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Found 4 results

  1. Around next month before Halloween starts at October 31, will Joe able to review Survival Horror games that he played this year as a Halloween treat to our fans?
  2. Well it's almost that time of the year again for you guys to trick or treat. To prepare yourself for the occassion, I'll recommend some games with perfectly good scares. You may not heard of these games before, so it's perfect for you to know about it now because you won't know what to expect. I will leave out the old Resident Evil/ Biohazard games because those are too common picks, and they're not scary at all compared to these games. Here are my recommendations: Silent Hill 1 - 4. Ah yes, let's start with the game that explores human issues and manifest them in the form of terror and dread. I highly recommend this series. Solid combat, great story and fucking creepy atmosphere where everything is so bloody and dark around you, with monster designs that makes you want to scream. Also: Fatal Frame series. Goddamn this game scares the fucking shit out of me. Here's the concept: you're a girl, and your only weapon is a camera. Your enemies are ghosts that likes to appear out of nowhere. Above, bellow, walls in front of you, a box, fuck me man. Plus half of these are long haired white dressed girls, the only girls that manages to make me avoid them. Forbidden Siren series. Very unique game with a very scary atmosphere. The graphic is like LA Noire before LA Noire, on PS2 which makes it pretty impressive. The unique feature here is called "sightjacking", where you can see what enemies look at so you can avoid them. It's MGS + Amnesia, and it's great. Multiple characters to pick from. If you're lucky, you'll play as characters who have weapons. But if you are not lucky and have to play with characters without weapons, like a 14 or 8 year old girl, good luck with living. Plus the commercial for this game is considered one of the most scary commercials ever. Amnesia, Outlast & Five Nights at Freddies. You guys know what these games are. Horror flash games, especially Exmortis. ESPECIALLY Exmortis. These flash games still manages to make me jump out of my seat. I know they're just jump scares, but the imagery presented with these jump scares fucking got to me. Cry of Fear. This is a free game on Steam, and it's a great horror game. This game manages to make me quit it while playing because I don't want to see what's coming next. It makes me have cold sweat playing it. And impressively, it's all a Half Life conversion mod. Damn these guys did a fine job with this game. And lastly, the latest game that manages to scare the crap out of me, Alien Isolation. SEGA has redeemed themselves. Now THIS is Survival Horror. This game manages to make my heart stops even when there's only a sudden sound of a vent opening, and it makes me avoid the monitor when the alien gets close to me. Certainly one of the best games of 2014 and a great Halloween game. Possible entries: Evil Within. I can't wait to play this game. Unfortunately, this is 50GB huge, so I have to wait 1 week after this game is released to get a physical copy because my internet will die if I download it. DAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMN!! Almost forgot about 2 games. Both about a girl and her dog. Haunting Ground. Final girl Slasher flick: the game. No weapons, just you and your dog while you run away from enemies that you can't kill, and they're relentlessly chasing you everywhere. Rule of Rose. Beautifully haunting. The game is presented as if it's a story book, with narration and chapters. Creepy as hell soundtrack and monster designs. A great story about standing up for yourself from a bunch of little mean bitches, and a great sad ending that will make you cry. What's another horror game you can recommend? Let me know.
  3. From the album My WoW days

    Best Friends Slaying Huntsman from World of Warcraft.
  4. One of my friends shared this image with me and it was instant love. Which one is your favorite and which costume you would buy as a skin ?!