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Found 2 results

  1. Originally, I was going to cover each class individually. But since my first writing of the Doctrine, PS2 has grown and expanded far beyond what the core game was when it first launched. So instead, I'm going to break this part down into two separate areas: The concept of damage trading(yes MOBA fans, PS 1 and 2 had it first. :-P ), and the roles each class can play. -----Effective Damage Trading----- Okay. You're in the field, shooting enemies....and dying....a LOT. You're not really feeling like anything's working for you, because you run a few steps into the thick of the fight, and die soon after. Welcome to the losing side of damage trading. On average, about 60% of the kills you take and dish out in PS2, are gonna be twitch based, who saw who first, time to kill exchanges. It's the bread and butter of any shooter....and they're largely meaningless. :-) One or both of you is going back to respawn, and the other might end up pushing a little further into the objective or out from it. They'll be health damaged, so unless they find a medic or pop a first aid kit, the next fight will probalby do them in anyways. Effective Damage Trading, is hitting your enemy, WITHOUT getting hit yourself in a meaningful way. Shield damage, is meaningless damage. Your shields will return to full in about ten seconds. Health is largely gone forever. So if you avoid health damage, and are dropping targets, you're doing Effective Damage Trading. This is accomplised by fire control, and positional awareness. Fire Control is the easier of the two. It takes practice, and a bit of patience to master at first, but it WILL net you greater survivability. First, hit up on the D-pad. If your weapon jerks upward and you hear a click, congratulations; you have a gun with an alternate fire mode. The modes run between semi-auto, 2x burst, 3x burst, and full auto I believe. Full Auto, is your twitch shooter control mode It gives horrific accuracy, but if you're close, it won't matter. Semi-Auto, is best used at the near maximum engagement ranges of your gun. Fire a shot in semi auto, and you'll see that your gun automatically returns to wherever you first put the crosshairs. This is why someone can outsnipe an Infiltrator with a carbine if they're good and fast. :-) 2 and 3x bursts, hover in between the two extremes. As a rule of thumb, if your target is close enough that from a dead center waist shot, your burst will END with their body still in your crosshairs, it's safe to use the burst fire over Semi or Full. otherwise, your second or third round, is a wasted shot, that just deplets your magazine faster. Positional awareness is an art. It's knowing where you are in relation to your objective, and how your enemy IS moving against you. How they were moving is irrelevent, and how they MIGHT be moving, is wishful thinking. Having Positional Awareness, takes the hardest thing imaginable; not starting to shoot when you see targets. Figure out who's doing what, where and how BEFORE you start shooting. Get a gameplan of where you want them to go, and what you'll do when they DON'T do that. :-) It's a lot easier to know your line of retreat if a Light Assault goes on a flanking run against you, than trying to shoot a target moving perpendicular to you, towards cover. Mastering these two skills, is what separates good PS2 players, from the ones people dread to see show up in their kill review. :-) -----Roles----- Combat - "Gee, what's this for?" :-) I know I know, it sounds silly. This is a shooter, we all have guns, not paintrollers and squirt bottles(Thanks Splatoon for making that reference actually relevant again.) But while every class CAN do combat, some do it REALLY well. And one of them DOESN'T make this list: The Infiltrator. Combat isn't JUST killing the OPFOR. It's denying them the ability to prosecute their objectives. And the Light Assault, the Heavy Assault, and the MAX, are the ideal classes for this role. Your goal, isn't JUST to kill infantry. It's to destroy force multipliers. Tanks, aircraft, Sunderers; these are the heart of any good offensive action or defensive position. Knocking them out, frees up several people who may need to be watching FOR those threats, and lets them push in to the cap points. Support - If armor and air are the heart of any good strategy, Support is the backbone of one. Without question, every base will fall, every assault will fail, without Supports patching things up and keeping them in the fight longer. And thus, it is vital that a Support not neglect their job. Wherever you go as an Engineer or a Combat Medic, your role first, is to SUPPORT an action, not prosecute one. If it's a choice between firing your gun and healing or repairing something or someone, pick the latter two over the former every time. In particular, I'm going to call out three things I've seen that can drive you nuts: Engineers not dropping ammo packs, medics rocking the Nano-field regenerator instead of the Shield regenerator and Medics not ressing MAXes. Engineers - I know, an ammo pack isn't sexy. it nets you a paltry 13 xp per person you resupply per tick. And it doesn't even resupply deployables like C-4 mines or turrets. Just stuff like Heavy Rockets, MAX ammo and Infilrtator Recon Darts. But those three things, are at times the most crucial part of an assault or defense. Heavies can carry between 3-7 rockets I believe. but after that's gone, they have to run back to a terminal to resupply. Meaning they're not shooting rockets. The NS-7 Burster anti air gun on the MAX, holds I think 80 shells by default; just three full clip bursts. Your resupply bag, will turn them into GREAT mobile turrets that will bring YOU XP when you succeed in an attack or defense.Medics take a special note here: DITCH the nano backpack field regeneration, for the Shield regenerator deployable. Health always takes FAR more damage than shields will, but that's all your backpack will fix, is health. Your Shield regenerator, will save you TONS of nano-heal ressing time, and deliver XP in spades. And while people's shields are regenerating, you can spam your healing gun to top off their health. :-)Medics - Where is the love?!?!?!? :-) Yes, Ressing a MAX will take time, and yes, you can't then heal them back to full with your gun. But there is no tougher unit to FACE than a MAX. That MAX you're walking away from, might have been the only thing scaring off a pack of Reavers or a Lib bomber. Without the customary Burster greeting they've been getting, they won't be looking for an easier target; they'll have just FOUND ONE. Logistics - This isn't filling out request forms. It's scouting targets, unlocking a base's defensive structure, and figuring out how to hit it. Almost exclusively, this is the role of the Infiltrator and Light Assault. One does it by stealth, the other does it by air. But the goal is the same: spot targets, show Sunderers and hidden tanks and mines, and give your friends the best ways to knock them down. Usually, this role gets a little lost in the fog of war, as a lot of things are happening. But remember, this is a TEAM effort. Your solo play, is SECOND to our overall objectives. Shoot to defend yourself. Spot and scout, to HURT the enemy. Command - As with Logistics, this isn't sitting on your hands. Squad leaders need to be reading the field more than trying to fight OVER it. See where enemies are coming from, and guide your squad to them from cover. Ideally, this is a Combat Medic, or an Engineer. You may be required to dig in somewhere, and hold for a while. Better if you can supply your squad with ammo and health AND act as a spawn beacon. But remember, if you dig in, DIG IN!!! Don't declare a holding position, and then go on a flanking run. Because anyone who dies, is going to spawn right on you again, and you'll make them and yourself a target. Platoon Leads need to be in the map far more than shooting. You need to be up-to-date on every map change that happens, to understand what's going on in the battle. It can be tempting to take a vehicle or a Heavy out and hurt the enemy. But you have 47 other people who are waiting for GOOD orders, not just ANY orders. You want to take them on a path of victory, not lead them through defeat after defeat. :-) Counter-Support - Yes Infiltrators aren't COMBAT focused. No; our skinny little friends are the bane of every Engineer, Medic, Heavy, Turret, mine, Sniper, shield restoration device, and ammo pack there is. :-) Get yourself the large caliber sniper rifles, the straight pull bolt, and watch...ideally under the 8x power scope. The zoom feature, does NOTHING to your range. But at each increase in Scope power, your field of view is NARROWED If you can get away with the 8x or 7x power scopes, you'll have a lot more targets to choose from. Watch for a dug in position; a wall or a choke point that the enemy are funneling fire into. Flank that position, and work up weakest to toughest in shot priority: Infiltrators and their deployables, Combat Medics and their deployables, Combat Engineers and THEIR deployables, and Heavies. It's tempting to tap a MAX with your Big .50, but don't. You almost certainly wont drop him in under three shots, and by the second, every enemy near him knows where you are. Leave that shot, for an Engineer with an Anti-Material Rifle.
  2. GAME: "WARGAME: RED DRAGON" INTRO: This game is really Fun its like the "Next Level" RTS game its a combination of General, Red Alert, total anahilation, Battleship: Pacific and other RTS game in 1 game. No need to build Factory,barracks and Etc.just deploy your units that you want to use like (Jets for air superiority)(tanks for bringing the big guns) (arty for long range barage) and ETC(includes Infantry,APC,tanks,anti air units, helicopter and SHIPS-crusers) THE NEXT LEVEL RTS GAME..FOR ME! AND THE BEST! PEOPLE WHO WILL ALSO PLAY: well to tell you the truth i dont have yet any AJSA member to played with but a have friends on wargame:red dragon willingly to join any CLANS that have teamspeak for better cooperation. PROS: Has great community system, free dlc, lot of players, no bugs(non that i seen so far), you feel like you at a real modern battlefield on their ERA Cons: if your not patient on this game then its gonna be frustrating, you get really gonna be piss of when you start lossing a lot of units especially the costly and advance weaponry units. HEHEHEHE but still fun. EVENTS: well clan vs clan battle, Ranked battle, ordinary multiplayer rts game BONUS: COOL STORY LINE(alternate story line some like korean war,the commonwealth vs china, USSR vs CHINA) I just want this game to have a own Teamspeak server dont realy care if its official or unofficial just wanna have fun and win battle for the AJSA IF YOUR PLAYING or HAVE PLAYED THIS GAME plss...give me your Opinion on this Game... LETS MAKE A "AJSA" Number 1 clan or group on the WARGAME Franchise. PLSS add me on steam if you like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IoXwdVJIlk0