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Found 21 results

  1. Hello everyone! My name is Adam. I'm a big GTA V fanboy. I always enjoyed the grind of the game and the challenge! I Own every single DLC with no glitches and no shark cards! What has motivated me all that time to grind all this is the challenge; the risk of always being destroyed by griefers/other players looking to make money, whether it's my product, cars, VIP mission, etc... Another thing that kept me playing is the great ability to roleplay, especially being a CEO and have 3 other associates with me. Now I know people wouldn't like it back because it doesn't pay so I started giving the cash from missions and challenges to my associates and in turn, they help me with my business. The thing is I haven't had good luck with finding people to actually show them this so I ended up with no one to play with other than my griefers, glitching friends with tons and tons of easily earned cash and annoying orbital cannon strikes, and it's not enjoyable at all. So I don't play with them anymore. I even started my own crew SSSC (SecuroServ) with a greatly constructed logo, but no one to play with... Check out the crew page at https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/securoserverssecureif you want to join (The logo may not appear for some reason but it's legit well-constructed SecuroServ logo) Add me on PSN: X-Z-_D, tell me you came from this forum too! I always make sure that my men (or Women :D) are well-payed, even if it means they would send a mugger on me. So make sure to add me if you want to hop back into GTAV! (It pays very well btw)
  2. If you're looking for a challenge that puts your destructive creativity to the test and you like using the environment to your advantage, this is for you! No guns, no explosives, just wreck your car, but don't let it explode!
  3. With the GTA Online Heist update just around the corner, it appears that some information has surfaced regarding the new update; new trophies! I know that some (or even a lot of you) are not interested in trophies, but it does give you an idea on some of the new features in the game.........There are 4 Hidden trophies and 5 Visible, so here are the list! Shot Caller (Bronze) - GTA Online: Invest your hard earned cash to set up a Heist. Four Way (Bronze) - GTA Online: As Heist Leader set the Finale cut as 25% across all players. Live a Little (Silver) - GTA Online: Spend a total of $8,000,000 purchasing vehicles included as part of The Heists Update. Can't Touch This (Silver) - GTA Online: Complete a Heist Finale without taking any damage. Mastermind (Gold) - GTA Online: Earn 25 platinum medals across Heist Setups and Finales. So are you (still) anticipating this long awaited update to GTA Online, or has it been that long, that you simply don't care enough/anymore? Do these trophies spark an interest? Share with us your thoughts on the GTA Online Heist update (scheduled for 3/10).
  4. I have pledged myself to the Angry Army!!! Let us DESTROY all who stand before us!!!! And you know, have some fun along the way :-) Who wants to start gaming together??? I will list some of the games I got ready to go and currently playing! - Final Fantasy XIV ARR (PC) - Dragon Age Inquisition (PC) - Destiny (PS4) - GTAV (PS4)
  5. So I just picked up a PS4 for a bit over 200 bucks an picked up GTAV. Already beat GTAV on 360 just wanted to play it with the new FPS mode an such. I want to pick up another game or two can anybody give me suggestions? I here destiny is a grind fest. Already have Battlefield 4 on PC. Any killer apps? Thinking of Last of Us but cant find any other games that jump out at me yet.
  6. By the time of release around January 27, I'm going to do storyline missions before playing GTA Online with the Angry Army Crew.
  7. I feel like heists never gonna be there until next gen arrive, anyway ive heard that Steam is preparing to launch the official page for GTA V soon doesnt that mean there alot of activity going on right now? the release is near and i can feel it all over my butt but does someone know the exact date yet ill be glad to know Another point are we gonna have a GTA Online Crew up and running soon? i mean Joe created one last year but he did not play alot. Also we may need alot of these crew because of the players limits So i may started the First Crew of the AJSA on Rockstar Social Club (need confirmation) for GTA Online and have fun all toghether See you on the Street of Los Santos Gangbangers, with the new sweet graphic, mods and physic (Play with me on PS4 my id is below me go ahead feel free to add me.) September 12 EDIT:GTA V On both PS4 and Xbox One will be release on November 18th the PC version is delayed till the 15th of January sorry for that R* Fault
  8. I was wondering if i should get the xbox one version of GTA, or get the PC version, My PC build is a GTX 780, 8GB of ram and Intel i5-4670k
  9. I have just joined up for AJSA and I'm looking for PS3 gamers, specifically Minecraft players and also GTA V and BF4. I occasionally play COD (once a year) and am a decent builder in Minecraft and will always try to add detail to my builds. I welcome any PS3 players to add my PSN account (Primevaliam) and I would enjoy having a game with a fellow PS3 gamer.
  10. So I just recently bought an Xbox One and I've recently broke all contact with my friends on Live and I also became a member of the Angry Army on GTAV. Just saying I could use more people to play with especially with games like Titanfall and GTAV. My gamertag is RedbrickTurtle (thought I'm going to change it soon )
  11. Dude what is the matter with her when Rockstar is using her own likeness into the game, and then she filed a lawsuit to Rockstar Games for being "badly" portraying her into the game?? http://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2014/07/02/lindsay-lohan-sues-grand-theft-auto-v-maker/
  12. http://ap.ign.com/en/news/12011/heists-coming-to-gta-online-in-spring Finally. Plus new apartments, new rifle, wardrobe and vehicles. I'll be honest, I expected this to come much sooner. Thankfully this isn't the only content update this year. There's also going to be storyline dlc coming in 2014. Keep an eye on that as well if you're still into GTAV.
  13. It's a pretty good recreation of the MGSV trailer from E3. This must have taken a lot of time to get right.This just makes me want to buy Phantom Pain. Meh, there's still Ground Zeroes and Watch Dogs that will keep me company, if I have my PC and PS3. Damn it!
  14. Yep. Lindsay wants to file a lawsuit against GTA 5 for using her likeness in the game (the cover) and the character in game that you had to film while having sex for that paparazzi (actually it said they stole "her" look). She has supposedly talked to her lawyers and they are writing up a lawsuit. Source: http://www.tmz.com/2013/12/01/lindsay-lohan-grand-theft-auto-v-gtav-video-game-image-lawsuit/#ixzz2mGu67gdF Yeah, it's from tmz, so who knows how true this is but I think it's definitely possible she actually is trying to do this.
  15. What do you think the next GTA5 Update be?
  16. Will there be a GTA 5 PC Crew once it is out on PC?
  17. Well, Woo! Could we be getting more than just Heists, Content creator and capture the flag matches in the near future?! http://www.denofgeek.com/games/grand-theft-auto-online/28376/upcoming-gta-online-content-info-leaked According to this audio file that was meant to be found within the latest Beach Bum update. This file hints at future content that we could be getting. The website says that it could be unused audio files, but really why would they include that in the update.. Looks like we could be getting new additions like access to the Casino, phone and camera updates, business and property investments and the edition of pink slip races!! It does seem weird that they have included this file in this recent update. But still, if this content is planned soon,fingers crossed it will be around the same time as the next lot of DLC Sounds like we could be getting some sweet new additions to the game sometime soon (or at least confirmation of this) Hopefully in the future they will make use of that horse racing track near the Casino. Would love me some GTA Style Horse racing! Anyways, what do you guys think?
  18. Has anyone heard about the UFO's in the game of GTA V? I only heard about this earlier this week and have spent quite some time this week looking for these Easter eggs. If you did not know, then not to worry... All you need to begin searching is head up to near the top of Mount Chiliad and within the cable car building on the back wall, there is a mysterious map. http://rsg.ms/1dSxre3 On the map there are some clues as what you need to do, but it is very cryptic. Although it is to be believed that you somehow unlock a Jetpack. If you stroll outside of the building and head up to the viewing platform, you will discover written on the back of the floor of said platform these words... "Come back when your story is complete." Obviously referring to you in having to gain 100% game completion before you can view it. But... There is yet another mystery in that exact same place. While you are looking at those words on the platform, if you glance under the floor itself and onto the mountain, you will see the same symbol in red paint of the previously seen "All Seeing Eye," that appeared atop of the mysterious map. This is just the beginning of a much larger mystery. I just wanted to share this information and to see if anyone has achieved the true Enlightenment of solving this mystery yet? Why not share your discoveries here with the Angry Army and myself, so I don't feel so foolish by talking to myself? Thanks
  19. I just got banished to a 'bad sport' lobby and now my character is rocking a dunce cap for blowing up too many 'personal' vehicles. Apparently, this will last for 48 real time hours. Now, what I am having a hard time understanding is why Rockstar would create a game that provides you the ability to but tanks, use grenade launchers, fly helicopters with rockets and even fly a jet, also with rockets AND NOT LET YOU BLOW SHIT UP! Also, how are you supposed to know that the vehicle someone is driving is a 'personal' vehicle???? I mean, this is Grand Theft Auto! You have to expect this type of retaliation to someone who attacks you first or just because you want to blow some shit up. I would think they would have 'passive' lobbies for those who want to calmly and safely explore the world. I think its absolutely unfair to punish people for playing the game as 'we assumed' it was meant to be played.
  20. Anyone know how to fix this glitch ive got. I lost my preciously earned vacca to a weird glitch. I drove my vacca into water and destroyed it so i called mors mutal insurance to recover it and it was recovered, so i called my mechanic to come deliver it too me and instead he delivered my Zion Cabrio. I somehow duplicated my Zion Cabrio and replaced it with my Vacca. Anyone know how to fix this problem or mabey if you have also experience it that would be helpful. Thanks
  21. Juan Rivera, signing in, ready for battle SIR! I'm from El Salvador, and I'm proud to finally join the Angry Army. Be sure to check out the Angry Joe poster I made. Some comments would be great! Cheers.