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Found 172 results

  1. Hi everyone, I might as well say i am new to the AJSA community and hope to have fun with many of over gaming. I play mostly on xbox one and pc steam. I've known about angry Joe for a few years now and finally got around to joining his community. I hope to play with people online every so often. My gaming library on pc is pretty limited but i can still manage. I'm looking forward to a couple games this year including Destiny 2 and Anthem, even though I'm playing on xbox. I hope to see many of you on the frontlines of battle and look forward to watching and talking with the community.
  2. Ive recently started getting into strategy games on my pc and my ps4 but ive yet to find any that "click" with me. Does anyone have any suggestions for me??
  3. for honor

    Hey! I'm still new in the AJSA but I wanted to know if some of you plan to play For Honor on PC. I just pre-ordered it and I know it may be risky but the game just looks awesome to me and the critics are positive. So is there any interest in playing this game? I mean it would be awesome if we could create a AJSA guild and group in this game. Just imagine everyone having the AJSA logo on their character and marching into battle, damn. Everyone would fear us. haha.
  4. Basically, post whatever screenshots you've taken in a game and show them. Any game and any platform goes, just as long as it has something to do with gaming It could be some weird glitch, something you find beautiful/pretty or something completely different i'll get the thread going
  5. Feedback is appreciated
  6. Hello fellow AJSA members! I am making this topic to ask for your opinion on what would be a good development software to make Fighting games. I am a new coder/wannabe game developer so I don't have that much experience in this field. However, my passion for fighting games and games in general has influenced me to make my own fighting game. So far the only software Ive thought about using is Unity since its a popular engine (and the free price tag isn't bad either) but I'm curious if there are other software that are good for making fighting games. I know Mugen is a popular engine but that seems to be more of a "Drag & Drop" thing than actually creating your own game. Plus, I want to be able to market my product in the future and you aren't allowed to do that in Mugen (But for some reason I am wrong, don't hesitate to prove me wrong!) I guess would prefer something that is "Newbie friendly" Since my coding isn't the greatest but I don't mind going beyond the limit to make something that can be really enjoyable. I appreciate your help
  7. Feedback is appreciated
  8. So I figured I would post some more of my content here to see what you guys think in general, here is one of the first videos I editted for twitch high lights.
  9. Got a new episode of my youtube channel show. Tried to have a more thorough review than normal, also got some skits in there. I put a lot of effort into it, so feedback would definitely be appreciated.
  10. Hello and welcome to World of Warships lets see how i do Let battle commence WAIT A MINUTE HOW DO I SHOOT. https://youtu.be/Frizzm82u7w
  11. Welcome to Planet Chaos! We are two guys who like to have a laugh while playing video games. We will be doing game walkthroughs of new and old games, with some random games mixed in. We play all sorts of games focusing on older games in particular but failing very hard sometimes enjoy. Come and join the fun! https://youtu.be/Mz6DAQDFHU4
  12. Hey this is me, Aeiko Gaming! Youtuber and twitch streamer, -Support requested Videogames and the love for entertainment is my focus. Love to get some views and plz follow on twitter and twitch and off course youtube Twitter @aeikogaming Youtube mihriban073 Twitch mihriban073 Well let me tell u some about myself J My compassion to Game Design started of about 1995 when my father came home with a 486 computer loaded with shareware games like Doom, by John Carmack and Romero. My passion just grew and I started to create levels to games like Doom using the Doom Builder and Valves Hammer Editor and later on Unreal Development Kit. Latest I entered a Level design contest at Trendy Entertainment studios Dungeon Defenders game. I came on 4th place with the map Forsaken Undercroft. My Map is downloadable on steam. thanx fot taking the time
  13. I need a little bit of help, I'm trying to get a Youtube channel off of the ground by the same name as my username, but I'm not sure what to play! Could you guys give me suggestions as to what would be a good game to play through for a fledgling Youtube Channel?
  14. So since there was an introduce forum here, I thought why not just do it. So, i'm Azula551(In game name of course :p), i'm 18 year old residing from India. I uh, let's see, I just play anything and everything as long it is fun to play. Basically a PC guy, would kill to own a console(Nintendo preferred), Saints Row 3 is where the love at(Again). Apart from gaming, I have a hobby of reading books, going through Graphic Novels, watching Animes, collecting Transformers whenever I can, and starting to get a bit into cosplaying. I'm also handling the PR for a startup tech and gaming website called Techarx.com So I guess that is it.
  15. Just started making some gaming music and speech videos. Let me knw what u think. Tips are always welcome https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1J8UvXICWE
  16. Would anyone be down to do a EU4 MP game (in bits and chuncks of course) with me? You need no expansion as i can host and have all of them as of now until the new one unlocks
  17. This thread is basically for all things related to Spider-Man gaming. What do you guys think made USM and Spidey 2 (2004) the best? What do you think should happen to Spidey games? Do you think there should be remasters? The games Spider-Man 2 & Ultimate Spider-Man in my opinion, deserve to be remastered or at least released for backwards compatibility on PS4. If you think so too, use #ps2ps4 on twitter to tell Sony you want them on the PS Store!
  18. I'm currently doing Spider-Man skins for games like TASM2, WoS, SD, and more. Here's some of my work:
  19. Hello! - Who am I? As you can tell, the pseudonym I go by is "The Colonel". I'm a young man that's currently coursing his last year of high school, with plans of starting a journalism career afterwards. If I were to be brief about my own description, I'd say that I'm a down-to-earth guy, who's interests lie in literature, travel, adventure and video games (the last one was a total surprise, wasn't it?). I am a bit chatty, if you're willing to listen. I have a big heart, am compassionate, and if you so indulge in camaraderie, I'll be certain to stand by your side. - Why did I join the AJSA? I've been around, at least, in the sense that I've been viewing Sir Joe's videos far before his enormous rise in popularity (before the Xbox DRM rants). Well, I don't mean to disrespect; he was popular before, just not as much, well, that's what I think. I grew tired of just standing on the sidelines, so I decided to take matters into my own hands, through the means of joining a respectable, coherent and able community in which to enroll. Also, because of the respect I hold for the e-personality that Joe is, he's a man I look up to, a man that, humble enough, represents that gamer in each and one of us. That gamer wanting to be out there, doing interviews, casual, at times drinking a good beer or two, at times just being a pal. I suppose I do owe the AngryJoeShow for all the fun times, laughs and points it has drawn across the board. - What can we expect from you? Loyalty. Yet, not just that, loyalty can be just as easily bought as it can be obtained. Discipline, charisma, a heart - an overall fun time. And hey, a hell of a good soldier too! This is The Colonel, reporting in for duty.
  20. This is more or less just for fun. This is somewhat a difficult question for some, and for others there is no contest. Do you prefer the new gen of gaming or the classics? And now thanks to gaming clients like steam and even.... origin. We do have an easy access to both. The new gen of gaming brings us breathtaking visuals and sounds that only creators could dream of just 10 years (or even 5 or less) ago, but some argue that gaming since it began in around 1972, has become just a big monopoly. And many games content is 'teared' from the game and then packed into DLC, even after gamers already have to pay for a 'full' game. And also that story-lines in gaming now are more or less forgotten. But! That is not to say that are like this. Some execute everything flawlessly, making a near unforgettable experience that may not have been possible with last gens limitations. However that doesn't mean the classics are to be ignored. Really, these 'classics' laid the foundation for gaming today, as they forced themselves to continue making and breaking frontiers. Some knowing they wouldn't have the most flashiest looking game, spent countless hours on story and character development. And like most games of their era some worked out and some didn't... So... Where do you stand? Are you torn between the two? Or are you clear on where you stand? Personally I find this one difficult, but I have realized that when I have my friends over we do tend to play more 'classic' games then new.
  21. This is more or less just for fun. In gaming we often focus on the major things such as the story and graphics etc. But what about the 'little things', things we can take for granted? Such as that little extra dialogue that random characters blurt out? A 'faithful' shadow? OR even MISC objects such as pictures. Fallout 4 surprised me most when listening on a raider's conversation while going though the Fens, they talked about a man who would mimic explosions and they captured who then in turn escaped (Sorry if this isn't 100% accurate), "He ended up getting lose. And jumped onto his imaginary chopper... Of course it wouldn't start on the first go! ... It just proves that there are freaks out there."_ Raider, Fallout 4. Borderlands 2 is another good example of amazing dialogue. Even with pictures lying around and other MISC objects they can help immerse us in these worlds. They can tell us the state of the world is in or even which era, even if we are on Earth at all. After all a picture tells a thousand words. You may be wondering though what I may have meant by 'faithful' shadow? Basically in some 'new gen games' we are still yet to see a shadow that copies us perfectly. Some get it right, and sometimes games can even forget giving us one, or just one that may stay forever on the ground. These are just some 'little things' that came to my mind. So are these little things to you or big things? What little details do you enjoy the most in your games?
  22. Hey guys, I just came back after a while and TeamSpeak seems to be emptier than it was before, are there any people playing games anymore? Any way I can find some people to play games with?
  23. Hey guys, officer Crazykidsbite here! So I wanted to update you guys on a few new updates and plans for the community topic. I wanna go ahead and start the off by saying I've clear up both forums and outfit trash. What I mean upon this is that I've cleaned up inactive members, extremely old forum posts, and restructured command staff. I do apologize to anyone who might have come back after a year of inactivity and give Planetside another try. I want to go on to say that our operations will commence every Sunday at 12PM CST and 6PM GMT. As well we will have training's and they will commence on Tuesday at 12PM CST and 6PM GMT. Finally we will have Mid Week Operations or MWO, every Wensday at separate times for American and European players. For Americans the operations will happen at 6PM CST, for Europeans the operations will happen at 6PM GMT. The reason for this is not to separate the community but rather promote player activity for all time zones and to as well show that we are active once more! As well to keep things fresh within the Planetside community will be began to play as the almighty American freedom fighter faction the New Conglomerate. Who can deny the almighty Jackhammer? We will be playing on the Emerald server and if you wish to join add the player crazykidsbite onto your friends list so that I can invite you to the outfit as it is under construction. We will have operations as the NC but we want to dust off the the TR outfit. As well with our activity once more we have been promoted back up to the official status of the AJSA, so this marks the first day of the... Wait for it. 3rd campaign! Aside of the joyous achievement we are looking for Sargent's and Prospects to help maintain the outfit and lead the squads into battle. The requirements of applications will be discussed below. We require an at least 16+ maturity in this community.Knowledge of leading squads and communicating with command.To be a wolf instead of a sheep.To be able to think outside of the box.As well to be patient with the flow of battle.To be able to handle situations within the community and in-game. I want to thank everyone for joining us in the last few operations, and as each week goes by everyone will began to notice the seriousness and the effectiveness of the outfit and we will dominate the ground and skies.
  24. Knee-Deep in the Dead is an ongoing series studying the evolution of the First-Person Shooter from the early days of the genre to today. Season 1 primarily focuses on the most important titles released in the FPS "Golden Age", between 1992 and 2001. The first episode showcased the "grandfather" of the FPS-genre, Wolfenstein 3D: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldJZevsAl44 Some of my favorite episodes I've done so far include: Doom: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5EfGAA01Gk Duke Nukem 3D: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVVKqA50Yyc Goldeneye 007: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWQ7CUzUjMA And Half-Life: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmXee4QUmvQ The latest episode was dedicated to Quake 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYMgscAAsJs This series was created because I has played recent FPS campaigns and found them very lacking. In part inspired by videos by Zero Punctuation and Total Biscuit, I figured the best way to find out what went "wrong" was to go back to the beginning and trace the genre back to its roots and some of its most influential games. I try to get an episode out every 2 weeks at maximum, but the time can vary since I try to play each game to completion so I can form a full opinion on it. I plan to update this feed with each new episode. About myself, I've been gaming since I got a used NES back in the very early 90s. I generally stick to PC but own a 360 just in case. The first FPS I ever played was Doom on the Sega 32X. It was really a horrible port and I was very surprised when I played the ACTUAL version of Doom how good it was. I appreciated any feedback or comments from the community. Thank you and as always, game on and take care! -N'Eligahn