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Found 6 results

  1. This is so cool... https://mashable.com/video/half-life-alyx-math-teacher/
  2. What's that quote from Avengers Endgame Hawkeye? Don't give me hope? And yet...I can't help it! I'm not crazy over VR, but this could be the game to change my mind...and I still secretly hope we DO get Half Life 3.
  3. Today I felt like going Retro and decided to play Half-life but I then thought to myself that would be a waste of my time and Your time because we all know how good half-life is. But then I thought I last played this game when my balls were still dropping and anything at that time would excite me. so I eventually decided to play the game, although I couldn't go more retro than half-life source because my mind has been poisoned and if I don't get to play with the dead corps of an enemy then I won't get any satisfaction, Ok that sounded wrong. But I eventually powered through the game and right at the start I see a few lousy stuff that is part of our shitty industry that is today, So one could blame half-life for the awful linear games of today. Let's get to the story, You play as Gordon Freeman not that you really know, Since he is a silent protagonist maybe you play as someone else who looks like Gordon Freeman but with a disability. The game really has a unique story and that it gives you the freedom to either search and discover or just kill monsters like the crazy bastard you are, You can even make your own army by finding alive security guards and recruiting them but they charge the enemy head on so they are basically useless those twats, The game really offers something different for everyone. I really felt that this game is what started the whole realistic FPS idea, But the games of today took everything that was bad in half-life and forgot the good stuff, Like while it feels linear it still has exploration in it finding secrets hidden and a whole story that you will never understand. After finishing Half-life I felt unsatisfied I wanted more, I felt like I had called up a hooker for an hour and she came 10 minutes late... AND WANTED DOUBLE THE MONEY. But it was still a whole loads of fun, So I rest my head today on the pillow knowing that Half-life still holds up in todays industry, But really it must be a fucking bad industry that a game from 10 years ago can be on top of today's games. I mean I thought we were supposed to evolve and create better gameplay and storys for those games but the problem is that companys these days will smile at you for the same reason sluts would smile at you they want your money. But rest assured that if you play Half-life you'll have 10 times the fun of playing any game these days, And I take back what I said first you can't really blame Half-life for today's stupidity of games, That's like saying that a girl becomes a hooker because she loves cock. That is basically my opinion and I would like to say I like to think of myself a critic not a reviewer because I basically give my opinion on a game and let you decide Whether you like it or not from what I said about it, and If you like my method and think I should do more of those than a feedback would help alot and also check out my Blog Here: http://gamingtraits.blogspot.co.il/
  4. i just want to know if half life 3 is real or a myth their are allot of people saying it "coming out" when it has not been stated. Valve is making a new source engine so i think this is proof of a new fps game however we mite have to wait for 2 or maybe 5 years i just don't know. what do you guys think.
  5. It's been 9 years since Half Life 2 came out. The game has been relished by the gaming community for so long and I must ask, has it aged well?