer was duct-taped to a ceiling, Writing on Games on how The New Order is about more than just killing Nazis, oral history of NBA Jam, Doomfist added to Overwatch, Extra Credits on getting started as a freelance game journalist, Joseph Anderson finds the villain of Edith Finch, Steam UI overhaul, BAFTA Young Game Designers and Games For Change awards, and more. Gaming News (Announcements, previews, release dates, interviews and writing on upcoming games, DLC, game updates, company and developer news, country news, mods) Steam UI overhaul incoming, Valve presentation confirms More than 40,000 Steam users were banned the day after the Summer Sale Total War Saga is a spin-off series that will 'follow-on from previous games' Sea of Thieves teases its terrifying and mesmerizing storm system Destiny 2 will have locked loadouts and public event timers Destiny 2: Tour of the New Social Space "The Farm" - IGN First Destiny 2: A Tour of the New Crucible Map Endless Vale - IGN First Destiny 2: A Tour of the New Control and Its Changes - IGN First 5 Minutes of Destiny 2 Sentinel Titan Gameplay on Endless Vale - IGN First 4 Minutes of Destiny 2 Void Warlock Gameplay on Endless Vale - IGN First Destiny 2: Creating the Story of a Lightless World - IGN First Star Citizen shows off procedural planets with unique weather and atmospheres Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy Official Trailer Kentucky Route Zero continues string of weird videos, promises 'busy summer yet' Star Wars Battlefront 2 leak hints at hero roster Star Wars Battlefront 2 multiplayer beta is coming in October Agents of Mayhem - Magnum Sized Action XCOM 2 Expansion - Inside Look: The Skirmisher XCOM 2: War of the Chosen - Inside Look: The Warlock How Assassin's Creed Origins Is Recreating Egypt's Greatest Wonders Ubisoft’s Quest To Make Assassin’s Creed Origins’ World Their Most Dynamic Difficulties with the CryEngine may kill TimeSplitters Rewind Hell Let Loose reveal trailer promises 100-player WW2 battles David Cage's Message Is That David Cage Is a Bad Writer Sonic Forces recruits Hoobastank for its perfectly on-brand theme song Super Mario Odyssey ditches the ‘game over’ screen completely Touring Super Mario Odyssey's New Donk City You Can Import Your Old Shadow of Mordor Nemesis Into The Sequel I can bring back the one guy who killed me while I was glitched into a wall. Middle-earth: Shadow Of War Voice Cast And SDCC Panel Announced 23 Minutes of Monster Hunter World Single-Player Gameplay Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux second trailer Watch a Phoenix rain fire on warrior lizards in new Total War: Warhammer II gameplay Mineko's Night Market is a gorgeous adventure inspired by Japanese folklore Splatoon 2 is getting a multiplayer demo on July 15 Splatoon 2 Looks Noticeably Richer In Head-To-Head Comparison With The First Game Splatoon's Creepy Boss Sounds Are Back In The Sequel Blue Reflection looks a bit Sailor Moon and a lot Persona Redeemer, the top-down brawler about a murderer-turned-monk, will be out in August Fallen Legion moved up to July 18 in the Americas Here’s when we’ll get to break out of The Escapists 2 Warframe is getting an open world, MMO-like area, here's everything you need to know Get a flavour of Fortnite with this cinematic short Vampire ’em up Dead of Night looks specdracula City of Brass is a BioShock-inspired Arabian Nights-meets-Indiana Jones rogue-lite The Bard's Tale 4 first look: Reinventing the dungeon crawler Nobody Can Find The Source Code For Icewind Dale II Shakedown: Hawaii full reveal trailer, PS4 and PS Vita physical editions announced An Open World Game About Building The Best Workshop Wild West Online showcases bounties, saloons, forested base-camps Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth ‘New Features’ trailer Growbot gets a new trailer, looks as charming as ever Barbaric First-Look Gameplay: Its Like Diablo + a Roguelike Tikipod’s twin-stick shooter Iron Crypticle out next week Watch 23 minutes of West of Loathing in 37 seconds Fire Emblem Warriors trailer adds magic and axes to the fray Studio Wildcard doubles Ark price “to ensure retail parity” Dean Hall criticizes Ark's price increase as "****ing OUTRAGEOUS" Project Cars 2 reveals all 180 of its fully-licensed vehicles Project Cars 2 reveals all 60 'live' tracks and 139 layouts PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds 'guaranteed' to leave Early Access by October PUBG announces weekly Facebook livestream series to 'bring fan base closer to development team' Doomfist, the legendary Overwatch bad guy, is now live on the PTR Overwatch update reduces loot crate duplicates, adds improved Highlight features Jeff Kaplan says Overwatch is balanced, and he likes the "dive meta" just fine Doomfist's rocket punch is the target of one of Overwatch's quickest nerfs Blizzard may have just leaked the location of World of Warcraft's next expansion Hearthstone's Next Expansion Is All About The Lich King Hearthstone update suggests 'Appear Offline' mode is finally on its way Mass Effect: Andromeda teases Batarians and a new 'Platinum' Apex mission difficulty Mass Effect Andromeda’s latest patch sheds DRM Crypt of the NecroDancer's prequel DLC is coming out of Early Access on July 12 Conan Exiles update adds climbing mechanics The Elder Scrolls Online’s Horns of the Reach DLC is out next month Hitman outlines monthly roadmap, appears to hint at continued episodic release format Mafia III's DLC Wraps Up With A Cult-Fueled Adventure Horizon Zero Dawn adds New Game Plus mode and ‘Ultra Hard’ difficulty Rainbow Six Siege's loot boxes start rolling out today Sony’s shutting down The Tomorrow Children How THQ Nordic will build a successful brand out of a failed one Paradox offers free games to compensate for bungled price increase Firewatch fan ordered a fake novel from an in-game prop, so the studio made him one Ubisoft's Jason VandenBerghe joins ArenaNet Fallout 4 under fire for ‘repugnant’ ads as ‘The Wanderer’ singer files suit Psyonix: "We see Rocket League as a platform, not as a franchise" Duelyst developer partners with Bandai Namco Nintendo dismisses idea of entering resurgent PC market You can now play God of War III and Killzone Shadow Fall on PC Riot Games sues mobile game developer for producing alleged League of Legends knockoffs Sega embraces "grassroots" games-as-a-service Crecente out! A Bunch of Dicks Ruined This Wonderfully Creepy Indie Game Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD is being removed from Steam Summer Games Done Quick 2017 is over, having raised over $1.7 million for charity One Titanfall 2 developer shared secrets of how enemies spawn to help out speedrunners The Best Speedruns From SGDQ 2017 Games Done Quick Is a Modern Day Olympics The BAFTA Young Game Designers Awards 2017 14th Annual Games for Change Award Finalists Announced You can get a two thousand dollar scholarship just by writing about Minecraft ‘Mario Maker’ Player Has Spent 1,500 Hours Trying to Beat His Own Level Mega Maker is a neat looking, unofficial Mega Man level editor A mod that promises to be the "definitive Deus Ex experience" just released its final version Top Fallout 4 and Skyrim modders weigh in on Bethesda's Creation Club This Japanese XCOM-like mecha strategy game has been translated to English after 23 years Esports News The Weekend In Esports: ESL One Cologne, Dota 2, And ARMS Plan your next weekend now, as the Evo 2017 schedule is out Angela Merkel’s Party Offers Support for Esports Matcherino Raises $1.5 Million Investment for Tournament Crowdfunding Platform For Honor Gains ‘Hero Series’ Esports Tournament Following Ubisoft and ESL Partnership University of California Irvine will soon offer Overwatch scholarships ESPN reports Blizzard has six Overwatch League teams lined up The Coolest Techniques From Arms' First Major Tournament An Australian Quake Player with 200+ ping beat out the competition to qualify for US tournament Top Pro Dominates Tournament With Street Fighter V’s Newest Character Crowdfunding News (not sharing everything I find, just ones that look interesting, have known talent behind them, and a chance to succeed) FANTASY STRIKE ARCANA HEART 3 LOVE MAX SIX STARS!!!!!! | 2D fighting game Dress to kill Content I found interesting this week (interviews, think pieces, history, music, culture, design, art, documentaries, criticism, etc) The making of Final Fantasy 12 Final Fantasy XII Is Way Better Than I Remembered Final Fantasy XII’s New Fast-Forward Feature Is A Godsend NBA Jam Oral History Blue Sky Thinking: Why Everybody Still Loves Sega Why former Sega president Bernie Stolar is still proud of the Dreamcast 10 Years Ago, I Almost Got Someone Fired While Reporting a Story Why PUBG’s rickety deathtraps are among the best vehicles in gaming Five Years Later, 'Spec Ops: The Line' Still Hates Military Bullshit Ghosts of Neoliberalism | The Signal From Tölva Why people are still making NES games Austin Wintory on composing Absolver, a game about 'friendship through fighting' Composer and director of Rakuen on crafting an evocative soundtrack My 5-year-old has learned more from playing video games than from watching ‘Sesame Street’ Despite a Cold Shoulder at E3, Sony Isn't Turning Its Back on Indies Designing each of the 50 weapons in Dead Cells to feel distinctive Opinion: A requiem for Mass Effect: Andromeda Discover the Creators: Yoko Taro’s Favorite PS4 Games The history and future of Fire Pro Wrestling, as told by Tomoyuki Matsumoto How A Designer Accidentally Opened Every Door In The Witcher 3 Naughty Dog What developers are saying about the design of Nintendo's Arms Japanese game translations honored in new book Spinning beats with Yuzo Koshiro Convince This Giant Eyeball Of Your Own Self-Worth A New Game That Captures The Cringe Of Middle School Romance Nina Freeman’s Games Really Get Millennial Romance Killer Goat Man Chases You In This Puzzle Based Visual Novel Here's Three Stories About YouTube Plagiarism 3D Mario Games: Critique and Comparison Journey: The Story in the Score | Game Score Fanfare Superposition: The Genre of Life is Strange The Villain of Edith Finch Wolfenstein: The New Order Is About More Than Defeating the Nazis 4 Good Game Design INNOVATIONS of 2017 Miyamoto REALLY Likes Pikmin | Mini Mortem [SSFF] Level up Screens: Design by Division How To Write A Song From The Mega Man 2 Soundtrack Getting Started as a Game Journalist - Practice, Prepare, and Pitch - Extra Credits One Million Subs - Thank YOU for Supporting Extra Credits! The 2017 Failure Workshop The Sound of No Man's Sky Crush the Norm: Diversity Rules (At King) A Study of Creature Animation in Film and Games You Look Smashing: The Procedural Art Direction of We Happy Few Things I found entertaining throughout the week relating to video games, game communities, or game companies 15 Years Later, Here's Why A Gamer Was Duct-Taped To A Ceiling Devs Conspire With Twitch Viewers To Troll Clustertruck Speedrun Platinum's Hideki Kamiya Just "Confirmed" Okami 2, Viewtiful Joe 3 Ubisoft Removes Fourth Of July Fireworks From Watch Dogs 2 After 'Noise Complaints' 50 Battlegrounds Players Band Together To Test The Game's Limits Watch a 'SUPERHOT VR' Speedrunner Demolish the Game In 8 Minutes Things I Missed From Previous Weeks Metro Exodus and the developer that won’t stop fighting Kotaro Uchikoshi VS Kazutaka Kodaka: Adventure Game Courtroom Battle
  2. This week in the news; Destructoid disbands UK team, Microsfot and Sony lose lawsuits, continuing story on G2A and TinyBuild, Twitch testing a new source of revenue for streamers, 13th annual Games for Change festival, PS4 and Vita version of 2064: Read Only Memories gets an impressive voice cast, N64 turned 20, Marvel's cancelled Daredevil game, how the history of Japan's post-war peace movements can help us understand Hideo Kojima's work, Hironobu Sakaguchi planning a new company, Jennifer Hepler creating games to foster behavioral change to help patients and students after leaving Bioware, fake screenshots, CRPGs that brought something new to the genre (free 350 page preview book about CRPGs also at the link), Overwatch's Torbjorn is being nerfed (for consoles), and more. New Twitch 'Cheers' offer potential source of revenue for streaming devs Sony agrees to pay millions to gamers to settle PS3 Linux debacle Woman Sues Microsoft Over Unwanted Windows 10 Upgrade, Wins $10,000 Xbox One Slim Preorders Off to "Amazing Start," Microsoft Says Why Nintendo Isn't Talking About NX Yet, According to Miyamoto Oculus removes "platform integrity check" DRM Epic's Sweeney and Microsoft still discussing monopoly concerns, 'no conclusion in sight' The UK's two biggest video game magazine companies are now one Destructoid disbands UK team Watch Dogs 2: "There are no towers" That news gives me a more positive outlook on the game. Rez Infinite has a release date CIVILIZATION VI - E3 2016 Walkthrough Whore of the Orient unlikely to come out Dad Quest is the dad-based action game you've been waiting for AN ENORMOUS AND BEAUTIFUL INDIAN TRANSMEDIA PROJECT COMES TO VIDEOGAMES Telltale's Batman Game Plans to Wrap Up Season 1 This Year Sony's twin-stick shooter MOBA, Kill Strain, coming to PS4 in July Japan's top league sheds Pro Evolution Soccer exclusive to appear in FIFA 17 FIFA Ultimate Team may have been bugged since 09 EA Sports acknowledges problems degrading FIFA Ultimate Team's most valuable players Star Trek VR - Angry Interview E3 2016 Heard some new information I didn't see from other previews about how missions work, single player story, and possibility of other bridge layouts. Enjoy nine minutes of System Shock gameplay Resident Evil 7 won't have 'quick time events' New Ninja Gaiden Project on the Way, Here's When More Details Will Be Announced 2064: Read Only Memories Coming to PS4, PS Vita on August 16 2064: Read Only Memories Gameplay Trailer & Cast Announcement That's a very impressive list for an indie game in this style. Sounds like the voiced update will be free to people that own or buy the game on the PC. How Keji Inafune and Armature Studios hit upon the vision for Recore Australia denies rating to MeiQ: Labyrinth of Death for not meeting 'standards of morality' Batman: Return to Arkham Doesn't Have a Release Date Anymore Stunning New Final Fantasy 15 Screenshots Show Delicious Food, Fantastical Beasts, Cool Weapons THE HORROR OF LIVING UNDER MARTIAL LAW IN 1960S TAIWAN, NOW COMING TO VIDEOGAMES Here's The First Berserk Musou Trailer Star Ocean V's Camera Is So Bad, I Can't Play It Without Getting Sick I can see what he means with the camera moving up and down by itself for no real reason. If you don't think the camera will bother you then a better reason to not play the game seems to be the negative reviews from websites and importers. Weird that so many series that were getting it right in the 90s or early 2000s seem to have embraced so many of the worst cliches that anime and sometimes western roleplaying games have to offer. Battlefield 4 to get new, more multiplayer-friendly UI Gwent has a cool idea to combat card pack RNG Shovel Knight dev asks, 'What game should we make next?' I'd take the sequel, co-op game, or Mario style RPG with the Kart, Zelda, and Final Fantasy/Dragon Quest type being my least wanted. Pac-Man: Championship Edition 2 outed by Korean ratings board About time The Last Guardian's Designer Explains How He Stayed Motivated For Nine Years Vampyr focuses on the type of bloodsuckers we know best: the scary ones Escape From Tarkov offers 15 minutes of atmospheric alpha footage The Makers of Zelda On Why Their Games Are Usually Late Zelda Multiplayer Could Be Next After Breath of the Wild NIGHT IN THE WOODS IS LOOKING LIKE A GLORIOUS INTERACTIVE CARTOON Been looking forward to this since playing their "name your price" title Lost Constellation. NHL 17 Beta, First Gameplay, and Cover Star Revealed You can't finish The Surge without taking the time to explore Overwatch summer update: everything Blizzard are planning for the next few months A thread about this was created here. Blizzard will eventually remove sudden death from Overwatch's competitive mode Overwatch's Torbjorn Is Being Nerfed, Here's How and When Report: Overwatch overtakes League of Legends as Korean net cafes' most popular game 'Destiny' cuts off support for PS3 and Xbox 360 in August Europa Universalis IV DLC "Fredman's Epistles" is free until July 4 Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 gets dragons and robots in "Descent" DLC Specter Knight to star in Shovel Knight's third (free) campaign See Uncharted 4's First DLC in Action Right Here Uncharted 4 Single-Player DLC News Not Coming Soon Dead By Daylight sells over 270,000 in first week The Nintendo 64 Turns 20 Years Old Today Hironobu Sakaguchi Planning A New Development Company, Considering The Name “Dawnwalker” Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Team Talks Atlus' Localization, Regional Changes, and Pop Music Influence Speaking of people getting angry over localization, many of them also frequently lie about things lately or take things out of context when it comes to things like the Baldurs Gate expansion, so be on the lookout for fake images like the one below or when people are angry over a brief scene that they won't describe in context. Saw a lot of fake pictures for Fire Emblem when that came out, some that were specifically made as jokes that were then shared by people complaining about the localization, funny to see but also embarrassing when believed or shared as true and usually leads to or adds to the harassment of people. Acer hands Starbreeze $9 million to fuel StarVR development Activision Nearly Outbid Microsoft for GoldenEye, Banjo-Kazooie Developer Rare Ford dealership acknowledges it lifted Firewatch art for sales promo A thread about this was made here. Major Skyrim mod Enderal finally gets a launch trailer — and release window In esports news Video: How Blizzard designed StarCraft II to be an eSport Interview with Diego Buñuel, the mind behind Canal+’s new esports show Esports Growing Pains: The Great Sponsorship Purge Major game companies partner to lobby for esports in Germany The Trials of WESA: After troubled start, standards body gains ground with esports industry The All-Consuming Life Of A Competitive eSports Player In crowdfunding news Ikenfell A thread about this was created here. Wizard of Legend A thread about this was created here. KOLOGEON, THE NEW ROGUELIKE-LIKE-LIKE FOR YOU TO MARVEL AT Other content I found interesting this week As war of words between indie dev and reseller intensifies, IGDA distances itself G2A Announces Game Developer Support System Worldwide In the shadow of E3, this other festival gathers to discuss the impact of gaming Civilization is heading to the classroom with new educational edition Life Is Strange leads this year's Games For Change award winners FROM DRAGON AGE TO GAMES THAT FOSTER BEHAVIORAL CHANGE It’s Not Easy Putting A Gay Sex Game On Steam The ballistic politics of Hideo Kojima CRPG History Abridged IV: A few niche RPGs that brought something new to the table Mighty No. 9’s Designer Says ‘I Own All The Problems That Came With This Game' Kickstarter has turned us all into crappy publishers STOP CALLING EASTERN EUROPEAN VIDEOGAMES PESSIMISTIC The Secretive Creator Of Yandere Simulator, A Game About Murdering High School Girls Happy 20th Birthday, Quake Failbetter Games: Seven Years, Ten Lessons Nintendo insists that Paper Mario: Color Splash joke wasn’t about Gamergate This is amusing to me due to an article I saw last week while looking for news, a website that caught on around the beginning of GG and that is said to be a trustworthy site by them first wrote about this a week before someone sent the above two images to Zoe, the site creator talked about how the reference clearly was about GG and went on to describe how he believed that the in game events going on around the time of the screenshots were also all a reference to it. Now that Nintendo has called them a hate group people seem to have taken to saying that she is stupid for not assuming it was a reference to a combination of Watergate/Mario Party and that she just wanted attention, by that logic the guy in charge of one of the websites they trust is also stupid (worse actually, since he knew the entire context, had no reason for an emotional response, and went on to talk about how the whole in game situation was a reference not just those two lines) or that he intentionally created controversy where there was none in order to write a clickbait article for attention which could easily have been what she was sent the pictures from in the first place. But that was last week, only the people who thought that this week are idiots that wanted attention apparently. The Best Games Patrick Played At E3 2016 WWE's Xavier Woods Credits Games With His Own Human Development [SSFF] Resident Evil - Re:Certified Classic Also a look at the creation of the game and who was involved in its creation. Why You Need To Play The Zero Escape Series Definitely a series people should try out. Guns, games and violence: The real questions you should be asking Good to bring up with how Call of Duty developers work with the military, how military movies and games advertise for the military, people looking to hire gamers to operate drones, or just based on how many people I've known or heard of who wanted to join the military because Call of Duty/Metal Gear was fun (not really sure how Metal Gear makes you want to join the military, you would think it would make you want to do the opposite, but most people have never really been good at understanding story or narrative themes in games). DOOM 2016: Action vs. Traction Cyberpunk Bartending Game Mixes Waifus With Great Storytelling Lot of people I know have been saying positive things about this game and I've been looking forward to it. THE STORY IS IN THE DETAILS: A CHAT WITH FULLBRIGHT’S NINA FREEMAN AND KARLA ZIMONJA Inside The Grim World of Minecraft's Prison Servers TWO NEW OVERWATCH HEROES?!?! | Sombra | Ana Amari Theories on future Overwatch heroes. Something to remember when it comes to game marketing What does Brexit mean for the UK video games industry? Devs Answer: How will the Brexit decision impact your business? Guest Column: Visibility is Not Enough Gamer named Jihad banned for using name as PSN handle You can't change your PSN name? After 10 years? I was amazed over how poorly the PSN is run by what was added in their recent updates but damn that is unforgivably lazy. That's an impressive amount of not giving a fuck about your platform. Marvel's Cancelled Daredevil Game - Unseen64 Video doesn't show up right, so click the link to watch it. Pillars of Eternity and Proper Attribute Tuning Video also not linking correctly so use the above link. Months Later, Players Finally Solve GTA V's Bigfoot Mystery Things I found funny or entertaining throughout the week relating to video games Don't Lie to Blizzard's Customer Support People The Super Mario 64 Goomba Nobody Has Ever Killed A repost from 2014 but still entertaining.