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Found 5 results

  1. dogs

    Healthy Pets, Healthy Lives. They say that pets have more love than humans, and they are human's best friends. Pet lovers have the same amount of love for pets as they do. They belong to us, and their nourishment is our responsibility. Our sentiments for pets have built up to the extent that we are forced to take this initiative to create awareness about pet nutrition and set up a partnership in the pet welfare world to increase the awareness of what these pets exactly wants. Pets bring about tons of benefits with them. Above all, we already know that pets have a strong bond with humans, and additionally, there are lots of advantages of owning a pet. They are a good chance for us to exercise, and for outdoor activities, we go out and enhance our social lives. Regular exercising, walking, and playing with your pets can decrease your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and they can also help to get away from loneliness and anxiety. Pets are the best companions. They hold extraordinary ways to unite the families and bring them close to each other. Therefore, we are here with Petsyne to help you strengthen this bond with your pets. https://petsynse.com/
  2. Shortly after uploading this, my cough was worse, breathing shallow. :|
  3. Sometimes you just gotta vent. So I'm sitting here staring at my last check stub that I always use to file taxes, and I'm dealing with realization for this year I've been forced to get health insurance just so I don't get a penalty for something I don't need. I mean I get sick once ever 8-10 years and its a damn cold. I don't need to go to the doctor for that. So starting 2015 I have to look forward to losing $86 for health insurance a month, that I wont be using. Yes, I get to write it off at the end of the year on taxes, but its certainly not helping me by being present. I'm still wondering even how the hell this got through. If I recall something along the lines of "oh, we didn't know that was in there".... Well why the hell would you pass something if you didn't know all of what was in it? This is about as bad as the time I got my first savings account and discovered the government places a tax on it. Wtf am I saving for then? I have to say for every good step forward, there's always some way they discover to try to tear you down bit by bit. I might join the other 100,000+ (of course this isn't accurate) who will probably check off muslim on their tax return form just so they don't have to pay the penalty for religious reasons. Damn...I'd have a long battle with my conscious on that... maybe. Government and big corporations tend to get away with all the unholy grace of hell, yet let the little people stick one toe over that line. Canned. As usual, I'll just have to do what people have been doing for years. Find a way around the bs handed to us. Lets do this.
  4. Right now, in modern games like Skyrim or GTA, you will constantly get hit and die immediately unless you take cover to regenerate health or pick up health packs, whereas in other games mostly from the 4th and 5th generation gaming era where you be invicible for a short period of time giving you a chance to kill an enemy or get past them to finish the level, which one do you prefer?
  5. I struggle socially, I can only deal with one on one conversations well. I consider myself socially dysfunctional. Possibley an Aspie. I would love to hear from fellow gamers who struggle socially. I would like to know if socializing online has improved there life, if so in what ways. What challenges have they come across online. Has it made it easyier to find more like minded people. Is it an unhealthy form of socializing or is it healthy in moderation. I say this because Humans read alot about people by there body language, voice tone, facial expressions etc. Socially dysfunctional people struggle with this and rely more on content in the spoken word. I come from the era from when computer games were played by hardcore gamers and geeks, this is where I found my peers at School and College. This is before computer games went mainstream and the internet was in its infancey when it came to online gaming and computer gaming communities were just pockets of friends.