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Found 4 results

  1. Hello here is my attempt to play the new doom i hope you will like the video and stay tuned for more. Planing to record whole game.
  2. Does anyone still play Doom and Doom 2 on these boards too? If so, can you tell me what do you like about the games? Also, do you play custom levels or mods with your game? Do you have a favorite source port? Have you made any effort to make a custom level before like I have over the past 16 years?
  3. http://doom.chaosforge.org/ Anyone else try Doom: The Roguelike? It is far more unforgiving than the original games or even the Brutal Doom mod.
  4. On December 10, 1993, a shareware version of a brand new action shooting game was uploaded onto an FTP server at the University of Wisconsin. This game, developed by ID Software, was called Doom and it would eventually sweep the world, creating an entirely new genre of first-person shooters. I played Doom for the first time on the admittedly terrible Sega 32X port., but it prompted a love of the FPS-genre that I still have today. Its shooting mechanics are still solid, the enemies varied and the music amazing. I still enjoy listening to the classic Doom soundtrack. To celebrate this game, I'll be hosting an all day livestream at twitch.tv/neligahn startin at Midnight on December 10th. It'll be full of lots of death and reminiscing. And maybe some discussion about where the first-person shooter genre has gone in the 20 years since the Hangar level, E1-M1, captured the world by storm. Do any of you out there have great memories of this series, or first-person shooters in general? Please share and talk about them! Game on and take care!