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Found 1 result

  1. Thread is W.I.P (Will add more contents overtime) First off, I will start off by saying that recruiting in any games IS always hard depending on the type of clan/guild/unit/outfit you are in. There are many variables to consider when joining those. Here in this thread I will be showing some DO and Don't and some general tips from my experience. If you have any feel free to reply! -Getting recruits, or new members is almost essential to keep the player base active and especially crucial to get that high attendance. Ex: You have 9 active members in your Unit..... but sometimes you do not reach the peak all the time because of peoples that cannot attend for whatever reasons. While having 18 members you will have a higher chance of getting a high attendance everytimes. - Another Tip i would like to bring out, is to get engaged with those new peoples, talk to them, talk about your experience and so on..they will likely stay longer and make friends along the way. Now for some MWO centric tips. while i personally dont know much about the game i can still offer some advices when recruiting in-game or on forums. Talk to your friends about it! If they are looking for a mech game in particular tell them, obviously they might not all like it at first but that's just part of the game. Play good, often enough, interest is build off initial impressions. If you try your best and work together with Pugs (as they so called it) you may find yourself having somebody to play with without even asking. It does not happen all the time too, but it's nice to see. More to come later...