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Found 9 results

  1. It's time we had an official guidebook for ship's and appropriate equipment to use for them. As such, this topic will be periodically updated with different strategies Captains may wish to try with their crews. Or it may be used as a starting point when developing your own ship and strategy.
  2. When it comes to co-operative airship management games (a genre which granted doesn't have many options), this is easily the best. With a nice variety of ships and weaponry as well as a community that is still going strong and the strong possibility of further developments by Muse, I believe that this would make an excellent addition to the Angry Army's arsenal. After all, an army can't do much worse than float into battle guns blazing on an airship. If you're still not convinced, check out the TGS Battle Royale starring our very own commander in chief; Angry Joe. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxEy4hSyr54 Pros: Wide selection of ships and weaponry to choose from.Still being strongly supported by the developer who also like to jump into games with the community.Fun gun-play and a strong emphasis on co-operation. Class system means that there is a role for everybody.Gets even better with friends playing together via team-speak. Cons: Not the easiest game to get into if you're new (especially when steering the ship).Matches can take a while to get underway.
  3. So i have searched around the internet for a while looking for intersting shooters and here is the outcome The first one is a blokcy TPS called minimum you can sign up for the beta here:http://playminimum.com/?share=bd6a548b50 in addition they are offering a special armor set for anyone who signs up for the beta Next we have Zombies Monster Robots or Hazard ops for the europian version. it is sorta a gears of war hybrid of some other shooters mixed in for the fun or you could watch the US trailer personally i like the first trailer the most For the EU:http://www.hazardops.com/en/ For the US:https://account.enmasse.com/zmr/sign-up# Moving on we have a similar game called Dizzel the game is also a mix between gears of war and other various shooters. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2a84vhUsPLo sign up for the beta here: http://dizzel.ogplanet.com/en/intro.og and for any Warhammer 40k fans we have a mmorpg around the universe http://www.eternalcrusade.com/# no trailers for this one sorry about that Lastly we have Extraction http://extraction.nexon.net/ no trailer for this one either since they are working on a new site for the game but still keep an eye out for this game So thats it, here is some new games. Enjoy them PS for some reason only 2 videoes will show on the forums so sorry about that
  4. Just a poll to see whose ever favorite FPS is around here. Please list your favorite if its not on the poll.
  5. Hi there! I've been playing quite some ghosts lately, and i would love to compare some notes on experiences with the different weapons. Here's what i feel are some of the best guns in the game: Shotguns Tac 12! To me no other 12 Gauge holds a Candle to this, thanks to the decreased spread when aiming down the sights, that thing kann kill on pretty impressive range, if equipped with a grip and a muzzle break. Not necessarily the best with slug ammo, but if you want to use that you might as well grab a sniper rifle. MPs K7 for a fast, stealthy set, i like it the most with grip and rapid fire, deals damage like hell on short to medium range, kills dogs just like normal enemies. Vector for a loud, spray and pray fast set. Worked for me with most mods but the silencer. Mtar-X, the definitiive starting weapon i think, save up some squad points and you can basically mod this thing to do anything you like just as well as an assault rifle, just more nimble. Assault Rifles Fad, what a lovely little bullet hose! Are you like me and can't really aim or have any tactical knowledge? Let your gun do the heavy lifting for you! Fire rate, mag size and recoil one can absolutely live with just made me love this thing, like the Mtar-X kind of a nice allrounder, modable for whatever you want it to do. Honey Badger, feels like an assault rifle and an MP at the same time, nice for stealth thanks to integrated silencer, and small enough to not make you feel like you're compensating. Nice package deal. Pistols P226. Ran out of ammo? Keep killing with a trusty sidearm. It just feels like the most balanced solution that won't leave you hanging no matter what trouble you went and got yourself into. Loved it with a silencer as well as a muzzle break. Magnum. Do you feel lucky, punk? A nice, quick one shot finisher in case your mag just ran out and your enemy is still standing. If you have a set with the additional weapon mods perk, give it a muzzle break and armor piercing ammo and see what happens. Those are the weapon types i have experience with, if any of you know sniper rifles, marksman rifles, LMG and all the other stuff, i would love to hear your opinions, so i don't have to fly blind when i try them out. Thanks! DangerLemon
  6. Precaution!!!: As this is a thread about Firearms, Hunting and all things to do with these topics you're hereby warned that i'm not under 100% control of what people post in this topic, i ask that all my posters use Spoiler Tags if they plan on posting pictures of their kills or of their Firearms to avoid getting this topic locked or otherwise removed. You've been warned now continue at your own risk. Hey guys & gals of the Angry Joe Show Army. I know there is a lot of these threads lurking about but they're all about who owns a Firearm & what type. What we can discuss: Anything & everything about Firearms.Any type of Firearm or Ammunation type.Any type of profession to do with Firearms. (Mainly aimed at hunting for myself) Here in this thread i'd like to start a full on discussion about all Firearm related stuff, this is practically just for my own information as i'm realitivly new to the gun scene and want to learn from more professional hunters rather than just learning by myself so let me begin. Firearms that I currently own: Savage Mark II .22 LR Rimfire Rifle.Akkar Churchill, Model 205 Under & Over Shotgun (Extractor Model). Ammo Types i've used to date. Rifle Ammunition: Winchester Subsonics 42 Max, 42 Grain 1065 FPS. Winchester Power-Point 42 Max, 42 Grain 1320 FPS. Federal Game Shok .22 Ammunition, 36 Grain, 1460 FPS. Shotgun Ammunition: Federal Heavy Field Load 4's, 12 Gauge 24 Grain. Federal Heavy Field Load 2's, 12 Gauge 24 Grain. Winchester Bushman 3's, 12 Gauge 34 Grain. Verdict on ammunition. For most of the beginning of my learning experience i mucked about with the Federal Ammunition for both my Shotgun & my .22 and they did work ok except for constantly jamming my rifle. But i just recently today, went and bought some Winchester ammo and have quite honestly seen a major improvement in accuracy & power even if they're significantly slower. I'm going to be sticking with Winchester from now on but i'd be open to some shout outs for good ammunition to try by you guys. What i hunt currently: RabbitsFoxes What i'd be open to hunt in the future: DeerKangaroosWild Dogs (Dingos/Coyoties or any other form of Feral dog in which you might call a Wild Dog.)DingosEtcI'm pretty much posting this because i'd like help from all you hunters, firearm enthusiests, etc etc, so post away with all the info you want i will read it when i am lurking around. Caution: As a precationary measure i ask that all pictures related to Firearms or Hunted Animals, etc MUST be placed in a Spoiler Tag to avoid queezey people or easily offended animal lovers, Please ensure you give adaquete information in your post as of what we are to expect in a Spoiler Tag. WARNING!: This thread may contain offensive content to certain people or cultures please view ALL spoiler tags with extreme caution if you're not interested in anything other information. Thanks for your understanding.
  7. Hey Angry Army i've been playing Gta V since online was released is it me or are the servers significantly empty every server i've joined has only about 5-6 people when before it used to have max players on every server. Anybody else getting this or is it just me as much as I hated being killed constantly I kinda miss it XD. Thanks everyone any feedback would be much much much appreciated!
  8. Let's just talk about guns we know and like. In gaming or in real life. If you'd like to have them in games... My personal favorites are G36, CZ VZ58, CZ805, Skorpion and it's succesor the Skorpion Evo, HK417, G3, all kinds of kalashnikovs and other i can't recall.
  9. as someone who is finally returning to the story killzone is telling. What had=s happened so far in the past games, What mechanics do you like from it, What does it do better than other shooters, and how is it original.