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Found 6 results

  1. I just recently played Need for Speed Most Wanted, and I like the game quite a lot. The game is fast paced with a lot of crashing other cars, the graphic is excellent, and the navigation system works quite well. Problem is the abundance of dumb dlcs that shouldn't be there in the first place. This game brings memories of Burnout, my favourite racing game franchise ever. Burnout Revenge is my favourite of the series, in that it improves the gameplay of Burnout 3, while still retaining the same car crashing chaos madness, especially the Crash segments that allows you to just go into the middle of traffic and blow shit up. So what is your favourite racing game franchise? If it's not in the list I put out, you can say what it is. Note: as tempting as it is to post, Twisted Metal is not a racing game. Sorry!
  2. Gran Turismo 6 microtransactions have been revealed, and the price for ONE of the cars (Jaguar XJ13) is roughly £120 in the UK. In US you have to pay $140 which is less than the UK price. The prices are worse than what Forza 5 had. Eurogamer just announced the prices for Gran Turismo 6 in-game credits: 500 000 In-game credits (£3.99/€4.99/$6.76)1 Million in-game credits (£7.99/€9.99/$10.82)2.5 Million in-game credits (£15.99/€19.99/$27.07)7 Million in-game credits (£39.99/€49.99/$67.70)(The US price is converted from the Euro price, so they may change) Microtransactions for GT6 were announced before the release, so the fact that it has microtransactions isn't new. On this video, you can see all of the prices. The Jaguar XJ13 can be seen on 2:44 ( the green one on the upper left corner) These news are anything else, than positive. The fact that they call these ''microtransactions'' rather than ''macrotransactions'' is just laughable. The fact that you have to pay the price of the game possibly more than two times in order to get all of the content, is just mind boggling. Before anyone starts saying ''You don't have to buy them!'' you're right, but it's either that or grinding for God knows how many hours. I understand something like €10 to unlock all of the stuff, but over €100 for one car is just stupidity. Free to play games have also very high microtransaction prices, but those games are free, and the player is meant to grind or pay for a skip, and usually you pay the price of one game, in order to get all of the stuff. I can wait until we can buy the game for €60 and then pay €300 to unlock the game.
  3. Link Yes, the multiplayer portion of these games being dropped forever by Sony in May of 2014. This is why when you don't have players in control of dedicated servers is how certain portions and some cases, the entire game dies.
  4. A thread for Gran Turismo 6 players, by a Gran Turismo 6 player. Finally home and playing this amazing piece of game. And I decided I think AJSA needs a GT6 topic. If not many will join, it's still here. You can all: Discuss anything related to GT6Share any GT6 content (Be it your videos, pictures or anything like that)Arrange events through this topic (Just hit me up and I'll post an event on the OP)Discuss rumours about DLC and such here.I hope you'll all use a good tone on this topic. See you on the track!
  5. More fantastic news, seems that some of these developers are doing cocaine while making decisions because I don't have any other reasonable explanation of what the fuck they are thinking... Forza 5 has 80 dollar cars, Angry Birds Go! has one kart selling for 120 dollars.. and now Gran Turismo wants to make their prices look laughable by charging 140 dollars (or more) for the jaguar xj13. One thing to note is that you do not NEED to spend money to unlock it, it is unlockable through normal gameplay, however, reports say it costs 20 million credits, the highest out of any car. 500,000 in-game credits – £3.99/€4.991m in-game credits – £7.99/€9.992.5m in-game credits – £15.99/€19.997m in-game credits – £39.99/€49.99 Awesome...
  6. Polyphony Digital's CEO, Kazunori Yamuchi announced the next generation of PS4's hit exclusive racer in an interview on Top Gear, hoping that it will hit the shelves in just a year, but we should probably expect it from then to 2 years. Apparently GT6 barely worked on PS3, which is hardly surprising at this point of the life cycle. I imagine that PD will use the base of GT6 with an edited engine and more resources, since I can hardly imagine they will work from the ground up if they expect to be done in just a year. Hoping it delivers though, maybe a new UI. What do you think?