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Found 12 results

  1. So who has pre-ordered this and is ready for many hours of grinding out gear and fighting challenging monsters? My paycheck just rolled in and I’ll be buying it today. Who is with me at launch? I probably won’t be able to play very much during the first weekend due to work. But during the next months this game will likely take up most of my time. So who is with me? And if not, what is wrong with you?
  2. With InJustice 2's announcement I thought I'd make a topic to share opinions about the game, at this point we know very little about it - 3 Characters confirmed for the roster: Gorilla Grodd Atrocitus Supergirl -- Source: http://www.idigitaltimes.com/injustice-2-new-characters-gear-system-and-what-we-know-so-far-539078 And the Armor System, equip your characters with different looking armors which not only change the looks but also playstyle. ( No source for that, don't remember where I read it ) Do you think InJustice even needed a sequel? From what I've gathered It's going to pick up from where the first one left us, and considering InJustice 1 had ComicBooks tell the prequel stories in which a lot of heroes/villains were killed or are MIA. Maybe It would have been better if they do a whole new story or Reboot rather than Sequel ? - Personally I loved Injustice 1 and yeah Fighter games sequels could be tricky to execute and may end up redundant, but with this Armor System I think there's enough innovation/new mechanics to justify a whole sequel rather than DLC or Expansions, also I think they could use MK X's new Engine? Which characters would you like to see in the roster? - Due to the popularity I think all 7 from Justice League are pretty much confirmed, altho I don't see how Superman and Supergirl can differ enough to be seperate characters, but my Top 5 list ( Without very popular characters ) would be: 1. Jason Todd as Red Hood 2. John Constantine 3. Starfire 4. Poison Ivy 5. Any lantern corps member except Red cause of Atrocitus and Blue cause they aren't very interesting without other colors present(Sinestro,Star Sapphire,White,Black,Green,Larlfleeze,Indigo ) And lastly what do you think about the Armor System? - I personally like it very much, altho I'm not sure if the changes to the characters would be flat % with types of resistance and types of damage, with damage numbers included or would the changes be more mechanical, adding moves which would be more like the Specialization we saw in MK X. I'm so hyped for the game, if this installment is good and it becomes a Fighting game franchise It would be my favorite.
  3. So A New Champion Has Come Out and Riot Is doing a better and better Job of Promoting the Hype for new Characters unveiling a new CG Cutscene as well as a preview of his abilities too keep our arms and legs safely aboard the hype train. So what is in store for league of legends. . . only time will tell. ^i'll try to keep the time puns to a minimum but tbh I really can't help it First I'll Give My Thoughts on the Animation that they have released Here is a Link to It If you haven't Seen It Yet The cel shaded art style they decided to go with reminds me of the way the walking dead/ boarderlands was done with strong inking lines its a good style imo. It seems like they compositied traditionally 2d animated smoke and particle effects which gives a great over the top anime feel to it. Riot Continues to amaze me with the large amount of skill and talent they have making their CG cut-scenes and as always they do an amazing job of making the champions we know and love. . . or get to know come to life. This short combines fantastic pacing, art style, and sound design while focusing on what makes this champion unique. There Has Been Speculation That Vi, Jinx, and Ekko were all part of the same Gang and this could be where their hangout was the blue haired girl on this Wall Resembles Jinx. Who Ekko Had a Crush On The beginning of the video starts off showing a wall of memories/graffiti with Ekko giving a monologue about time which is his unique game play dynamic. . . When he talks about wanting more time as in days, months, and years it really showcases how much actual time, no pun intended, was put into his character design, because to me everything Ekko says in the introduction, helped by fantastic voice-acting, really carries a deeper meaning. He eventually talks about seconds which is the title of the short and holds a big emphasis both in the video and in league of legends where in high level play seconds are sometimes the deciding factor in team-fights. A Battle Of Strength Vs. Speed, Agility, and Wits The fight in the short showcases both Ekko's nimble, scrappy, and smart fighting/play style, but his ultimate as well which might be the coolest part about the character. Ekko smartly picks apart at this excuse my language "mechanized bane looking mother fucker" by cutting at his opponents weaknesses while at the same time using his rewind feature every time he ends up injured due to making a mistake. It's important to highlight that in game and in the video he is only partially healed for the damage he takes in fights. At the end we see into more of who Ekko is, because although he lives in Zaun he's not much of a punk as he rewinds time to preserve the wall . . . perhaps the wall is not only a physical representation of Ekko but a symbol to the time he has been alive and his memories as well. "Yuh Dun Fucked it Up"- Angry Joe Once Again Ekko says something deep to wrap up the video "if you can't make the most out of any given moment. . . you don't deserve an extra scond". . . which is true in everyday life and is something I'm trying to live by because you never know what day might be your last. Now onto the in game preview and leaked PBE info I've gathered I'll start of With the Character Design Being A Fan Of Mohawks, and Having One Myself Ekko Gets Bonus Points In My book Ekko's visual design reminds me a lot of the bastion and transistor series and shares the same designer who created Jinx, Gnar, and Vi. His unique hair style and some what cyberpunk/steampunk design really matches his character's attitude,his pride for Zaun, and his disgust with authority and Piltover. Riot did a great job of making sure even his reveal page tell's you something about the character Being one of the newer champions in the league there is a lot of lore which Ekko must fit into and they do a better job than most champions making sure that he fits into the established world for instance this character is so detailed that his idle animations, particle effects, and even his interactions with other champions have allusions to the in game lore. . . He the most well voice acted lines I've seen in a champion yet and makes me hope riot will update some of the older . . . and not that old champions to have to have the same amount of voice acted lines. I mean his taunts are actually taunts making fun of certain champions. . . and similar to jinx has special interactions with piltover and zaun champions. Ekko has something to say about everything and is the first champion that I'm aware of that says things when buying certain items the attention to detail astounds me. Ekko's Dance Actually Has Him Emulating Guitar Noises Ekko's personality is that of a young punk rock loving adult who is rebelling against society and vies for individualism . . . while he dislikes authority and society and razes hell every now and then he doesn't seem evil like the likes of urgot and some of the other notorious Zaunites its seems he is more of an anti-hero. Which makes me really like him. . . because I'm a weird person who likes back stories and lore in even MOBA games. Mind You these are speculations and opinions of what Ekko Could be like and I will Make another article after fiddling with him Shifting onto the game play aspect. . . Ekko is a melee ranged AP Utility Assassin who makes use of both his passive slow and speed boost in combination with his active slows. . . stuns basic attacks and spells in order to make an impact in fights. Ekko's Passive, Z-Drive Resonance, is similar to Gnar's W Passive, but ekkos passive slows as well, this utility can be used offensively to stick to targets or defensively to peel back keep in mind that Ekko's damaging spells proc this so all it takes is 1 spell rotation to proc it without auto attacks Ekko's Q , Timewinder, will be the standard bread and butter for harassing enemies similar to Ahri this skillshot does more damage on its return trip. . . while reading the Ekko design notes they said that before he could chose when the q came back which is sad to hear because I would have enjoyed that mechanic Ekko's W Parallel Convergence has a strong passive effect which makes it dangerous to stay around ekko when having low health and the active packs monsterous range and an aoe slow/stun that also give ekko a Big shield. . . characters with shields make some nasty outplays. . . that is some riven level shielding with the large ap ratio what ekko is going to be building anyways Ekko's E is a combination of both a dash and a blink that deals bonus damage and obviously since its an auto proc on hit effects if ekko builds enough cdr he could be a tough man to get away from or to catch because It is possible to auto attack minions and jungle creeps with the empowered auto Ekko's R is what is going to make or break most players. . . the heal, untargetability and damage are great and have good scaling but a well timed ultimate could catch enemies of guard if he ults into a parallel convergence stunning the enemies inside What I'm interested in seeing is where Ekko is capable of going and what builds he is capable of pulling of successfully. I'd like to try him in all lanes and in the jungle and try him with different builds AP bruiser, tanky, glass cannon, hybrid builds perhaps? You never know. . . they built fizz ad time will tell. . . How would you build Ekko?? Leave Your Comments Below Image Taken From http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Ekko http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/page/champion-reveal/ekko-boy-who-shattered-time
  4. Allright, so lets make this clear. I've always loved Nintendo games, but the Wii made me have a love/hate relationship because of all those garbage 3rd party titles. But now, here in the soon to be golden era of new games, I think it's time to put the list of the hypest games for me in 2915. 1.Story of Seasons (3DS) This game is basically harvest moon with the name changed not to get copyright from Natsume. My waifu from Two towns is coming to this game, and their seems to be alot of cool features. Also being translated by XSEED, which is always great because they leave nothing out of the English version. Ready to farm! 2.Legend Of Zelda (WiiU) Let's be honest here, LoZ is one of the best franchises as their isn't a single bad game in the series (well besides the CDIS but they don't count.) and every new installment has a great soundtrack, story, and puzzle solving madness. They also said this is open world but not open world, which kind of reminds me of Wind Waker. I'm ready to save Hyrule again! 3.Monster Hunter 4 (3DS) This game is like a lucky small-town buisness. Everything starts out slow, but soon enough you have somehow managed to make it to the big leagues with everyone else. Not to mention, using a big dumb sword to kill a Dragon the size of MT. Everest is just cool man. Not to mention, one of the best CO-OP title games in existence. I'm ready to collect again! 4.Splatoon (WiiU) Not gonna expand much on this one, just looks cool I guess. Ready to spray! 5.Shin Megami Tensei- Devil Survivor Break Record (3DS) Oh dear, another SMT game on my list. This one is said to have remastered visuals, a new night, and so on. This might quench my thirst before SMTXFE. Ready to survive! So, what are your top fives for 2015 Nintendo Games?
  5. So far, on my hype list of 2015 I have. 1.MGS5- The Phantom Pain (HIDEO KOJIMA MAXIMUM OVERLOADDDDD) 2.Persona 5 (Waifu-Dungeon sims fifth installement, get hype for life lessons) 3Jstars-Victory VS (only hype because gintoki included :V) 4.Witcher 3(the epic conclusion to the story spanning a decade) 5.Resident Evil Revelations 2(the first one was a great return to the survival horror roots of the franchise and the sequel looks good!) What are you're guys top 5's for 2015?
  6. I wonder if they really have this bus? I reckon they realise how ridiculous the hype has gotten and are poking fun at themselves and fanboys, with this not in the least subtle picture. http://www.xbox.com/en-GB/games/call-of-duty-advanced-warfare#fbid=D3Pu83S2Y7k?hashlink=roadtogamescom Believe the hype Get hyped Kill my wife Hide the knife Put her head on a spike Hoo rah, Hoo rah, Hoo rah, Hoo rah, Hoo rah, blah, blah, blah, blah...
  7. Who saw the Nintendo Direct? i just saw it not to long ago and the hypest thing I saw was all the Megaman's together showing Nintendo cares more about Megaman that Capcom. What were your thoughts? Anything you like or hate?
  8. ESL brings the biggest DOTA2 event yet to Frankfurt. It will be held in a World Cup football stadium with up to 35,000 (!) capacity. Reddit post, official page, OnGamers post Even more hype from reddit: "I will do everything in my power to travel over 1000km to this event. I don't know why ppl are even debating over the capacity and the schedule. This is our time to shine, there is absolutely nothing more we could have asked for then a stadium venue in the center of Europe. All the talks about Esports being marginalised and how we should do this and that, raging at TIs being held in the US and the endless East vs West debates. This is our way of showing that EU deserves to be called the center of dota and that we can indeed rival real sports. If we are so passionate about the game and want dota to be bigger, enter the mainstream and be the game that changed everything about esports, this is the opportunity we all have to take. The prizepool, schedules and the organization will surely be taken care off, the rest is purely on us, lets make history!"
  9. WARNING!! STORY BITS IN THE FIRST 10 MINUTES! SKIP for PURE GAMEPLAY! This game looks great I love the UI and the level of depth in a way that you can explore many options. With the recent price cut its going to be AMAZING! GET HYPE!
  10. Oh the hype within my soul is hardly being contained. Behold, the arcade opening for the new Guilty Gear! If you're interested: And concept art from the GG pachinko game (that could be inspiration for how some of the future cast may look like) http://shoryuken.com/2013/09/11/leaked-guilty-gear-pachinko-images-may-provide-early-looks-at-character-designs-in-guilty-gear-xrd-sign/ And some leaked gameplay: If you want to discuss, be my guess. Suppose I'll start off. I want Baiken. She is too OG to not be in GG. Fortunately, Japan has the capabilities to update even the arcade cabinets now (thank you wireless internet!), so new characters may show up between arcade and console release. Seeing what I've seen, it looks like it'll play just about the same as any Guilty Gear. A few new/tweaked moves and alterations to the system and such. Like clashing is a bit different now... Heavy attacks will over power light attacks in clashes, and if two heavies clash, they both stagger or something. The overall look of the game is, well, beautiful to say the least. Being able to do what, in my opinion, SF4 failed to do. Fuse 2D with 3D. I'm just hype for this to come out!
  11. With the new Godzilla movie trailer that came out today http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECUbuBrbP1g , I am getting hype for this movie not sucking and really want this to be good. What do you think? Will this movie suck like the 90's one, or will it be awesome?
  12. What game(s) will you get first on the PS4 tomorrow or whenever you get it?