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Found 3 results

  1. Humans in Video Games. We have all played games with Humans, Elf's etc... how come in many games Humans are always a prevolent bad guy wether its in the Witcher were humans subjegate others, or like in Mass Effect the Illusive Man were he thinks that he must defend humanity from losing its self. No matter what Human show great cruelty to others and allways deafeats others. This drives conflict with me if i should face humans because of there cruel leaders and then Inocent Humans be blamed for what their leaders did and be murdered by thoughs who seek revenge for wrongs, or side with Humans with a cause like the Illusive Man were his thought is realistic that Human culture may dissapair if we dont fight for it which has allready happened in real life look at Native American Cultures some are gone never to be seen again. What do you think are Humans so bad in games like the Witcher that we should fight for the other side, or Humans like the Illusive Man who hold realistic Conserns be shown as the bad guy were they hold a consern that people today have. What do you think of Humans in Video Games?
  2. So I want to make a dual wielding rogue character and I just started out yesterday. Currently level 8. For range, I want to get a overall quick getup that can take out things at range AND up-close. For close range, I chose dual daggers but am conflicted for the at-range part. Do I farm for some pistols or just level up to level 14 so I could equip the shortbow I got by grinding yesterday? Bear in mind that the choice will carry on till the end. Currently on TS and doing the daily activities. Help will be extremely welcome.
  3. So I am a guardian at level 32 (Rising Pheenix, Human, Northern Shiverpeaks) and for some reason, I cannot seem to get the Mistfire Wolf elite skill. Also a question as to how the hell do you unlock the racial skills? If I do, which racial skills do I have and which elite skill is best for a half lone-wolf GS/Hammer build?