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Found 32 results

  1. Hello Arngry Army. I a recruit that just recently joined, and I discovered that this guild is located on the NSP server. I am on Dragonbrand and so I found myself wondering whether I should switch servers. I don't have the money to spend on gems so I want to know the fastest way in gw2 to get gold, so I can convert it into gems. Thanks for the help
  2. It's a legitimate question -- I never joined the AJSA guild because honestly I didn't even know there was one back when I started playing and there hasn't been any major updates in this forum since... 2017, so I have to ask, is anybody here still playing GW2?
  3. Hello AJSA my name is Renn Shaow and I have been a player of Guild Wars 2 for a short time. I have joined the Angry Army almost as soon as I first went into the game. I have not really been that active with the community, but today I want to propose an event for the guild. I did Triple Trouble for my first time today and I failed, miserably. I was in a PuG and we didn't even manage to take even one of the wurms. This got me thinking, the main problem with PuG's and TT is that it requires a lot of co-ordination and PuG's just don't have that. What I wanted to do was an event a day of the week where the entire Guild tried to take the TT. I was hoping for a day like Saturday and we could do it along side our Guild Missions. I feel that this will be a great event and might even convince some newer players coming into Guild Wars 2 because it is Free-To-Play too join our wonderful Guild. I created a poll too see if people wanted this too happen or not, and I hope that one of the Guild Leaders will see this post and approve. Thanks for reading,
  4. From July 14h to August 1st I'll be leading the NA Angry Army guild. I'll try my best to lead the guild missions at Sundays and I'll be leading a jumping puzzle guild event at the end of July. We gonna do the new Lion's Arch jumping puzzle! All mesmers will be very welcome. PS: Thanks, Obama!
  5. Lion's Arch was rebuilt, and with its greatness came a new, long and fun jumping puzzle! The new jumping puzzle is called Troll's Revenge, and it replaces an old one called Troll's End. Me, Astrobleme, Onewing and Vinhtyler tried to do it without any guide, especially because there was none so far. Vinhtyler found the puzzle entrance. We got our mesmers, left our portals ready and started our journey. The puzzle starts at [Captain Theo Ashford Memorial Bridge], which is a bridge close to Fort Marriner, at south of the city. After a lot of tries we finally found the chest, but, for our surprise, it was only the first of FIVE. Yup, four more chests were waiting for us. The first four had a piece of a key, so we could make a whole key at the end and open the fifth and final chest. It took hours to find them all! Me and Vinhtyler reached the end, then we took a screenshot as proof of our awesomeness. Astrobleme finished the puzzle later. Onewing didn't survived... May his soul find peace in the Mists. http://postimg.org/image/el6le617v/
  6. That's right! I will be leading a jumping puzzle event for the NA Angry Army at May 2nd (Saturday), 08:00pm GMT (Server Time)! We gonna start with really easy jumping puzzles, then increase the difficulty little by little. This is the path to become a pro! If you don't have the maps, fear not: we shall guide you until the jumping puzzle start points. No level required, so everyone is invited! "How many puzzles we gonna do"? A LOT! Any questions?
  7. Hi, I'm adpop and I have recently joined the NA AJSA for GW2. I know that that the guild's server is NSP, and I was wondering if I could still do WvW, Guild Missions, or anything related to WvW, as I know that servers now only matter for WvW. Thanks in advance for helping me.
  8. Hello Angry Army. I have questions for the guesting function in GW2. I want to know what I can do if I guest to NSP as currently I am on Dragonbrand and don't have enough gems to convert atm. Thanks in advance
  9. Hey guys, I was thinking about getting Guild Wars 2 there is big discount if someone wants to get it too. Also i would like to play with someone if anybody still plays it I never played this game but did some other MMOs i hope there are still people playing it . See ya !
  10. So, I checked all three pages and there doesn't seem to be one of these, so... Just vote for what Class you usually play and/or have at Level 80 Just for a bit of fun, I'd like you to vote for your favourite race as well. Me personally, only have my Engineer at level 80 so far, but I'm working on my Warrior right now. My favourite race are the Norn, because I love Nordic things, and Norn fit that description. Charr are a close second.
  11. Hey all, I recently decided I'd give GW2 another shot and get some guidance off more experienced players with how to level, as when I first picked it up I was really burnt out off WoW and SWTOR. Really enjoying it this time around, so I recently transferred over to NSP and was wondering how I'd get involved with the AJSA on it? IE: Do I have to get to 80 before I can really get involved in stuff? I have no max level characters, and my highest level character is 20, but I'll get there eventually! Thanks
  12. So ATM AJSA only officially supports the NA server "Northern Shiverpeak". This comes as a problem for me (and others in my possition), that currently lives in EU and has our account over here. Now paying to move is no problem for me. But I was wondering since I live in Finland (Eastern Europe) and moved my account to NA, would I still be able to play on decent graphics and do dungeons, PvP etc without having a ton of lagg? Or is there an EU based branch coming up soon, people are talking about it but I haven't seen any official statement on this.
  13. Post your character picture in here
  14. Valentines Fun

    From the album GW2

  15. Valentines Fun

    From the album GW2

    I was forced to do it ;-;
  16. Shotgun

    From the album GW2

    Just some random fun.
  17. So one of my friends is dying i post this to inform you guys that i will not be in the most chatty of moods in TS i am srry in advance
  18. So We are planing a Purge sometime this Weekend May be later in the week based on what is up and who is on How to not get Purged - Be on within a 1-2 Weeks time span (Of the Purge) - Represent (if u can not list Why) People to get Purged - Offline for longer then 3-4 Weeks or show the Stats Unknown - Not Representing These are Very Easy Ysnar if u have anything to add pls feel free i will updated this post with most Haste If a Purge ever happens again the Guild will be Notified and there will be News in this Section of the Forums
  19. Rynhildr's Boomstick

    From the album Guild Wars 2

    My backup weapon for ranged situations. It uses the Shiverpeak Rifle's skin, though I've forgotten what weapon I used for the stats.

    © SgtMerrick

  20. Her name is Rynhildr...

    From the album Guild Wars 2

    My Warrior <3 I've used Axe/Shield combo since level one. Never touched anything else. I'm using the T3 Norn Cultural Heavy, the Ophidian Axe and Jora's Defender Shield.

    © SgtMerrick

  21. so around noon today i plan on trying to level some more or set up a WvW Raid depends on what is happening if people apply etc etc small note it is 1:48 Am 1/11 Right now so sometime at 1Pm i want to see what i got my GMT i believe is -6 I will be using TS and i recommend people to try to use it Lastly i will start posting helpful tips and Tricks for new people and possibly support GW2 youtubers in the process I am a Warrior but i kinda want to run a Ranger My level is 11 i am srry about that but this is like my 5 or 6th time moving servers so i am restively slow about leveling
  22. I've been playing Guild Wars 2 since the beta. I'm one of the lucky ones to own the Collectors Edition. (It's was the only one sold in my city Greetings from Rytlock.) My main: Christina Thorn, lvl 80 Human Guardian. Member of Thousand Lakes Alliance. (Big finn guild) I've been taking many breaks from gw2 and tried to level up my alts so my main ain't that impressive. Human tier 2 armor as my armor skin My WvWvW build ain't done yet, but it's pretty effective. But really ain't that impressive...no, really. How bad is it... it's a secret. (I don't have any titles(I do now tho )) So tell me your mains
  23. Peasant human city

    From the album Guild Wars 2

    By forced perspective, I'm as big as Divinity's Reach.

    © SgtMerrick

  24. Southsun Cove!

    From the album Guild Wars 2

    This is my island in de sun.

    © SgtMerrick

  25. Blazeridge Steppes - Alternative

    From the album Guild Wars 2

    Same zone. Same place. different level of zoom.

    © SgtMerrick