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Found 86 results

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  2. Hello everyone,nice to meet you,Im new here and i want to know how to join Ngry Army in Destiny 2, thanks from advance!
  3. I haven't been active in quite some time. I've been lurking in the margins of the AJSA, mainly due to high anxeity and poor self-esteem. Also I am far too poor to participate in any game nights....cuz I...can't afford any of the games y'all play... any suggestions to anyone who's deathly afraid for getting booted for any insane reason, mainly foot-in-mouth disorder?
  4. I'm looking to expand my gaming list with new and grand titles. Maybe you all could help, in anyway possible?
  5. Hey everyone, I really didn't know where to post this but i had an important question. I had received Joe's badass seal of approval back in 2014 for participating in one of the AJSA Planetside 2 24 hour ops. However due to problems with my family back home, i had to leave the usa and go back to india. I had to stop gaming for a while and had stopped checking the AJSA forums for almost a year. I decided to check up with some old mates from here and was browsing through my profile when i realized that the badass seal of approval was no longer visible in my profile. Is there anyway i can get it back or do you lose it if you are no longer an active player in the community? Do let me know. Thank you and happy gaming. Regards, chocokaran67
  6. help

    So something seriously annoying has gone wrong with my current keyboard: The A button gets stuck if I press it too hard, making me have to 'scoop' it back out, and it happens very often. It's a Trust GXT 280. So... now I have to get a new one, thanks to 1 button :/ I have some requirements of what I'd like the keyboard to have. #1 is length. It needs to be no bigger than my current one, which I think is 50cm wide, and that already needs to be slightly sticking out of my desktop plate. #2 is LED-lights on the buttons, so I can easily see what buttons I'm pressing in my poorly lit room. (preferably red lights) #3 is sturdiness. I don't want my new keyboard to start falling apart in 1 year. #4 is, well, price. It doesn't have to be wireless, or have a crazy design, as that just adds to the price unnecessarily. Appreciate any suggestions you guys can give me c:
  7. ...and man... I'm legitimately terrified. Most of what I hear about this movie is "It's all just crazy conspiracy theories" and all that, but I seriously believed every single word. It just... it all made so much sense, it seemed so well proven, it all added up in a perfect alignment that couldn't possibly be one big coincidence! ...Or am I just becoming another conspiracy nut? I realize that this is a very highly controversial subject I'm dealing with, but I trust the maturity of this community, which is why I chose to post this here. So... if any of you have seen this movie, what are your thoughts? Is there some truth in it? Is it all truth? Or Is it all nonsense? I like to think that I'm a generally rational and intellectual person, and watching that movie with very little bias and it managing to fully convince me... has to mean something, right? Man, I'm worried off my mind about all of this actually being our reality, with very few people even being aware of it or believing it, and at the same time I'm worried that I'm just sitting here worrying my mind off of some lying manipulative conspiracy theory nonsense!
  8. now as some of you know the construction system is out, and with that comes new players or people who are just coming back to planetside 2, for this reason alone I'm making a quick do's and don'ts. do spend your starting certs on suit ability, tool and vehicle upgrade slots. don't spend your certs on infantry weapons. why? weapons are a SIDE grade not an upgrade, plus most starting guns are easy to use and well rounded that can fill many roles the only bad starting gun for new players is NC LMG the gauss saw. do join a squad or platoon, dont lone wolf. why? this is a team based game with hundreds of players and team work can win the base, but some of us dont like other people irl or in game so you can lone wolf if you want but i don't advice it. do spend some money at least 20 US dollars, don't spend your life savings. why? its a good game the least you could do is support it! again this was to be a quick do and don't have any other quick do's and don'ts add them here!
  9. I know I probably sound stupid but does any know how to reply to someone if there is like a button or something and also how can I donate to the angry army.
  10. Ok, Angry Army, I need advice. I picked up Don't Starve Together for the PC so I could have a fun game to play with friends. What we discovered was a nightmarish hellscape full of terror and adventure. We're hooked, but we're having a hard time getting started. Does anyone have any pro tips to share with us?
  11. Hey, AJSA. My name is Arnar Kristinsson. I live in Iceland and I started 3 months ago on Youtube. But Unfortunately I'm constantly being harassed by copyright claims on my videos, especially on my gaming videos. For example, I'm playing Uncharted 4 (you can see it on my channel) and there's music in the background. If there is slightly heard music in a licensed game that I paid for myself, it gets claimed. It's really difficult for me to get successful with this stupid system. Will somebody help me? Please give me advise. I will be so glad.
  12. Greetings locals of the forum. It has been a long while since last time i was here, and I don't like to do these stuff, but progress must be made. As we all know, we love video games, as far as i know... I just make videos and put them on the internet, and i want to share them with you. Like I mentioned before, i don't usually like to advertise myself or all that stuff, but as I create more and more content, i want to grow as well in the progress. The only problem that comes with it, i'm a military soldier who does not have all the time in the world. I may not be the best content creator, but i do try with the time given, even if it means schedule everything in advance. If you like what you see, i will be thankful if you will stick around and help this channel grow. I guess it will be more comfortable to post just few video of each of the recent playlists (because I am not familiar with how to post playlists). P.S: The Name SerieLis stands for Gray Fox in Russian
  13. Hey, so yeah my friend is trying to join us the AJSA but he told me that his email wich is, worldoftoast@hotmail.de that is already being used, but that cant be, so if enywone can help me please replie as fast as you can, thank you and long live the AJSA!
  14. I don't know if there are very many people who share this opinion. Or any really, this is mostly to see if anyone does. I joined the Guild Wars 2 scene about two or three months after Joe did the review on it due to a lack of money for the game. By the time I showed up basically everyone in the game was max level and already onto the pvp and daily dungeon quests. I (not knowing this) decided to join straight up with the angry army as soon as I got the game. I somehow managed to get in but when I did I found there wasn't much point. There was a serious lack of players willing to group for any reason with someone of a lower level. And there was no one around my level to help me out. So I wound up grinding my way up to level 40 something on my own before I just couldn't take it anymore. This also happened with Planet Side 2 and Guns of Icarus. I show up late to the party and everyone's either moved on to other games or just doesn't wanna bother with the noob. It's feels like there is a serious lack of camaraderie for anybody that wasn't there day 1. I had a few fun times and a few good experiences with all the games, but on the whole it felt like the big kids kicking me out of their club house. There needs to be more support for people who can't show up on time because life gets in their way. Jobs, family, budgets, all these things can delay people from joining the fun right away. Maybe have separate guilds or groups in games specifically for the noobs. Have players who are dedicated to helping people play catch up. Cause I get that not everyone wants to go back and do things they already did just to make it easier on someone else. But something would have been nice. Again I dunno if anybody else feels this way but it was a serious problem for me.
  15. Hello guys! I hope you are all having a wonderful day. So I just started playing SWToR and figured I'd try to join the AJSA. I wanted to join the guild by going over the TS channel, but whenever i try to connect i simply get a message that says "Failed to resolve hostname" This is the address I have: ts3.ajsagaming.com I've also tried adding TS to the Firewall safe list as well as running as admin, and nothing works Thanks for the help!
  16. I'm going to eventually stop playing Fallout 3 for good and switch over to Fallout New Vegas, but I'm aware not everything is working correctly, as the same happened with Fallout 3. I'd like to know what (at least the most important) aspects of the game are broken, like perks and quests. This includes all the DLC. Also I am already aware that the perks Ninja, In Shining Armor and Certified Tech are broken. (Alternatively, if anyone knows a major bugfix mod much like the Unofficial Fallout 3 patch for FO:NV it would be much appreciated too.)
  17. I need some help in Bloodborne, basically I can't get past Father Gascoigne. Now this being said I have the music box but I have absolutely no time to use it as every time I try I either get smacked down then ravaged on the ground in his beast form until my health drains away because my character doesn't even have the chance to get up, or I'm too far away that he can't hear it. I've had the game since May 6th and I have grinded a whole lot for Soul Echoes but I was just wondering if anybody had a better way to beat him other than the 'Try, try and try again' method.
  18. Hello there, my name is Pepper to most and Aegis101 in game. Me and a few friends in the AJSAGOI community have found ourselves loving this game as a great pass-time. Wonkavicious and I have worked tirelessly to make this club world as homey as possible for those in the clan, and we want to make this place have attractions like pixel art, soccer(yes it is possible), volleyball(also possible) and various other builds that we hope to do. But unfortunately its hard for 2 people to do this much work. So far we've done way more than we ever thought possible. So I am calling upon you, pixel artists, builders, collectors or any player of any kind, join us. The clan is called "Unofficial AJSA", contact me (Aegis101 in game, or Pepper in team-speak (on around 7pm GMT to about 2am GMT)) if you'd like to join, support us, ask for our help or want to know what this game is all about if you are completely confused by the paragraph above. If I can get a large player base working together here and make this game an unofficial or lets shoot for the stars, official supported game by the AJSA it would be my dream. Well, see ya'll later, happy troving and never give up and never surrender. -Pepper
  19. Hey guys and gals! James here aka Wade D McGinnis and I need help! I have been researching and watching a number of guided on how to dual stream for twitch. If you are unaware of what I mean, playing your game on one pc, transferring the video/audio to another pc that sends out to twitch. Now I can get the video to work just fine. 1080 60 FPS however I am getting game audio. I have tried taking a 3.5 mm male/male audio cable from the output of the gaming pc to the input of the Avermedia Live Gamer HD capture card. I can get my Blue Yeti microphone to work of course however I am at a lost at what I am doing wrong. Do I need to get a Mix Amp to pull this off or am I missing something? Any help would be amazing.
  20. i am trying understand how the profile and signature works i have tried uploading it from my PC but that hasnt worked and when i click IMG it says URL then when i put in the img code it says cant use that extension on the AJSA site when i try and upload a profile picture from my pc it dont work because it is ether to big or cant find it even though i clicked on the picture i am so confused i am trying to get a red dragon for my profile picture and then i am trying to get a Sword Art Online Picture as my signature if anyone is able to help me figure out what i am doing please let me know i am so confused i have been trying to do this since i joined i have not done this in long time
  21. I don't know if its okay to have a thread like this but yeah... i just want to say that I'm going through depression and it's not pretty. I'm trying my best in hoping that I could go through the day without a problem. Unfortunately it's getting harder as it is due to some events that have occurred yesterday that drove me to the breaking point. As you guys know, I'm a YouTube let's player but not as well known. Recently I had videos ready to be published when suddenly, I was getting word that I was being bombarded by a nuke full of dislikes. I don't know how it happened but it drove me to the brink of paranoia. So I had to try to get under serious damage control but the stress of it all drove me to feel hopeless. It also made me understand that the people I once thought of as friends aren't really my friends at all. Long story short, I had a panic attack and my depression's kicking in. I need some advice on what I should do because i'm taking time off to get my brain back on track. Feel free to comment because I'm open to any advice.
  22. https://www.facebook.com/KSITHUNDER help me start up by liking it and giving me tips
  23. In sad news, my mouse broke Friday and now I have a weekend with out PC gaming. Till I get a new one am going to be on my PS4 playing Destiny and some other games, If you want to add me am TheSpaceCowboy23. In destiny am a lv 17 Titian. Besides the point I want to buy a new headset and mouse. I have the budget of 50 dollars and am not looking for top of the line stuff, just something simple and reliable. Something I could get at a local Best Buy. Mouse: Preferably Wireless, decent size for big hands, and not easily broken. Headset: Any type of jack as long as it inst the green and red bull shit I need to be able to use it for my laptop. Comfortable, Blocks out sound, and decent or better mic quality. So any suggestions?
  24. Can anyone help me do the xyor the unwed, for the thorn bounty? my tag is krazykorean135. any help would be appreciated