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Found 4 results

  1. Hey everyone it's been a while, but I've decided to try and make video's again. Now keep in mind I'm trying to be as neutral and polite as possible throughout the whole video. I'm not saying what happened was a good thing because really it wasn't. The MCC should have been awesome, but something along the way got fucked up and unfortunately people got upset. However I will say this, the Halo 5 Multiplayer Beta is a lot of fun. Now will this make up for The MCC not being as good as we hoped? Well much like I say in the video, I can't say. However, I will say I am excited about it and I hope that 343 learns from this and doesn't do what they did in The MCC. Or again it could have been a complete accident that something wasn't picked up during testing and well as the saying goes shit happens. Anyways I hope you enjoy the video and please tell me how I did.
  2. I am trying to beat the campaign on Legendary. My own copy of Halo 4 is scratched so I am unable to play only Dawn. My friend let me use his copy since he can just play it on the MCC. I was able to complete Dawn, but about halfway through it, I was disconnected from XBL for a few moments. On the campaign mission select Dawn is completed on Legendary solo, but in my service record, it does not show me starting Legendary despite me playing the prologue on Legendary. It also does not show it completed under the campaign section in the Player commendation page. Any advice at all is needed.
  3. Hello Gamers of all ages. I am Online frequently but lack people to play with. I was wondering if I could find someone here. Contact me for my GT, I play GTA:O, COD:Ghosts, Halo 4 and Minecraft only xbox360. I have more games but those seem to be the ones everyone is playing. we can discuss the games more if needed. Thanks for taking the time to read this post. have an awesome day. see ya!
  4. I really didn't like Halo 4. Now it wasn't the worst game ever, but it definitely didn't keep my attention any more than a month. The game was a huge disappointment for me in many aspects, here are some of the things I didn't like. No ranked multiplayer: Seriously 343? This was the most important of all. Without ranked there is no way to make sure the experience is challenging and pleasurable for any players. Either you tear everything apart in a blood driven rampage, get your ass kicked, or have a good game (90% of the time it's the former). Ranked is what made the previous titles great, it's what made you want to replay the multiplayer. Without that there is not much fun to be had when the games are either too easy or to hard.No human aircraft: Why? Just why? No falcon, no hornet, no pelican, no nothing? I thought human aircraft should have been a staple since halo 3. Without this there is just so much ruined potential with custom games.Lack of gamemodes: The only new gamemodes that were added is regicide (which is O.K.), flood (which is infection with flood-like spartans), and dominion (which was pretty fun, but it could have had more potential). Headhunter was removed, along with V.I.P., Race, Stockpile, Every Insane gamemode, Invasion (perhaps the most missed of all), And assault (why would you drop that?). Most of these choices hardly make since. Either the clock was against them or they didn't give a shit.Worst campaign yet: Not only was it short, but it kinda went against the mythos, had an anti-climactic boss battle, and *SPOILER* killed off one of my favorite characters CORTANA.Bland multiplayer: At first I was defending the game from people saying "It's just like COD!". But now I see that the class system, no weapon pick-ups, and ordinance drops ruin the game for me. It just doesn't feel like halo anymore.Non-Working file browser: One of my favorite things about reach was the file browser. Sharing and downloading custom maps, pictures, films, and gamemodes was great. 343 didn't get up the file browser until weeks after release.No forge world: -Or at least a worthy equivalent. Either the map is just too small or doesn't have very many natural formations. The only forge map worthy of replacing forge world was impact, but even then who wants all of their maps in space?Weak weapons: Why do the weapons sound so weak? When I heard 343 was recording for weapon sounds in the field I was so exited. What I ended up with was weapons that sounded more plasticy than ever.Perks: At first I thought this wasn't a big deal, but then I played the game alot. Perks or "Specializations" should never be in a Halo game NEVERBarely any new vehicles: All we got was a mech, no pelican, no shadow, no specter, and no new human vehicles. What a waste of potentialHardly any weapon pick ups: These ordinance drops replaced the random map weapons, and although I might admit that the random power weapon cycling is cool but there is so little of them, it ruins all the fun we had with weapon pick-ups in the past. Now with all the classes and shit, nobody starts out on even grounds which is what made halo so great.No SMG: People asked for the SMG sooo much. The silenced SMG was probably the number 1 weapon people wanted to see in halo 4. So what did 343 do? Ignore that request and put no SMG what-so-ever.​No Dual Wielding: Some may dismiss this as a stupid gimmick, but fuck that! Dual wielding was badass and added more variety to the gameplay. I really miss this feature.Ultra consistent point count: No matter how well you do your point count is very consistent after the end of every match. So if you get a killionare and a perfection in one game your points that you are awarded afterwards will be almost the same as a match in which you didn't get those. Totally lame...Lack of playlists: Nowhere near the amount of playlists you got in 3 and reach. Not even any community playlists.Anti-climactic boss fight: Did I say boss fight? I meant there was none. Just a cut scene and an assload of enemies beforehand.Worst A.I. teammates since reach: There are hardly any of them, and when there are some they are like disabled children. Just watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaR8ltjlrwU These A.I. make me miss Kat.Wasted campaign opportunity: After the love expressed by the fans due to the amazing space battle section in reach, what is 343's experience? One short pelican mission and nothing like it afterwards. We did get a mission with a mammoth but the variety of awesome set pieces is significantly less that in reach.​Again, it's not the worst game, but it was probably the worst halo besides ODST. If you agree with me post any more problems, if you don't tell me why you don't agree with me.​