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Found 4 results

  1. Soo it goes like this, I've been watching a lot of Metalocalpyse and i been think what if you could make a game about brutal Metal music of like this world where it centers around Norse mythology but it's centered around heavy metal and monsters of deep Satanism. It would be based around the gameplay of Fallout slash Brutal Legends combine, you could create your character as you want but lot of the face models or style of the pallets of rendered faces look like Metal or rock legend type artists like Ozzy or Mannowar. The story is that you're character born or possibly created by the legendary gods of rock and metal and the world is a mesh of middle age and future, not necessarily dystopian because everybody and there grandmom dose that. It's just a world where few have moved on from the old ways and still choose to live in spots where the old world exists where others choose to live beyond the world and exist as if they were gods and that's also why the monsters of both greedyness and abberice attack cause to live in that type of worldwide few turned theyre backs on the gods and that's also what you have to do as you're character to not only bring down the monsters but to also bring those who are corrupt into the light or take vengeance of the gods by cutting them to ribbons and casting them into the void. You get the usual asorted weapons like swords, axes enchanted or otherwise, bows arrows, guns and riffles, hand cannons, shanks, makes and northstars. Plus magic relics of you can choose to be a magic user or Alchemist. But the open you get that has magic or was blessed by the gods is youre magic instruments such as Gore electric guitar s or crumbs or even you're voice if you want. It just sounds like an epic game to me so anyone interested please reply to me ok.
  2. Dragonfly

    From the album Miranda Adria

    © © 2014 Miranda Adria

  3. Drama Queen

    From the album Miranda Adria

    © © 2014 Miranda Adria

  4. I just wonder how many people from AJSA have been or are playing gothic. The second one was onemy first games that I got addicted to, then I played the first one that was also great, the 3 one was good but not supreme. And if you played gothic 1 or 2, as what did you play (mage, mercanary, paladin, guard...)