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Found 11 results

  1. Here you can get quotes for good morning quotes for men, best motivational quotes, inspirational quotes, good night quotes etc. inspirational quotes for teens
  2. Hey guys and gals James here aka Wade D McGinnis. Today I bring you the review to DOOM 2016! Check out the video, let me know your thoughts and as always, catch you next time!
  3. So the steam summer sale nearing its end. So how much money did you use and what games did you buy? I bought: Far Cry 3 (So I've seen playthroughs but well lets give it a shot!)Fallout: New VegasDungeon Siege 2 (Classic. Remember playing it in my childhood, so why the hell not buy it off sale.)Hitman AbsolutionCastle CrashersOne Way HeroicsRisk of Rain (God man.. This was soo good. 2nd playthrough reached stage 5-6 and completed 2 stages on the highest difficulty. Felt soo rewarding.)E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy (Heard some good things, was cheap so I bought.)Monaco (Heard good things. Was cheap. So bought it.)Marlow Briggs (Saw a playthrough and it's a competent game. For 1€ it's a steal.Payday 2 (Bought it before the price dropped further. Well 10€ is a fair price for it.)Just Cause 2 (Never played it, but I guess it'll be fun if I find time for it?)In total I used like 40€ (55$ or 32£) because I missed a few bigger price drops.
  4. Since people are now having a bit of a flame war about the recent MGS game, I figured why not have a little thread about games with short length! Here's the rules: say whichever short length games you had in mind both good and bad. Give a mini reason of why you think the games are good or bad. I'll start first: Good: Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes. Sure the campaign is short, only 1-2 hours or so, but the gameplay is still fucking good, the graphic is gorgeous, there's neat collectibles to find within the main mission, side missions that you can get high ranks for depending on the difficulty and your performance to get more unlockables, and it just makes you wanting Phantom Pain more and more. Portal. 2-3 hours, but the hilarious GLados, adorable turrets and the end song makes it all worthwhile. 007 Quantum of Solace. One of the best underrated licensed games I have ever played. The transition between fps mode and third person cover mode is solid like in New Vegas, the melee system is great, lots of fun set pieces based on the movie and the gunplay is fun as hell. Unfortunately it's only 2-3 hours long, but it's a great 2-3 hours that you will want to replay again. Braid & Limbo. Beautifully made platformer game with excellent story, graphic and music. Only 2-4 hours depending in how good you are, or less, but it's an experience worth playing. And there's collectables too which will give you the alternate ending in Braid, one of which is to wait for 2 hours on a cloud. The Stanley Parable. Only 5-10 minutes per ending with maximum 2-3 hours total gameplay, or 7 if you push the button if you decided to save the baby and piranha, but a fun time nevertheless. Screw around with the narrator and get hilarity after hilarity. Gone home. Nostalgic 90's game that has everything from that era. 2 hours only though with no replayability, but it's still fun to see the nostalgic things in the game. Bad: "inhale" "exhale".... This is going to make me angry just remembering about them. Thankfully there's only 2, and these 2 made me cautious when buying games that I always never pay full price for them afterwards, unless they're really2 big releases. Kane and Lynch 2. Only 3 HOOOOOUUUURS of 2 dudes running around China because they're fucking stupid. It ends with them running away with a plane, and end credits. I paid $80 on this game, on PC so I can't trade it for $30 after I finished it. I immediately tried to sell it on a garage sale. No one wants it. Thankfully 2 years later I sell it, for $1. Curse this fucking game. Rogue Warrior......... This game is made by retards from a mental asylum. The swear the main character made is so pathetic I actually got sick listening to it, like as in physically ill that I want to vomit. The gameplay could have been good because it's like Rainbow Six New Vegas, but it's super buggy, when you aim at someone it mostly misses, the enemy is either so dumb they run to walls or can kill you instantly, and it's over in only 1 HOOOOUUUUR. I paid $90 for this game on my Xbox and I am so scarred I immediately trade this piece of shit for Mortal Kombat Vs DC, and I'm glad I did. So what's your personal short games both good and bad? Let us know and maybe we'll check these games out for ourselves! The good ones of course.
  5. Hello everyone! I'm a new addition to the AJSA. I'm horrible as a soldier though, so... uhh, put me in the mess hall or something? You guys need something to eat, I presume. I'm good at that! Frankly speaking, I used to be good at RTS games, like CnC series. Now I'm just terrible, go figure. Tried to play old CnC yesterday, got destroyed in 5 minutes. All my people were killed, each assault has failed, and as an insult to the injury - my base was wiped out by an Ion Cannon strike. What a grand finale, those GDI guys are just... Ugh But I'm getting off-topic here, nevermind that! Glad to be of service, guys and girls. Peace _V_
  6. I'm looking to get into a game school in a few years so I can get a degree as a game artist. Does anyone know a good place to go for a degree?
  7. I just wanted to share my celebratory feelings right now. There's no greater satisfaction than dealing with a PC for nearly a year being barely functional, then saving up the appropriate dosh after carefully choosing your replacement components, receiving them, installing them, and then having to do a fresh Windows install (which, funnily enough, the hardest part is Windows thanks to how draconian it is) and then after all is said and done... everything runs as smoothly as an ice cube down Preston Lacey's tummy. It feels so invigorating to finally adequately game on my PC once more. Although, for some reason, Chivalry is still giving me shit, but I will have to figure that out on my own. I had to juggle wether to post this here or in the general discussion section, but I'm more interested in knowing what other PC players felt was intensely gratifying. I have to admit I'm partially new to PC gaming. I had played plenty of games on PC as I grew up but never truly joined the master race until September of 2012. So I'm curious, does anyone have any cozy warm nostalgic (or more recent) moments of victory?
  8. There are some champions that almost never get played unless it's ARAM, and I always have to wonder why. Do they just not fit the current Meta, or are they just unpopular due to not having explicit backstories or sex appeal? I'd like to know some of your favorite underrated or underused champions, and maybe hear some reasons why you think they're just as good as largely played champs.
  9. Has anyone played No More Room in Hell yet? Evidently it's been out for a while. I finally played it with a friend and HOLY CRAP is it fun. Intense survival gameplay mixed with some really good, if not completely finished, game mechanics. Although we use Skype, the radio system is a great idea, and the fat that you can get infected and slowly die and become a zombie without telling your teammates (kinda screwing them over if you want) is amazing Check it out if you haven't here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/224260/
  10. In the 30 or so years of gaming, there have been many games that have forced us to make tough decisions, will you go paragon or renegade? which crew member will you sacrifice? will you kill a friendly dragon for crimes long past or spare him, and alienate your supposed friends? There are those decisions that you really don't wanna make, that inevitable decision that will cost you dearly one way or the other, so I wanna know, in all your years as a gamer, what was the hardest decision that you guys had to make in any game ever?
  11. I recently Purchase Batman Arkham Origins for the PS3 i REALLY HAD HIGH HOPES for this game I love Arkham Asylum and Arkham City that one was wow really great 10/10 for me but when i play this game For me I love the Story but it wasn't memorable you know no plot twist really just one really Can't say its a spoiler lol gameplay good as always they added new gadgets n predator always good my favorite parts of the me game but i was hoping they would of change it more something new and fresh you know so we can't keep getting the same thing over n over but still like it things i Dislike about the game for me The Map wasn't as good didn't really wanted to explore it, no riddles =[,There was Glitches like the deadshot side mission there was a glitch were i beat him but didn't really pass it for some reason it still says 0% and the Story wasn't as long really I Try the Online Play For Me i like it because its fun and its different and since this is the first time them doing this I wasn't shock people didn't really like it For me i Give the Game 7/10