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Found 18 results

  1. Next is the review for the game Murdered Soul Suspect. This is a murder mystery game. You play as a cop named Ronan and the game starts with you getting your ass kicked while attempting to catch a serial killer named the "bell killer", and then you get shot, died and become a ghost. You can't go to the afterlife because you have unfinished business with the killer, so you have to solve who killed you and why so you can go there and meet your deceased wife. The story of the game is pretty cool. Right off the bat, this game is light on gameplay. You are a ghost, and you have abilities like possessing someone and listen to their head, posses a cat and control the cat, mess around with an object, recover a piece of a ghostly object which lets you see what they are before, and later on you get the ability to teleport to go to far away places you can't reach. It's quite limited though. You can't spook someone by possessing an object unless it's in a mission where you have to. It's pretty odd to see a guy watching tv and you possess the tv, but the guy just stays the same and doesn't even comment on it. Such a missed opportunity but meh, the game is all about the story anyway. The main portion of this game is collecting collectibles and solving cases. This game has a lot of collectables, but they all serve a purpose to expand on the story. By collecting things like Ronan's past memory, the history of how you and your wife meets, objects of the past or various documents scattered around, you will get a much better understanding of the plot and your character. It's quite fun and exciting, especially when you collect 15 similar objects inside a building and you found out the ghost story that relates to that object, which are pretty spooky. Aside from collecting things, this game also has combat, but it's pretty simple. A couple of times you'll have to fight against these demons. You have to play MGS against them and kill them by going behind them and exorcise their ass. If you get detected, you have to hide in these "ghost residues" that lets you become unseen by the demons, but you have to constantly switch ghost residues because the demons can snuff you out if you stay in 1 place. You can also use crows to distract them so it'll be easier to exorcise them, but I rarely use them because going MGS on them is enough. It's honestly just here to pad the game and it can just be left out and the game will still go on like nothing is different. Then there's the best part of the game: murder investigations. You go from locations to locations and find crime sites related to your killed. Once you're there, you have to collect evidence in the crime scene, and then deduct what happens. You'll get better rank if you get it correct the first time, but failing doesn't have any consequences. You can retry until you get it right. There's also sidequests that lets you help ghosts that wants to know how they died, which involves more investigation. There's a couple of things I don't like about the game. The first is that sometimes the main character is quite dumb. The game gives obvious hints of what event just happened, like the police coming to a place because a pedestrian mentions it, but the main character didn't react to it. Instead he himself has to see the cops driving through him, wondering where they are going even though someone before just seconds ago mentions it, and acts all surprised about it when he finds out. Plus there's a couple of times when he just suggested the worst possible thing ever to a person which I won't spoil. You'll be like "don't do that you dumbass!" when it happens. Secondly, I hate that there's a couple of people, both living and the dead, that deserves to get justice served on their asses, but you can't do anything about it. Eg: there's a ghost that haunts a little girl because her father killed him. You don't have the option to just punch the hell out of him or exorcise his ass like what you can do to the demons. And then there's this part where a ghost needs your help to find out who killed her. You found out that 2 people were involved in her murder and they're still alive. So you tell the ghost of what happened, she accepts it and she goes to the afterlife. But you can't inform anyone or the police about these 2 assholes. That pisses me off. Get these two to jail, they deserve it! Lastly, the ending of the game is too abrupt. Your main character just do a monologue and everything ends in a neat little present box. It's well earned, but I wish there's more to it. You'll see why when you look at it. There's potential for more heartwarming stuff to happen, like the game the Crooked Man that's for free using RPG maker, but it just ends. Overall, this is a pretty good and interesting game. It's light on gameplay, but there's plenty of stories and collectibles that will keep you want to collect them to find out more about the plot, plus the story itself is quite good and interesting. I'll give this game the rating of "so good that you can't wait for the sequel (if there is any)".
  2. New here. I love gaming, skating and surfing. Looking for people to play PS4, Vita, 3DS, Wii U and maybe even PS3. I am currently loving Thief, BF4, Ghosts and Stick of Truth. Glad to meet you all. Sincerely, tss My gamer tag on all systems above is: seriousfix
  3. Hello there Since there are quite some people flying the AJSA Clan Tag in Ghosts, yet no real AJSA Clan, i think we should change that. I would either like to ask one of the superior officers to take care of that, or give me permission to found a clan and invite all the players wo are interested. a reply would be much appreciated Thanks DangerLemon
  4. Hi there! I've been playing quite some ghosts lately, and i would love to compare some notes on experiences with the different weapons. Here's what i feel are some of the best guns in the game: Shotguns Tac 12! To me no other 12 Gauge holds a Candle to this, thanks to the decreased spread when aiming down the sights, that thing kann kill on pretty impressive range, if equipped with a grip and a muzzle break. Not necessarily the best with slug ammo, but if you want to use that you might as well grab a sniper rifle. MPs K7 for a fast, stealthy set, i like it the most with grip and rapid fire, deals damage like hell on short to medium range, kills dogs just like normal enemies. Vector for a loud, spray and pray fast set. Worked for me with most mods but the silencer. Mtar-X, the definitiive starting weapon i think, save up some squad points and you can basically mod this thing to do anything you like just as well as an assault rifle, just more nimble. Assault Rifles Fad, what a lovely little bullet hose! Are you like me and can't really aim or have any tactical knowledge? Let your gun do the heavy lifting for you! Fire rate, mag size and recoil one can absolutely live with just made me love this thing, like the Mtar-X kind of a nice allrounder, modable for whatever you want it to do. Honey Badger, feels like an assault rifle and an MP at the same time, nice for stealth thanks to integrated silencer, and small enough to not make you feel like you're compensating. Nice package deal. Pistols P226. Ran out of ammo? Keep killing with a trusty sidearm. It just feels like the most balanced solution that won't leave you hanging no matter what trouble you went and got yourself into. Loved it with a silencer as well as a muzzle break. Magnum. Do you feel lucky, punk? A nice, quick one shot finisher in case your mag just ran out and your enemy is still standing. If you have a set with the additional weapon mods perk, give it a muzzle break and armor piercing ammo and see what happens. Those are the weapon types i have experience with, if any of you know sniper rifles, marksman rifles, LMG and all the other stuff, i would love to hear your opinions, so i don't have to fly blind when i try them out. Thanks! DangerLemon
  5. My PSN is Me_gusta25, i'm not a fan of the COD multiplayer but i'm down for some squads or extinction mode. Also if any of you guys want to play DC Universe online add me as well! see you out there angry army
  6. If you wanna play some Call of Duty:Ghosts send me your gamertag and i'll add you. Thanks!
  7. Call of Duty: Ghosts have been out for 1 month and a half now, so my guess is, you've probably made your decision on this game. Some love it, some hate it. Here is my opinion on the newest Call of Duty. The Good: Campaign: Campaign over time has no longer been the main point of shooters, instead focusing on the pulse-pounding multiplayer. Call of Duty has always been able to deliver on action-packed campaign, and it is no different this time around. Being the son of the CO of all Ghosts, you, your dad Elias, and your brother help to try to take back America from the Federation. Extinction Mode: The only reason I got Ghosts, Extinction mode pits you and 4 other players against aliens. You must use a drill to destroy hives blocking your path, all while fending off aliens. While it may seem like Infinity Ward is trying to rip off Zombies, Extinction is actually a very fun game mode. Whereas zombies is harsh to newcomers, Extinction allows you to just jump in and start playing. By far, Extinction is the best part of the game. However, it does NOT justify the bad... The Bad: Campaign: But wait, NextDoorDarkrai! You put campaign in the good! Why is it in the bad? While the campaign delivers on an action-packed shooting gallery, that is the problem. Even though all other campaigns have had their own twist on campaign, Ghosts follows the flamer stereotype as being almost identical to campaigns before, with similar levels, similar characters, and MUCH more. Multiplayer: As I said in the review on my channel, the multiplayer SUUUUUUUUCKS. Oh, you need reasons? Ok, then. Let's start off with the consumer trap. The commercials promised "Dynamic Maps" that would change the flow of battle. Meanwhile, I'm watching Battlefield 4 Beta of a SKYSCRAPER FALLING. The maps are hardly dynamic and barely change the battle. Also, why do they call dynamic maps a "new" thing, when Black Ops 2 had the same thing on maps such as Hydro? We're going to move onto Create a Soldier. While from the outside it looks like they've improved on Black Ops 2's pick 10 system, in truth it is jagged and complicated. With over 30 perks to choose from and confusing unlock requirements, it is definitely 3 steps back for Create a Class. Emblem Creator GONE: One of my favorite features in Call of Duty multiplayer was the ability to create your own emblem. While some people used it to show some..."mature" content, some were real artists. In Call of Duty: Ghosts, the emblem create was COMPLETELY REMOVED, a bad decision to say the least. Gameplay: Finally, the moment you've all been waiting for. The core gameplay of multiplayer. Well, I'm going to be blunt. Picture Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer. Now imagine it about 3 times worse, with campers and quickscopers dominating the battlefield. That is Ghosts' multiplayer in a nutshell, composed of 50% campers, 40% quickscopers, and 10% trying to play it like in Black Ops 2. And why shouldn't they? The maps are clearly designed for them... Maps: I'm sorry, these maps are not "new". They are horrible, completely built around quick-scopers and campers, making those playstyles dominate. Also, the maps seem to be pieced together from fragments of other Call of Duty multiplayer maps. Graphics: God awful. For a next-gen game, the graphics are incredibly washed-out and old. They look like recycled textures from Modern Warfare 3-no, I take that back. They look like recycled textures from Modern Warfare 2. On a next-gen game, this is unacceptable. Squads: Bot training passed off as a new game mode. Enough said. Final Thoughts: If Infinity Ward had lived up to their hype, this game would be great. Dynamic maps like in Battlefield would have been great, and the perk system would have worked if it wasn't so complicated. Squads is pretty much just bots with a new name to increase the hype. This game is a travesty, the worst Call of Duty to date. I am NOT supporting the Angry Army's possible travel to this game. The final verdict for this game is a 3/10, just barely saved by its ok campaign and decent Extinction mode. If you are getting it for anything OTHER than Extinction, prepare to be disappointed. Do not play multiplayer, do not try!!!! Thank you for reading my review, until next time, I'll be next door, peace out.
  8. I can't lie, I really enjoyed some of the call of duty franchise. I know it gets iterative and sometimes seems like the same game, but some of them are just generally enjoyable. Black ops 2 was one of my favourite games. I have all the previous ones as well (hated mw3 ). I was skeptical about call of duty ghosts because of the way they advertised themselves (Fish swim when you get close to them!!..yay), so i rented the game rather than purchasing it; and in all honesty i did not have one bit of fun some of the new weapons are interesting but just the general feel i got from this game was not very pleasant. I felt claustrophobic in this game, like i can't relax for one second without getting blown into giblets. I think it may be because you die just way too fast this time around. 2-3 shots from any AR and you are down. Any thoughts? Do you like this game? or agree with me? Cause me personally i'm good with just going back to Blops 2 :\
  9. Ive gotta say I had my doubts about how CoD Ghosts would look on the new consoles especially on my PS4. Like many people I decided to buy the PS3 version to be able to play with my friends then use the Digital $10 download on PS4 to play on the beautiful Playstation 4. It took awhile to download as the firmware wasnt doing well but it got through. I am amazed how spectacular it looks and feels when I play. 60FPS and fluid movement makes this game great as well as all the game features. Im also a Battlefield fan boy and both are fantastic on ps4. Please share your thoughts on how you feel about theses fantastic games on the greatest console ever made so far.
  10. wondering if an AJS clan has been set up for COD Ghosts currently playing the PS3 version
  11. Infinity Ward's new game mode Extinction mode is a feature in COD Ghosts everyone should try out. but if you don't want to try it. ill tell you how it is. I am 4th (or Final) prestige in this mode so i have experience in this mode . - What is Extinction? In MW3 IW tried to compete with the successful Zombies game mode Treyarch created. This game mode was called Survival. it was a terrible and uncreative mode that was completely boring and lazy much like the whole MW3 game. This years attempt at trying to compete with Zombies mode actually felt like they took there time with it and was well thought out. - My Teaser Impressions. When everyone saw the Teaser from this game mode alot of people thought it was gonna be a Dinosaur game mode. When I heard that I said "R they gonna take the wanted Dino game mode from Battlefield?". It actually turns out to be ALIENS. - My Gameplay Impressions. > Map - Point of Contact Right away before you start you will see there is a Loadout feature. If you barley starting you wont have much options till lvl 29 but the starting stuff aint bad. (I won't get too in depth with the loadouts in this post). When you start. Ur told your mission is to destroy all Hives with this drill. When you put the drill on a hive you see sort of a timer.Also these challenges will appear on the bottom left, DO THESE CHALLENGES!! It would only help you and your Team. You will have to defend this Drill while hordes of Aliens will try to come, destroy the drill, and you in the process. You will have to do this to all Hives with the exception of the bigger ones you will have to use a chopper to destroy. As you progress the mode gets Increasingly difficult which keeps you on your toes. The mode is at its best when there is Aliens EVERYWHERE in the later Hives and you and your team are mowing hundreds of these Aliens down. Im not really gonna talk about the ending but i will say it could have been better. Also there is hardly any replayability to this map. while there is gonna be more maps to this. they should find a solution to give this mode better replay value. If they do they this game mode as huge potential. - The Conclusion This Game mode is and highly suggested to play as a Co-Op game, it does so well being Co-op as you will not survive with your teammates dead. It is really fun and satisfying progressing a difficult hive knowing you just murked on a ton of Aliens. This game mode is a must play with friends! But the replay factor brings a huge downside.
  12. anyone know if i upgrade cod ghosts on 360 to the xbox one version will i still be able to play multiplayer with people using the 360 version?
  13. Found a fix for call of duty ghost for those of you who play in eyefiniti or nvidia surround. Here is the link to the video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMMidCdQbY8 Hope it helps you guys.
  14. Looking for some partners to roll on the 360. Tired of trying to win without any communication whatsoever. Leave you gamertag if you want to team up!
  15. So I dropped $89.90 for this game, since I'm in Australia and everything is as expensive as hell, expecting a smooth casual shooter to kick back with with my mate...what did we get? An un-optimized mess with constant frame drops below 60fps in high end hardware, the game stutters and struggles at times if there is a bird on screen(that bird AI guys), and NO FOV SLIDER! Now I've only been on PC for about 9 months now and don't know the state of previous Call of Duty titles on PC but for a game to be released in this state is just disgraceful to all PC gamers whether they play COD or not. Is anyone actually having no issues with this title, and not getting sick from the narrow FOV?
  16. Glad to be a part of such a cool gaming community. Can't wait for it to grow and grow and be a part of it. If you are looking for someone to play COD Ghosts on 360 hit me up! GT: EuphoricMind
  17. I'm playing call of duty ghosts on the xbox 360, name is ginge737 is there an AJSA clan on there I could be invited to plz
  18. Your honest opinion on extinction co-op mode