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Found 35 results

  1. Hi AJSA - Been a YouTube follower, for the longest time. Now I'm on here! Follow me on Twitch - NatendoSwitch Nice to see a website dedicated to Hardcore gamers.
  2. Hello I'm new to the AJSA but I'm glad to be here. I'll be on xbox under the name Neo Semaj but I might change it to Enigmatic Semaj so just search that if you can't find my first username. Mostly play smite and fortnite. I'm glad im here and to anyone reading this, please have a nice day.
  3. just wanted to stop in and say Hi. I mostly play Wow, dirty bombs, and a few games on ps4 Tags are Pzsoap.
  4. xalibure reporting for duty sir
  5. Hello all! I'm very excited to finally join the AJS Army. Like many, I found TAJS while surfing YouTube. I found his review of HALO 5. The night before I had just beaten the game and I was LIVID. I was apauled what had become of the HALO Franchise. After watching AJ's video review I felt like I had found a new best friend. His thoughts and anger matched my own. He was a beacon of hope especially after most major gaming sites reviewed HALO 5 with flying colors. Thanks AJ for being that shinning light in a dark time of gaming for me and I am sure many others as well. I'm glad to be here and I look forward to getting to know this great community! *Salute*
  6. Hey guys my name is KillSwitch or Kill just signed up so i'm totally new here currently im only on xbox but by mid June i'll have a good PC so i'll also be on steam! I'm a 14 years old but chill if anyones wondering I dont know so I guess i'll rap this up add me on xbox and maybe we can hang. Also if anyone has The Division then hit me up. My Gt: KillSwitcher900 If anyone has any advice on how things work around here it would be much appreciated.
  7. Been a subscriber to Angry Joe's YouTube content for quite some time, and finally thought about joining the AJSA community! Hi, I'm Azn-Tempest! Or that's what it was supposed to be, if I didn't screw up by mixing the Username and ScreenName sections. But alas, butchered-up lowercase it is. I'm an 18 year old gamer that enjoys playing a variety of JRPGs, RTS, and Open-World Sandbox games. Oh yeah, and an avid reddit/imgur user, but that's another story.
  8. Greetings everyone Casual pc player here from Transilvania here long time Angry Joe fan.Cant really be online for extended period of time but tought when I am least be part of a cool group. Peace all
  9. Hello everyone! I actually have been watching AJS for a while but I recently just built my own computer so now I can actually participate in game more people play! I hope to be able to meet new people and find a group to belong to! Can't wait to meet more of the AJSA!
  10. Hi!

    Hi, I'm theprocrastinaut! As my title may suggest, I'm new here. I hope I can find a place in this community, as I think that with other people, games are a lot more fun (especially the multiplayer ones, obviously). Mainly, I just want to have fun, but I still care about the end result. I'm weird like that. But hey, maybe other people are too. Anyways, hi.
  11. Gutten tag. Hay just wanted to speak of the honor of actually being in the notorious ANGRY ARMY, and I hope to be beneficial to the community.
  12. Hello everyone! You may call me Sentinull. I decided to make an account here to maybe keep up with what's going on with the AJSA. I hope to make some friends and to be active in the community. I do a lot of art related things and sometimes make fanart of games that I like. When I get all of the needed equipment, I plan to start posting game-related videos on my Youtube channel. How are you all doing? If you have any questions to ask me, feel free!
  13. Hey there everyone in AJSA! I just joined a few weeks ago but was too busy to look around on here. Hopefully I can play some games with everyone here! I just got PSN for the PS4 and need some friends to help me fight on BF4. Hope to have a fun experience here!
  14. I'm not very good with introductions so I'll just get right to it. Heii everyone my name is Shae and I simply enjoy gaming. I've played video games since I was very little and have grown up with them. I started out with the Gameboy Color and branched from that to a few classic consoles and then the PC, even dabbled a little with the PS3. Currently am a PC gamer, have really really loved Mass Effect 2 and 3, and Skyrim +mods. I hope to make this part of my profession either reviewing games, concept artist, movie monster special effects in the Sci-Fi media world, etc. etc. I was watching the Angry Joe show for some time and eventually ended up here all thanks to Berserker :3 I'm still hesitant on giving out my Steam/Origin names and all that jazz so I hope to get to know you all and partake in the discussion. Qapla'!
  15. Hello, I am lynxbearaus, a gamer and comic book fan. I wish to become part of this community you call the 'angry army' because I have followed Joe for a number of years, down the street, up the hill, ACROSS THE WORLD. I like his reviews and his opinion. On my channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/lynxbearaus), Im starting to make lets plays and other gaming related crap. In other news, I like FPS and MMO, also the sky is blue. Reporting For duty.
  16. Hi, I am ozy018 from England reporting for duty. First I heard of Angry Joe was via Youtube and was a fan ever since. I mainly play on PC but also have a XBOX 360. Recently started playing DC universe online if any one wants to add me. Character called elemental022. What else can I say except for lets have a barrel of laughs!!! I
  17. Hi, I'm AssassinAngel92 and happy to be a member of the Angry Army! I mostly play PS3 and 3DS and my favorite game series is Assassin's Creed!
  18. Hi from Bristol, UK. I normally move around but I am currently here, this is largely because I am a uni student undergoing Architecture and Planning and since its a dual accreddited course I tend to be kept busy most of the time, so I am not as much into events in the winter as I am for casual games every now and then. I am normally interested in games that have a lot of strategy involved, be it FPS or RTS, and currently I have taken to playing a lot of Wargame AirLand Battle. My favourite genre though lies in God Games, so if any of you want to talk about them I am an encyclopedia. See you on the battlefied! Hired_Mark
  19. Hello, I love Angry Joe's videos and I decided that I should sign up.
  20. Glad to be a part of such a cool gaming community. Can't wait for it to grow and grow and be a part of it. If you are looking for someone to play COD Ghosts on 360 hit me up! GT: EuphoricMind
  21. Hola / Hello / Chao / Bonjour / Olá / Kon'nichiwa / privet / hallo! My name is Fede, a.k.a. Bleumont, reporting in from Neuquen, Argentina. I'm a PC gamer, but grew up in consoles, with my dear SEGA Mega Drive (R.I.P. <3). I'm 24 and play as much as I can, when i'm not working, everything except MOBAs (nothing personal). Well, nothing more to say I think, so, see you guys on the next angr... in the games!
  22. Gamermjs reporting for duty! I play BLOPS 2, BF3, LOL, SC2 among many others. The name is either gamermjs or gamer_mjs Ready to kick ass and have some fun Thanks Joe!
  23. Hello one and all in the Angry Army, my name is J.A.Laugh0601 but call me Andrew. I game on the PC and 3ds and will play Pokemon Y, Team Fortress 2, Garry's Mod, Mario Kart 7 and XCOM: Enemy Unknown. My steam name is alaugh0601 and my 3ds friend code is 0001-3762-6437, I hope to chat and play with some of you.
  24. Hi Everyone ! I'm from France and i discover your community thanx to youtube's Angry Joe channel. I don't know if there is some french people here but, anyway i'm glad to take part of the angry army I'm also a good player of Battlefield, that's why you can add me for play on xbox 360 ( and because im only stoned so im peace =) GT @: As x ZayFeaR Im on GTA 5 too... Sorry for my poor english... ! Good game everyone =) Zay
  25. Hey guys! My name is Andrew and I'm from Chicago, nice to meet you all. I've been playing a plethora of games since I built my PC so hit me up on Steam, Origin, or League if you need someone to play with! Thanks, Andrew