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Found 2 results

  1. SO after watching Joes review from Harry Potter for the hundredth time. I think I have an idea for a GOOD harry potter game. So first you get to create your own wizard that also goes to Hogwarts school. You will pick different types of traits, and personalities to determine which team to join ( Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin). You get to customize your wand, and customize and improve your spells through different classes. You can have multiple conversations with other students, with a choice of bad and good responses or consequences. Mission wise you will have random ones with students at the school, You will do mission for the team your on (even in quidditch). Also teacher may request your assistance .And as your main you deal with new problems at Hogwarts with all of the well know characters. (not quite sure where to go with that mission but something can be made easily). What you do how you respond reflects what happens in the game you play. Combat will be more Mass effect based, You can choose companions such as well known characters and friends you have made on the way. I believe this idea is legit and a lot of people will love it. I believe it should be single player for the time being, Maybe later be able to missions with your friend in groups up to 5 maybe. worth a shot!
  2. A game company tried to make a Harry Potter MMO but could only build up to the Beta stage, well they apparently did reach said stage and just needed to wait for warner bro's approval. But, it looks like warner bros said "no thanks" to the product. Well, at least the team is still gonna try and make a "wizard" game, because they are now working on something called "The world of magic" which is suppose to show that they can make said mmo, if warner bros just let them. Permlinks one two three four