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Found 3 results

  1. Everyone now and then when a game i love goes on sale, i decide to share that joy with random strangers, i did it for mount and blade, i did it for rising storm, now i am doing it for Civ V: Complete edition and The Binding of Isaac Rebirth, to find the give-aways go the steam communtiy hub for the game of your choosing and look in the discusssions section for either Time for a give-away (Civ V: Complete edition) or Time for a give-away (BOI: Rebirth) the post are generally new so it should be easy to find them, you will also find the rules there.
  2. Hello everybody! storminn0rm4n here! Just a public service announcement about the new AJSA Community House! What is the purpose of this? This building is to help new players to the server have a start on a positive foot! Nothing is worse than dying over and over at the start of your game session, collect everything, then realized you a dead from starvation, or death by wolves, etc... What was the idea that started this? Credit where credit is due, I got this idea from Angry Drew's post (here) , his community storage box idea was a fantastic idea! But with the recent server change everything got wiped, and storage boxes don't tend to last to long in the elements, so I built the community house as something we could all work on together! How often are you going to replenish the house? I will try to do my best to replenish all the bare essentials for survival (hatchets, pick axes, sleeping bags, clothes) when I have an opportunity, and when I can I will try to put goodies such as guns and other assorted treats! Goals for the house: I would like to have a give/take feel towards this community house, if you need some items, please consider returning something even of lesser value as it can still help relieve the amount of time to replenish exponentially. With that being said, this is a great community and I'm sure everyone will respect the cause, and I hope to see you in-game! If you would like to know how to connect to the Angry Joe server click the link (here) If you are new to the game consider arming yourself with some tips before heading in and get your bearings (here)
  3. Hey there my fellow Dota 2 players, This is Owosso, I have a quarrel with a few of the players that join us on random matchmaking games. If you find yourself down and losing in a match but you still have your RAX, DONT GIVE UP!!! Sitting in the pool while the rest of the team tries everything they can to defend while you lollygag in the pool because your buthurt or feel like its a wasted effort, is just rude and unfair to your guildmates, and it ruins the game along with the community that supports it. My question is: When is it ok to just "Give Up"? I'll let you guys wheigh in on this with your own explination but here are a few examples. 1. Before any of your base is detroyed....... 2. After 1 rax 3. After 2 rax 4. After all 3 rax 5 Never? I like this one the best, I mean we are the angry army right? Never Give Up, Never Surrender? am I right? Thanks again guys. Owosso.