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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, Unkindled Ones and welcome to Lothric. The Lords of Cinder ignore their duties and the thrones lay bare. You are to seek the lords and rekindle the flame to surpress the age of dark. So rise unkindled ash and go forth to find your destiny. This event shall be held March 10th, 2018 at 2pm EST/7pm GMT on discord.
  2. Here's a rather recent game that's pretty obscure but really good. Revolver 360 Re:Actor. The game has no story. It's just you fighting hundreds of enemies shooting bullets at you. Well there is kind of a story where you have to destroy a giant woman robot thingy but it's nothing important. The game is a 2.5 D side scrolling shooter. Enemies will come from all direction, even the background, and you have to shoot all of them. The game is a bullet hell so the enemies will shower TONS of bullets at you. You can counterattack by using lasers to change yellow bullets into extra points like other bullet hell games can do, and use emp straight shots or just hold the emp button for a shockwave for bullets that looks purple or blue. The game gives you a lifebar, but no continues. And only 1 default difficulty. In this game if you're not careful, you will die. A lot. The unique thing about this game is the ability to change the angle of your surrounding. You can spin the background 360 degrees and by doing this, you can find more enemies in the background, find items that will replenish your health, or even change the shape of enemy bullets so it will travel in a more condensed line. Sometimes there's obstacles in the background that you have to shoot before they come to you and destroy your health which requires you to quickly change your angle and shoot the obstacle before it hits you. This is a really cool and useful feature. I want to see future bullet hell side scrolling games have this kind of ability. The graphic is oddly beautiful. I said oddly because it feels dreamlike. Everything from the enemies to the environment is in blue or red color, well except the bullets, and the surrounding has odd looking buildings that will never really exist in real life but are pretty to look at. The music of the game is freaking awesome. The game is unfortunately very short. There's only 4 missions, and you can pretty much beat the game in 40 minutes. BUT that's only if you can get through the difficult sections. Man of man, this game is freaking hard. Bullets just fly at you from all direction, so you have to constantly nullify their bullets with your lasers and emp blasts, but those 2 have limited ammo, so you have to change the background to avoid the bullets. But sometimes there's even more bullets that covers an entire angle which will kill you if you're not careful! It took me 10 tries to beat the game. Regardless, the game is still really fun to play. There's 3 modes to the game, normal mode, stage select mode and challenge mode. Stage select mode allows you to replay a stage a d only play 1 selected stage, while challenge mode is just a couple of challenges you have to complete. You can beat them to get achievements, which are really hard to get so if you're a Completionist, you'll spend a long time completing them. Overall, a very good bullet hell shooter with a great and interesting gameplay mechanic, although it's pretty short. And really hard. Currently $10, but I got it when it was $5 so wait till then before you buy it. I give this game the rating of "so good you can't wait for the sequel (if there is any)".