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Found 21 results

  1. I've been playing a lot of Blizzard in my spare time as of late. It occurred to me that the profile settings don't have a display option for Battle.net tags. I think the forums would benefit from being able to share each other's IDs given the variety of content Blizzard has released. Think about it: WoW and Diablo are RPGs, and with Legion coming out it might be worth establishing (or re-establishing) a guild. Overwatch is a damn good-looking First Person Shooter that we might want to play with a streamer like Joe or Delrith. Maybe make it an official game. Heroes of the Storm is a MOBA and it looks like we've got an active community in that. StarCraft and Hearthstone are Strategy games. Who knows, maybe we can get a tournament going some day. So I'm making this topic for us to share each other's Battle.nets and what games we all play. I know HotS has a list of their own, but I want this topic to encompass all games and genres Blizzard makes. So we'll just say our accounts and what games we frequent. Like: My ID is AngelAquila#1241 and I play a lot of WoW and Hearthstone When we have more IDs, I'll make a list with each user and what games they play.
  2. Opening some packs from the new Journey To Un'goro expansion in Hearthstone.
  3. Hey guys, is anybody in the army playing this game? I was looking for sparring partners in order to improve. If some people are interested we might try to start a fight club
  4. Good evening fellow members Solomon901 is my name and Hearthstone is my game, i have been looking for some fresh meat if anyone is interested in a friendly little game with me come sit down by the old hearth you wont be disappointed my email is shlomo.orensteinhearth@gmail.com
  5. Hey guys, Reasoning for Request: As Angry Joe said in one of his recent youtube videos on the AJSA, this community is also capable of creating some competitive teams. SC2 is the perfect game to have a competitive team in, given the many competitive opportunities in the pro gaming scene even for semi-professional teams. I think SC2 has the potential to be a major component, even if it's small, to our new community! Pros: - Integrated team / clan / community system - Ranked, unranked, and custom games (something for everyone) - Fun to play with or without other players - Highly competitive atmosphere! - Fast paced RTS Cons: - Highly competitive - Steep learning curve - Necessary expansion purchase (Wings of Liberty as well as Heart of the Swarm) EDIT: Additional information (Thanks to DarKnoob):
  6. Lately Ive started to Stream when Ive been playing Hearthstone on my Twitch channel instead of posting youtube videos. Just havent had the time to do a proper video, but streaming is easy and fast. The idea behind my streaming is that I dont do any commentary, I just play and people can stop by to just look at gameplay without having to listen to my rants. I dont really have fixed times at the moment, but usually announce when Im about to start on my Twitter (@Olafurlive] Check it out if you find HS interesting.
  7. AngryJoe promised me he would play some hearthstone. And this was a few months back! Unfortunately he hasn't had the time to play the awesome game yet and I will like to be the AngryJoe Army Hearthstone live streamer. For The Horde!!!!!! Just search joshi3000 and look for the ssj4 goku icon
  8. Have you been hearing a lot about this fancy game called "Hearthstone" and have no idea what is it? Do you know what it is and are possibly interested in playing it? Do you have card game experience? Fear not! I can help. As you all may know, Hearthstone is an ultra-casual card game that was just recently released by Blizzard Entertainment featuring cards depicting figures from the Warcraft universe. It's a pretty simple card game that can be pretty fun. I put together a guide for my friend regarding all the basics in the card game. A lot of it is self-explanatory, but it is set up to explain the game to somebody who isn't familiar with card games or mechanics at all. You can find the guide here. I update it occasionally if I feel I missed something. EDIT: Also, if you play the game yourself and see I missed something vital, please let me know!
  9. I received it today after playing a few games of Hearthstone. While it's not the most beautiful mount out there, I have to say I really appreciate Blizzard doing promotional stuff like this. I always welcome free content.
  10. Hey there! Figured I'd post my most recent YouTube video here! It's from my running series Should You Play. It's essentially just a product overview rather than a review. this particular video uses my new format for the series going forward (hopefully) Feedback would be greatly appreciated Link:
  11. I've been playing this game so much lately, it's just great. But why is almost no one talking about it on the forums? I've seen 1 post about it and that was 2 month ago... Please, anyone, add me : Ozukar#2308 (EU server). I would love to play some games with some of you guys, discuss decks and strategies and whatnot .
  12. hello. just figured i would just jump right in and try to be an active member of this community. anyway to the point, just wondering how many people here are in the hearthstone beta, i got access about 2 weeks ago and since then the game's been consuming most of my time and no-one i know is in the beta or interested and while i respect that, i just want to talk about it so much with someone else who knows what i'm going on about. so if you guys have any devious decks or master strokes in strategy you are particularly proud of (not sure why i'm using so much alliteration) lets hear about them. who knows if there are enough people we could hold mini tournaments
  13. After reading through some of the threads here, most people seem to count card games as strategy games. So, in that case, does anyone else have a Beta invite to Hearthstone? I'm pretty new to the Beta, so i'm not amazing at the game, but none of my friends have been able to get a Beta key. My battle.net ID is Phoxly#1933. I think it would be really fun to play with some of you guys here on the AJSA forums. If you don't know what Hearthstone is, It's one of Blizzard's new games. I'll post a video below:
  14. Got into the Hearthstone Arena yesterday and after spending the day checking out tutorials and constructed I decided to record my first Arena run. Now it didnt go great, but I think the Video turned out good. I seperated the Draft from the actual gameplay, so if you want to skip the draft then you can go directly to the second video. Ill be doing some more videos of Hearthstone and uploading to my channel shortly and Ill post them to this thread aswell. Ive started a Warrior run which I will probebly post later today, just need to edit it and Ive got to get some sleep in first. Let me know what you thought of the videos.
  15. hey there whats up my name is Cameron, just like Joe i love to make YouTube videos, i would describe my channel as the place you can come to learn as well as teach others via the comments section etc... (PS hope its okay to post here) I Always love to teach people new tips and tricks, i like to interact with various different people, the main idea is just to get my channel to grow, other than YouTube i have cast a few League of Legends Tournaments as well as streamed some of my own game play. I am going to be casting a League of Legends Tournement in a few weeks as well. One of the ways i like to interact to people who enjoy my content is by providing regular updates in the use of Vlogs or on twitter. Here is my Channel Link: youtube.com/TheButteryGamer Here is a link to one of my Hearthstone Guides: http://youtu.be/A0ai4ePtX48 Here is a link to one of my League of Legends Videos: http://youtu.be/EtGVApl3oG0 Here is a link to one of my Vlogs: http://youtu.be/q9CQWouw5Zs My Twitter Link: www.twitter.com/wowdudegaming
  16. Hey guys, i recently got into the open beta for hearthstone and wanted to open up the topic for discussion about it. In my opinion the game is well made, i really enjoy the RTS and competitive feel of the game. It is the first card game i play, and got used to it pretty fast, i don't know if the game might be made a bit too simple, but regardless of how simple the mechanics are, i still feel the need for complex strategic thinking in order to win games. I also don't feel the need to spend money (pay to win) since im currently 1 star gold in rank, and feeling like im doing decently well without having to spend money for packs and getting a big supply of rare cards and legendaries. But who knows, maybe in a higher rank i will feel the need to actually get legendaries, but for now i enjoy the challenge of playing agaisnt players with rare cards agaisnt my regular decks. If anyone is playing hearthstone right now, i would like to know your opinion about it and if anyone hasn't played it yet and would like to know more about, tell me and il add more information about it.
  17. Does someone have a spare hearthstone beta key?
  18. Introduction video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_Vw8DZdHXk New format for HearthStone videos! -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqQHmxNBmNQ Hey everyone Krydan here. The title says is all really. I would like some advice on this whole Youtube fiasco. You can find my channel in the description and a link to my first hearthstone video here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rj9fB1-UeHc (currently have two of that series out at this time) I hate to spam places and annoy people, but in this day and age of Youtube, you have to do a small bit of advertising to get a small bit noticed. I just keep thinking back to Jesse Cox's *Advertise like shameless whores* ;D I am not expecting to post this and get an extra twenty subs or anything crazy, more just to maybe get some advice on how I can improve so you guys WOULD like my content. Thanks for spending your time to read this! -Krydan
  19. So I love Hearthstone, even though I have never ever played a single game. I watch about an hour of Hearthstone content each day If I have the option and I enter any betakey giveaway I can find, the dream being ofcourse getting into that beta and starting to post gameplay videos to my Youtube channel. Maybe It would be more accurate to say I think I will love Hearthstone. Anyway, what all this rambling is working its way up to is, are there other Hearthstone lovers around here, is anyone here in the beta and what are your views on the game.
  20. So hi all to the AJA! i come here as part of the Angry fleet! asking if any of you enjoy Hearthstone? if you care to tell me how bad i am? boost your own egos? well my YouTube channel is the place to be come on down and violate my anus Youtube.com/dixie15pne
  21. Hello everyone, I've been watching Joe for some time now, I don't really remember since when, and even though he doesn't play Hearthstone, a lot of the Polaris partners do and they got me to like the game. I got a beta key maybe one month ago and I love doing arenas, so much so that I started my own youtube channel dedicated to arena drafts and games using the experience I've gotten thus far with it. If you are, like many others, in line to get a beta key (it really sucks having to wait so long!) come by and watch the 3 videos I have at the moment and tell me what you think! I intend to keep making them and I've no illusions, I know they're bad, the quality was reeeally bad but I've no figured out how to compress the videos so at least next ones will have a much higher fidelity. I want to make them more entertaining and I'm trying to improve it. I'm a somewhat shy person so shouting and making a big fuzz like Joe doesn't feel natural to me, but hey, no one ever starts with perfection. So come by and tell me what you think, I'm always available for discussions and if I somehow get a beta key, I'll be more than glad to give it away! http://www.youtube.com/user/Hecatombish/videos